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Chevy Venture



  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    I am curious about the seatbelt failure. My wife mentioned with our 2001 Silo about the seat belts locking up and having to unbuckle to get the thing to unlock again. With most seatbelts all you usually have to do is release the pressure on the belt and the lock stops. Is this the problem you had?

    Your issues sound quite similar to ours. We just caught them a little earlier. Intake gasket at 13K miles and new tranny at 23K miles, both covered under warranty. Did you buy the van new?
  • dhehndhehn Posts: 3
    On 2 of the seatbelts, the female part of the buckle failed (wouldn't secure the male end) and fell apart. The other 2 simply locked up. We couldn't get them to "unbuckle".

    Yes, I purchased the van new in July 2001.

    As soon as I get this van repaired, I will sell it and buy a new Honda mini-van.
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    That surprises me that GM is giving you the shaft with the intake manifold gasket. Warranty expired or not, this is a known engineering defect, and they should make it right, especially since you bought the van new. Eating high depreciation and paying for expensive, flawed design repairs is just not right.

    This is a great example of why GM is on the way down. You should have better luck with the Honda. My bother has a 2004 Odyssey and I've ridden in it and it seems well put together.
  • rymerarymera Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Chevy Venture and they told me there was never a recall on any of the vans. I had to have a new motor put in my van because of the intake gasket. They replaced the gasket on the new motor that they put in so that I would not have the same problem on down the line. It had a crack in it when they took it out. If I had not had it replaced before it was put in, I would have had the same problem with this motor....I have spent almost $3,000 on this problem to get it fixed.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The missing part is a CD holder that sides in and out.
  • amy312amy312 Posts: 1
    Hi. Did you ever find out what the problem was? I'm having the same problem.
  • Thank U...!! The dealer had no Clue.
  • mbroomembroome Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info on the sensor, found it an replaced it without busting too many knuckles and it fixed the info light from coming on.

  • Tonight I received a quality assurance call from an agency working for GM. They wanted to know how my "customer experience" was related to my interactions with the GM customer service center. Needless to say, they didn't get any positive ratings. The 10 minutes survey ends with "would you buy another GM vehicle in the future?" and "would you recommend GM to your friends and family?". :D :D :D :D

    GM deserves the poor earnings they are expecting. They have earned them with their approach to customer satisfaction.
  • chukchuk Posts: 10
    We have a 99 Venture with 73k miles on it. Every once in a while, it will shift very hard for one trip, every shift. Then, go in the store, or whatever, come out 15 min later, and all is well. Had this occasional problem now for 4 years. Looking for any ideas of what to fix. I have not had it to the dealer because it would never misbehave if I took it there. . .
  • UNSATUNSAT Posts: 1
    I just found out that my driver side regulator might need replacing. I nearly fainted when told the cost at a dealer. any suggestions on finding at replacement a little cheaper than ($400-600) total repair cost?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    It would be worth taking to a transmisson specialist and I don't mean Aamco etc.
    or the dealer. Look in your yellow pages. When did you last change the fluid and have the filter cleaned? Should not be more than $50 to $75

    I have the transmission fluid changed very 35K and I had installed a transmission cooler as on one long trip loaded up with college stuff from NJ to Boston and AC going the transmission started slipping and the fluid was foaming. We were staying over night and it was OK the next day for the return drive but never had a problem since the cooler went in and new fluid

    The manufacturers cheap skate it by running it through the radiator which is quite ineffective compared with a front mounted transmission cooler. They are easy to fit and best performance is on the front of the radiator. No more that $50 plus installation.

    I have just bought a Suzuki SL7 it had been on lease and getting the same thing done next week the cost is insignificant compared with a transmission replacement.
  • paulie9paulie9 Posts: 32
    I have the very same problem on my 2000 OLDS Silhouette with 88K miles on it. Like you, once, twice or three times a month it would start shifting hard for the duration of a drive. I tried pulling over and shutting off and restarting the engine which did not clear the hard shifting. Letting the van sit for 30 minutes or more did clear up the problem till the next time.

