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Chevy Venture



  • ts60423ts60423 Posts: 52
    I am not sure about removing the injectors, but a Haynes or Chiltons manual would lay it all out for you - it is a pretty big operation. When the check engine light comes on, find a parts store that will read the codes for you. Relieving the pressure can be achieved by removing your gas cap. I had fuel problems a few years ago, especially when it got cold. My intake was getting all gunked up, too. I had to take off the air intake, and spray a whole can of carb/inj cleaner in while the engine was running. I finally resolved the issue by getting my fuel elsewhere, and no problems for years. The injectors should not be bad - good luck!
  • I'm having the same problem on in my 2000 venture. My tank keeps reading full and then it bounces back and forth between empty and full.What's the part that i need? And is it easy to fix without taking it in to a shop?
  • I have owned this van for 5 years with no major problems, now this. On my drive home today, the brake light and the ABS light came on and will not go out. Has anyone else had this problem? And how much is it going to set me back?
  • thanks, but the last time I looked at a Haynes book for this info I was dissapointed, but I am watching for a GM shop manual. Anyway, I already checked the codes, had it in for diagnostics and fuel system cleaning. I think the gas cap would only relieve tank pressure, nothing else, remember there is an elec. fuel pump and fuel press. regulator, and fuel rail, and I don't even know what else connected to the fuel system (I wish I had a diagram of that).

    So, all that said, I think I have 1 bad injector (maybe it has a piece of crud stuck) but my thought was to take them all out and clean them (or send them off for ultrasonic cleaning). But I have never done this so I was asking for advice.


  • I have done LOTS of research on this van because of the recent problems I am having. If you type in GM intake manifold gasket in any search engine, you will see MANY posts about the defective gasket in numerous GM vehicles including the Venture from 1997 - 2003. Not sure if there are problems after 2003.
    I have a 97 Chevy Venture. It has been overheating on me. I brought it to one mechanic who replaced the water pump, radiator hose and thermostat. That did not fix it. I brought it somewhere else where they rodded out the radiator, changed the thermostat AGAIN, ran some sort of sealer through it because I had a very very small head gasket leak. The van did fine for 3 days and then overheated again. Basically, I have brought it to two very highly recommended mechanics that can not figure it out. Do some research before buying this vehicle.
  • retcgretcg Posts: 2
    Problem is wet & corroded wires under carpet on passengers side.Unwrap bundle and you will find problem.

  • I own a 99 venture and i've had the same problem with the door locks, they won't lock when pushing on the lock button, they unlock fine . Please let me know if you have found what's causing this problem its driving me nuts, i have to keep locking each door manually or put the car in drive so the doors lock and then turn the car off with it still in drive so they dont unlock.

  • I own a 99 venture and i've had the same problem with the door locks, they won't lock when pushing on the lock button, they unlock fine . Please let me know if you have found what's causing this problem its driving me nuts, i have to keep locking each door manually or put the car in drive so the doors lock and then turn the car off with it still in drive so they dont unlock.
  • I have had a problem with the gas guage since i bought the van. But, I was able to live with it.

    Just recently the van stoppen running all together. I had to have the tank dropped and the complete sender/pump unit replaced as well as the fuel filter. I have been told by a Chevy parts guy that the unit (from the factory) is the most common thing replaced on these vans.

    That solved all my problems. I have more power now too.
  • I got my venture at 47 thousand in february and now its at 57 thousand, Ive had 2 oil changes and no problems up till now. This morning I pulled into a gas station and my reverse is gone. I put it into reverse and I get a click sound drive works but its not picking up quickly like this morning when I first got into the car. I checked the tran fluid it was fine. I dont even know where to refill the tran fluid though. Somebody please tell me its not the whole transmission?!?! I dot think I have an extended warranty so I think Im screwed.
  • my gas gauge has been acting screwy too! but its only been when it gets down to below a quarter tank.
  • I have the same problem with my gauge when the fuel goes below 1/4 of tank. Any ideas? Please help.
  • The unit works off of resistance. Basiclly the float has a sweeper on it (electionic) that has portions of it go bad(short). It is almost always near the last 1/4 tank full.

