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Chevy Venture



  • Thank You for this post. i have ventura 98 ,same problems, electrcal.sometime start and worked very well but ...
    read this post and eenaef ,i found connector /modul/ full of water and rust. one contact was broken .now looking for new modul, and with jumper wire on broken contact ventura starting all the time.
    thank you :) ;)
    Service est. was fuel pump
    new fuel pump is CAN$550-850 + $200 install
  • eedeed Posts: 1
    I'm new to the site. i have a 2001 chevy venture and fell in love with it. my mechanic told me my head gasket need replaced. 1st why does it take so many hours to replace the $300.00 gasket. they told me 17 hours worth of work which equates to $1,000. I find this hard to believe. 2nd my van runs great, what signs should i see if my head gasket is going bad? yes, i am getting a second opinion. i just want to be more on top of things when i get my 2nd opinon. can anyone help me?
  • What did you find out about the Keyless entry for the Venture. I've got the same problems you have, but I haven't won any of the bids on ebay. I placed a bid last night that had 4 days left on it, then this morning I see that I have "lost" the bid and the only ones still available for the venture are all "Buy it now" at twice the price I bid last night.
  • I have a 2003 Chevy Venture and my passager side window rolled down today and now won't go back up. The other side works, Has anybody had this problem, do you know how to fix it or is this a dealership thing? Does anybody have any solutions for this
  • jsm1ajsm1a Posts: 3
    The SES light came on in my 2001 venture.SES is lit up
    solid not blinking.I changed to gas cap to a locking one after finding out some thugs where trying to siphon my gas.
    I changed the back to the factory gas cap.SES still stays lit.Where do I start to try and find out what is wrong?
    Is there a way to get the error codes from the computer?
    Vehicle just turned 37K.Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  • marifmarif Posts: 1
    My '98 Venture died on me one night driving down the road. Lights went dim, power steering failed, everything went dead. This started the long process of taking the Venture to the shop 3 times. The first time the alternator was rebuilt. It ran for 10 days and broke down again. A second rebuilt alternator was put in everything else checked out ok and the van ran for less than 24 hours before it died again. A brand new alternator has been put in and I've driven it for 2 days and the signs of the fading alternator are coming back. Can anyone tell me what is burning up the alternator? Because my mechanic sure can't!
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    I have replaced my alternator in a 2000 Venture 2 months ago with a new unit and everything is working well. I had some strange system failures before the alternator was detected as needing replacement as is usual with these modern vehicles. First, I would have to question the quality of your rebuilt alternators. My mechanic insisted I purchase a new unit with a warrantee so as to not have any future problems. A new unit was not much more than a rebilt type. At this stage of the game, I would seek out another repair facility to diagnose and check the condition of your present unit and go over your entire charging system. This is not a complicated problem normally to have spent so much of your time, money and energy. It could just be a problem with the type of alternators your mechanic stocks. Good luck on this frustrating problem.
  • Be sure to check the wiring that connects to the alternator. A slight or intermittant disconnect could cause all kinds of problems. A loose fitting or bad wire might work for a while, then work itself loose. The difficulty in changing the alternator can also cause the wires to be pulled on, possibly damaging them in a way that is not obvious or consistant. The mechanics I have used in the past and present have all warrantied the parts and labor, if a problem arose, they would fix no charge.

    Check those wires and grounds!!!
  • Most large chain parts stores can read and/or clear the codes on the vehicle computer, no charge. Normally the code will clear itself if the problem goes away.
  • It depends on what you are capable of in the way of repairs. Check fuses and check the power switches - they pop out of the arm console easily without taking apart the door. If one has a bad connection, niether the driver or passenger side switches will work. If that does not help, then use a repair manual (if you feel comfortable with it) and take the door apart and take a look.
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Venture Looney Toones Van and while driving down the road my van hums.. is it the tires or what ?? please help me. :cry:
  • jsm1ajsm1a Posts: 3
    Thank you.I was ready to spend $75 for a diagnostic.
  • If it is humming a Looney Toone don't complain. ;)
    Seriously, it probably is the tires. The tires tend to cup on these vans if not rotated very often. When they are cupped they hum.
  • Where would I find the cable. Can it be accessed without a hoist?
  • Another thing to look at would be a battery with a internal short. Load test it!!!

    My 88 Escort just recently lost the alternator and it was related to the battery going out.
  • I'm having problems with my fuel guage moving from empty to full. This normally happens when I'm down to a quarter tank of gas.