    After a couple of months of observation I noticed that hard acceleration from a standing start while making a turn tends to cause the hard shifting, so now I accelerate gently while making turns and haven't had this problem for several months.

    Hope this helps. Good luck....

    BTW - My Silhouette has the towing package which includes a heavy duty transmission fluid cooler and I changed my transmission fluid and filter which did not resolve the hard shifting problem.
  • pbasspbass Posts: 8
    Last thursday I brought our 2000 Venture to the dealer for it's regular oil change and annual checkup. I have the oil changed every 5000 km or 3000 miles as reccomended by GM. (I have kept all the service/maintenace invoices) Well it seems the dreaded head gasket leak is back. The first time this problem occured both the intake manifold and head gaskets were replaced under warranty summer 2001. Now the van is out of warranty (how convenient) and will cost major $$$ to repair. Tomorrow I'm headed over to the dealer to try and get GM to do the repair free, or at least give me a big rebate on repair costs. I've always had this van serviced at a GM dealer so they can't use the lame "well you didn't have it serviced properly" excuse. Geez what's the freakin gasket made out of sugar? There should have been a recall a long time ago.
  • jbinghamjbingham Posts: 1
    I am a military spouse who's husband seems to always be deployed now and I cannot continue to poor money into my venture. We have a 2001 and first it was the head gasket which by the looks of things seems to be an ongoing problem that should have been recalled a long time ago. After that $800.00 to fix, then it was problems with the spark plugs and wires. Now it has started not wanting to start and today when I got in the message center read SECURITY. i have no clue what that means and could not find anything related to it the automatic door had been forced open because the battery seems to be draining so I thought maybe that was why. it also sputters while sitting idle now and I just hate this van at this point. and will never buy another one. We were pretty much ripped off by the Chevrolet dealer. If anyone knows what the Security thing means please let me know. There are so many posts I searched a while and didnt find anything relating to this so I thought I would do one and see what happens thank you.
  • pbasspbass Posts: 8
    So I took it back to the dealer for an estimate on repair costs. I was quoted $828 including labour. So I said no thanks I'll shop around. I was then referred to an independant, honest mechanic who does repairs and maintenance on the fleet of trucks where I work. He is all too much aware of the dreaded gasket leaks on 1997-2001 GM cars equipped with the 3.4l engine. He quoted me a price of around $400 for the job. Apparently GM has redesigned the gasket as of 2003 so let's hope this time the repair lasts longer that the first time it was done. Also the bolt torque specs were changed. I was wondering if anybody had the gasket job done with the newer design gasket?
  • rfourtrfourt Posts: 2
    Before anyone even asks, the (*&% car is paid for and I can't afford a new one. With that out of the way here's the prob. Same as everyone else I had intake gasket failure. Unfortunately my wife drove it for a couple of days with a good amount of water in the crankcase (foamy oil to the top of the dipstick). We had the intake gaskets replaced, the mechanic changed oil 3 or 4 times and all seemed well. This was about a month ago.
    All of sudden she gets the oil light and the lifters are barking like wild dingos. I checked the oil and it barely touches the stick. There's no oil in the carport and no plumes of blue smoke. I top it off and things quiet down a little and then later that same day get WAY worse. Almost no power and much noise from the head. When I rev the engine I can see whisps of oil smoke coming from somewhere near the front (nearest the radiator) side of the engine but I can't pinpoint it.
    Now to the question. Could the water contamination have caused the oil pump the fry? It has sufficient oil level but doesn't seem to be getting to the top of the block. Of course it's quite possible the mains are gone but I live off of hope. Please lie if you think it will make me feel better.">
  • rfourtrfourt Posts: 2
    Well, just to follow up, the mains are GONE and the engine will need to be replace/rebuilt. Thanks a shitload GM! Minimum $2000 repair.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    In the Owners manual page 2-101.and page 2-36 and it is to do with the ignition key and if it has been damaged because there is a transmitter in the key and may require a new one to be re programmed. I have a 2000 so the manual pages may not be the same.
  • torquez1torquez1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Venture with 27000 miles on it. Last week the rotors were resurfaced because they had warped and rusted. Why didn't the dealership simply replace them? How long would I expect the resurfaced rotors to last before they will need repair again? Any advice on this matter would be helpful.
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Brake rotors can typically be resurfaced once (maybe twice) during their lifetime. Each rotor has a minimum thickness specification. Once you reach it, the rotor must be replaced. A resurfaced rotor may offer good service, or it may tend to warp faster than a replacement. Resurfacing removes some of the rotor, thereby cutting down the material in place to dissipate heat.