    The only fix is to drop the tank and replace the entire unit. Includes the fuel pump and guage float. About $470.
  • ts60423ts60423 Posts: 52
    Release of pressure by undoing the gas cap is valid, I have done it to release pressure beore changing the fuel filter. Once I forgot, and fuel stated spraying everywhere - lets just say I was never hapier to not be a smoker. Dealers and garages with the GM software can print schematics and their version of instructions, you might be able to get a copy.
  • ts60423ts60423 Posts: 52
    I imagine you checked your fluid level, make sure that it stays up. I had an aluminum block corrode benieth the car and caused a small leak that was VERY elusive. Also make sure that your pads and rotors have plenty of life in them. When the calipers get extended really far, sometimes the fluid gets low and sets off the lights.
  • ts60423ts60423 Posts: 52
    Mine went out after about 60,000 miles (3-4 years ago), the problem is not just with Ventures, it is a GM problem during the last several years. Mine was replaced years ago, and no problems since. Luckily GM at least had the sense to release a seperate fuel sensor from the fuel pump. The Venture is also one of the easiest (relatively speaking, of course) vehicles to drop the tank on. Just make sure its empty - 26 gallons is really heavy.
  • I was told by my mechanic that if you press the brakes hard, you'll get air in the lines... I've never heard of that before. I thought the brake system is a sealed system, where air can never get in even when the levels are correct. It used to work fine, now my brakes go to the floor... Is my mechanic correct?
  • cbowercbower Posts: 2
    So I love my 1999 chevy venture, but it's giving me a headache. My fuel guage goes up, then down, then up and sticks somewhere around 1/2 a tank. My ABS and seatbelt lights come on whenever they feel like it, and stay on if they choose. Occasionally my digital readout on the roof (LS edition) tells me there's ICE outside!! Well, it was 90 degrees out the last time it did that! My AC makes noise like it's sucking in helium. My window rolls down but then rolls up funky and i have to grab it to make it stay back on track. SO.... I doubt all these problems are related...but I'm thinking a few of them may. Suggestions, tips and witty comments are welcome.
    I don't know where to begin!!! :cry: Oh, and I've already replaced the corroded tail light bezzel thinga-ma-jigger..... Well, my husband did it, but now my directional lights work so it's not that!!
  • I have a 97 Venture that was running a bit rough occasionally and then died on Friday. We were told that we need to either rebuild or replace the engine. We only had 77000 miles on it . The only other thing I had noticed was that it seemed to be going through coolant quickly, but we never noticed a leak.
    Are these problems common? We have never had a problem up to this point, but this is really depressing. I really love my van, but I am afraid of it turning into a money pit. Any advice?
  • Hi,
    I read your message and I just experienced the same problem but with my drive, 3, 2 gear. I can't drive the car in Drive gear.?

    Did u get any replies? Is it a problem with the transmission, I hope not. Please, help me if you know what the problem turns out to be?
  • I parked my Venture in front of the house 1 hour ago then I went to drive it into the garage but the van won't drive although I have the gear on drive. I tried on 1st gear and still it didn't drive. The only way was to put it on second or third gear. We never had a problem with this van and wonder what happened? I really hope it was not the transmission. Please, HELP!
  • I had coolant issues with mine and it was the orange coolant that caused the issue, 600 dollars later I had all my gaskets replaced and the problems fixed....of course now I have OTHER problems with it...but no more coolant and over heating issues.
  • My window track has the same problem, I have not taken the door panel off yet to see why. As for the other things it sounds like a wiring harness plug is loose somewhere and electrical contact of those connections is hit and miss. Not sure bout the AC noise. The fuel readout may be the fuel sending unit on/in the gas tank, it has wires and fuel lines and if the connections are crappy from moisture or corrosion that could be it. Inspect the wire harness plugs under the dash with a flashlight and wiggle them while pushing them together. Then drive it and see if anything changes. The dealership might be the next option. Good luck.