    Also have no interior lights at all. If I open my doors or use the switch on the dash board there are no lights at all. (Dome light) all other are fine. JUST MY DOME LIGHTS DON'T WORK.

    I also have hesitation when I acellerate and can't figure out what it is. Wires have been changed but not the plugs to hard to get at. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • Please read below this is from a previous member and this was how they fixed his problem. I like to find out where I can check for corrosion on the pins where the cable is plugged in that goes to the guage readings on the dash.

    Do not let them put in a new sensing guage inside of the fuel tank before they check for corrosion on the pins where a cable is plugged in that goes to the guage readings on the dash. after they cleaned the pins I didnt have any more problems. I learned the hard way because that sensing unit they put in the gas tank cost me about $400 Dollars and I dont think that I needed it.
  • I'm an automotive corrosion engineer. You're right about galvanic corrosion occurring where you mix steel and aluminum, but that's not what's happening with the hood in this case. The problem on the hood is just corrosion of the aluminum. When steel rusts, it is red. When aluminum rust, it's white/milky. The problem is 'filiform corrosion.' This happens with aluminum that's covered with a paint or other similar coating. When aluminum is exposed to air, it forms a protective alumunium oxide film on the surface (about 1nm thick), which protects the aluminum underneath. When you get a chip in the paint on your aluminum hood, water gets under the chip. The salt/water starts to attack the aluminum. Because it's held in by the paint, it doesn't dry out and have a chance to reform the aluminum oxide.
  • Just a warning...I ordered two remotes from over a month ago. I have not received them yet. The tracking number shows no useful info. I emailed the site and got no response. I called the phone number on the site a couple of times and there was no answer. I waited a week and emailed again. This time I got a response. But no apology or explanation, no info at all. Just asked me to check the ship address. It was correct. I replied back. That was the last I heard. They charged my credit card immediately, before they supposedly shipped, by the way.
  • Contact your credit card company explaining the situation to them and ask for help.
  • jsm1ajsm1a Posts: 3
    It turns out there was a dealer bulletin for my year venture.
    I took it to a dealer to have the PCM reprogrammed to correct
    false EGR position error.Cost $90.
  • Just wanted to fairly update my previous entry regarding and my remotes purchase. Eventually, I did receive what I ordered. But it was over a month after ordering and the service was poor. At this point I'm not sure if they work. I'm going to assume so. They are used remotes, but I expected that for the price. I still cannot recommend that anyone use
  • I have a bugs bunny edition 2000 venture van, and it has the usual number of problems, but overall drives very nice. I question whether this car has the 20 or the 25 gallon gas tank. This car appears to have about every accessory Chevy offers, that's why I am asking. I bought the car used, it was a repo by the bank. The gas gauge is spastic, sometimes full sometimes empty, so it's no help. I use the computer to tell how much gas is used, but I have no idea how much is left. I have only put about 12 gallons in it at a time due to the spastic gas gauge. If I know how big the tank was, I wouldn't keep filling it up so often. Is there any way to tell which tank it has?
  • My interior Dome lights are not working and I was told maybe there is a problem with the ground circuit G302 located in right "B" pillar.
    Does anyone know where I check for this problem.
  • My Ventures wiper blades stay in the full upright position when the switch is in the OFF position. Has anyone had this similar problem and does anyone have a fix?
  • Did you check the switch that is in the ceiling. Mine has four switches right next to each other(power door,alarm, etc..) One of the switches will keep the interior lights off.
  • Thanks but all he switches seem fine, I'm trying to find out where to find where the G302 CIRCUIT is. Apparently I have a short in the system and I'm wondering if the G302 CIRCUIT is on the sliding door of the van

    If anyone knows please respond
  • My service manual for 2002 Silhouette shows the G302 Circuit is secured (screw) near the base of the right B-pillar, not in the sliding door. This will be under the trim. Right is passenger side.
  • thanks for the input Just4fun2. I'll check and see if this solves my problems with my dome lights.
  • Hello, All:

    Our Venture 2000 alarm has been going off sporadically. Here's what I have done:

    1) Tried to change the programming of the content and damage sensor alarms to turn them off. This doesn't work at all...there are no chimes when I turn the parking lamp on and off.

    2) Checked the setup of our system...when I took out the correct fuse, and set the key to the accessories position, I got three chimes. This means, according to the table, that we have no contents or damage alarm system. In addition, our system has a flashing LED to the left of the steering column that is not shown in the manual.

    3) Called the dealer who told us to turn off the valet switch. This didn't help.

    Any ideas?


    Eric from NY

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