    Resurfacing is a cheaper alternative than replacing. I'm sure if the mechanic recommended that rotors be replaced every time, he'd hear complaints from those that would ask "why not just resurface them?"

    It is my opinion that the GM-triplet minivans are "underbraked". In other words, the braking system is just adequate for the weight. As a result, warping rotors is a fairly common event on these vans. You can probably expect to have warped rotors again in another 15-20k miles, at which time you'll likely need to replace the rotors altogether. At that point, you might consider high-performance rotors that may help dissipate heat better and not warp as readily.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • afnugalafnugal Posts: 1
    When ever is rain or I wash the van, signal, back up light, stop light are acting funny, whenever i push the brake and turn the signal, signal flashing fast the normal when i hold the brake pedal. Also ABS light come on when tail are have moisture.

    I did put electrical tape on electrical harness for tail lamp, but again is doing the same.

    Is there is anyone known how to fix this, did I need new tail lamps etc ?

  • cat9hicat9hi Posts: 3
    I have a 04 venture and it only has 25,000 miles on it. The problem I am having is that driving down the road it dies without warning, you don't get a warning light or anything. I take it for repairs and it does not give the mechanic any codes. Does anyone have a clue? If so please post a message!!!!!!!!!
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Odd. Could be many things, you are under warranty so I would bring her in.
  • I have read many pages of comments about leaking intake manifold gaskets, but not once has anyone mentioned using the sealer tablets to control the leaking. We purchased a used 2000 Venture in 2002 with 38k miles on it. It now has 74k. It has always used a slight amount of coolant. I have had to add some coolant every time I check it when changing the oil. It has used about 1 gallon of coolant over that time. Having had an 85 Eldorado, I am well acquainted with the Cadillac tablets. I have used them in some of my other GM vehicles and have never had any problems. The GM service bulletins don't recommend using them as they might clog passageways. Seems like a good preventative measure to use them. Does anyone have any experience using leak sealer in the 3.4 V6?
  • Has anyone had any trouble with the crankshaft pulley? I noticed a new belt that I had just replaced a couple of months back beginning to shred. I kept my on it and was trying to understand what was going on. Well today I found out what the problem was; the crankshaft pulley is separating into two parts. It looks like the pulley itself is separating from the part that connects it to the crankshaft. I checked the main bolt that goes the crankshaft and it's tight. Could these two pieces have been pressed together? Has this happened to anyone else? Of course it's out of warranty, and I've got the same head gasket leak everyone else has. :cry:
  • I tried it on our's and it seemed to slow the leak down quite a bit. I'm adding coolant about every 3 to 4 months versus every couple of weeks.
  • torqueztorquez Posts: 1
    Thank you for the information. This is what I had thought but I was not sure.
  • toolman5toolman5 Posts: 2
    Hi ........ Can anyone help with my wipers not going into Park, removed the metal plate on top of motor and checked motor to see if it was working ok, seems alright while on low turns clockwise when off turns approx. 1/2 counter clockwise then stops in the same spot. The metal part on top that holds the arm doesn't seem to be working right, nothing moves on it ....... it has a spring that holds tension and all looks good, can anyone explain how these wipers suppose to work, especially that part on the motor ............... thanks for any info.
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