  • Hi everyone, Im new here so be gentle.....
    I have a 1998 Chevy Venture and recently been having issues leading up to it not starting at all. I thin k I narrowed it down, but need help if possible:

    -Service Engine light came on a while back, garage said nothing was wrong and it may be a short in wire tripping the light to appear.
    -Frequently the automatic passanger sliding door would trip a fuse due to our kids not letting it open itself. According to manual all you do for THAT problem is pull the 15v fuse , wait 30 seconds and put fuse back in, ALWAYS worked when I had to do this.
    -Now, the electronic driver's seat has stopped working and the automatic sliding door........pulled ALL fuses and NOTHING.SO I drove for about another 2 weeks......
    -The car would not start after sitting for over an hour at a local football game. I had someone jump start me since I ran the battery down turning it started right up! Went about 3 days ok so I took it to get inspected and the guy at the garage called said it was dead where I parked it. He pulled it in garage and he THINKS it is the fuel pump.
    -I have the car home now in my garage, and had a haunting feeling the ELECTRICAL issues I have been having were somehow tied to no pwer to fuel pump.
    -I now found 3 wire harnesses under the driver side sliding door which are connected to the gas tank, the emissions something or other and the third Im not sure.
    -I unplugged the harnesses and water came FLOWING out of all of them. ALL day today I sprayed Electrical contacts cleaner in all harnesses and took out each individual wire from harness and scraped all the GREEN mess that was covering them. Now there are all cleaned up , put it back together and it started!! ....Then it crapped out!!
    ANY HELP? :sick:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hi, rjechoes, and welcome! You might also want to ask the folks in the Electronic Gremlins: Electrical Problems that are driving you crazy discussion what they think.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I assume you have the 3400 (3.4 litre) engine. If so, your coolant leak may have been the cause of the engine's demise. These engines have a problem with the intake manifold gaskets eventually failing. This allows coolant to enter the crankcase and mix with the oil. When this happens, the oils ability to lubricate key components such as bearings is greatly compromised. If not addressed quickly, the bearings get "wiped out" - motor failure.
  • Hi, I have a 2005 venture and I need to remove the door panel on the inside passenger door. Can anyone help out? Now remember I need specific, I don't want to break it. Is it hard to do? any help would be great thanks
  • Hi erlsgrls, removing any door panel you have to consider:
    1. you almost always have to pop out the plastic piece around the door handle, and remove 2 screws, and/or remove the armwrest with 2 screws. (If you need more details email ( me and I will look closer at my van this weekend).
    2. They make a tool to help pop the plastic fasteners out without breaking them, but I have never bought one, don't bother, you can do it without it, and if you break a plastic fastener they are cheap and easy to replace.
    3. start with a thin, almost flat, flat bar/pry bar/big screwdriver, and slide it up a few inches behind the door panel near the lower left corner, don't pry like you are prying to boards apart, wiggle the tool a little at a time until you can slide a few fingers under the door panel.
    4. keep gently tugging the door panel so you can slide your finger near the 1st plastic fastener, then give it a few good yanks straight out,
    5. repeat for other plastic fastener you find holding the bottom half of the door panel to the door, then lift the door panel out and up, it is in clips near the window at the top and you just yank it up at the top to release.
    6. if you are careful you can peel the plastic insulation back and re-stick it when you are done.
  • Has anyone every replaced their coil packs? They are tucked up in there good. I am going to replace with Accel coil packs, and I want to make sure that it is not a major operation.

  • I bought my 01 Venture just over a year ago (Aug 04). I loved it until my wipers went crazy 4 days after I bought it. The fine GM dealer refused to do anything about it until a show was made to the owner in his show room. These are the problems I've had in the last year with this fine Chev product:
    Wiper control arm,
    Intake manifold gasket leak,
    Rear wiper no longer works,
    Radio is locked,
    Instrument cluster has no lights,
    Gauges are not working,
    Blinker problems,
    LR power lock interminent,
    Right power window came off bracket,
    Front disc and pads replaced.

    Sounds like other people are having similar problems. DO NOT buy a van in the montana/venture family.
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