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Chevy Venture



  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Where the filter is located ? Do I need special tool to change it ?? Thanks
  • jdavis5jdavis5 Posts: 2
  • brian36brian36 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 chevy venture with the vhs system. I bought the van used in 2004 w/o a remote and had the same problem as you did, you can't control the volume w/o the remote. I found a company, I think it was Sybesmas electronics (I found them in the internet and am pretty sure this was the company I called and ordered by phone), who sold me the remote for about $25, including tax and shipping (much better than the $78 the dealer wanted). I don't know if it would be the same remote as your 2002/DVD, but it might be worth a shot. can go to or call #616-392-6911. Good luck!

  • sharibsharib Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out the problem? My 1999 Venture is doing the same thing. The temp is all over the place and the low coolant light goes on an off. Or if anyone else can help me, I would really appreciate it. I've had it in the shop three times already and have spent over $1,000. The first time they said it needed a tune up but the next day the temp went way hot and I had to pull over. The next place said it was an air pocket and they "bled" the system. I drove two miles and it was doing the same thing. I took it back to the first place and they said it was the head gasket (?) Again, I drove about two miles and the low coolant light came on again! Then the temp started flucuating again. It doesn't go all the way to hot but it's just a matter of time. Can anyone help!!
  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    I too have a 1999 and have had the intake manifold gasket problem twice. The first time it was leaking on the outside and cost me $475. I noticed my coolant level dropping slowly last year and a coolant odor inside the vehicle. I had it checked at the dealer nearest my home and was told "heater core," approx. $400 to fix. It was not dampening the carpet so the service mgr said it did not need replacement right away. I continued to drive it and maybe every 2 months needed to add coolant. Well...about 3 weeks ago on my way home at 10:30pm my car overheated and went into the RED ZONE on the temp indicator! :cry: Cooled it down and limped home slowly. Diagnosis: overheating from failed intake manifold gaskets which caused head warping to the tune of $950 at the dealer near my job. All gaskets were replaced for the intake manifold and head and the heads shaved, no cracks! The service department at this place is very good and they always give me a break on price. :D I think the damage could have been prevented if the first dealer had given the correct diagnosis! :mad: The original first replacement of the intake manifold gaskets was at about 65K miles; it now has 133K on it. The service mgr who handled my repair this time said that the gaskets are a new type, and there are new procedures for replacement that weren't in place last time I had the work done.

    In retrospect the very first symptoms began around 49K miles. At that time GM was not owning up to the defect after warranty (36K miles). Now they will fix the problem up to 60K, according to my service mgr.

    Venture is a venture to me! :lemon: I am tired of fighting with the van and am in negotiations to purchase another vehicle.
  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    When my intake manifold gaskets went I had the same symptoms you describe. :sick: Both intake manifold gaskets had to be replaced, as well as the head gaskets. The heads had to be shaved down as well. GM has changed the gaskets to new ones and there is a new procedure as well designed to prevent further occurances. Perhaps you can find a dealer with a great service dept. who charges a "low" hourly rate. Since mine was fixed it has been great! It runs better than it has in about a year.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    The Toyota Sienna offers the same configuration as the 8 passenger set-up in the Venture/Montana/Uplander/Relay/Terraza vehicles. Plus, they're givin' Siennas away right now. Run, don't walk to your Toyota dealer.

    My Venture is a 2002 LS, for which I paid $22,000 brand-new with 19 miles on it. I did the same cost vs. repair analysis one of the earlier posters put on here and came out on the same losing end. My car has burned a quart of oil every 2000-2500 miles since it was brand new (Chevy says up to a quart every thousand is "normal operation"). Plus, in 73,000 miles of mostly highway driving, I have had to replace a left front wheel bearing, an a/c compressor, two sets of brakes, the lower intake manifold gasket (twice - at 38k and again at 60k - so much for the revised gasket and bolt torque specs), wires and plugs (the latter done only b/c to get at the back wires cost me $350 in labor to tilt the motor forward and so I had them do plugs at 65k so as not to pay for it again in 100k), and a right front wheel hub. And that's just the BIG stuff - we won't go into all the switchgear, rubber door seals, contact patch switches, etc. or the electrical gremlin that produced what I've affectionately nicknamed "The Chevy Christmas Tree Light Show."

  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    I have the same problem too did you get it repaired? what was the problem and how much did it cost.

  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    :confuse: My chevy venture does not feel like it's shifting in to 4th gear the rpms are to high, but it downshifts fine. When I shift from 4th to 3rd in downshifts but 3rd to 4th i don't feel the shift. Does anybody know what should be the rpms at 65mph? overall the van has been good, dealer fix all problems during the extended warranty. This is the first Major problem since the expired van. yr 2000, miles 99980. Thanks
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    did you recent have a brake job? which end is grinding front or back? I found out that if you have a shop do your brakes they will usually put lower quality drums & shoes for the rear. as for your last reply from the other person. FORD, and Dodge don't have good quality vehicles either. hope that helps.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    close to 2000 + - 100 rpm
  • I'm looking into a 2004 Venture LS. I'm wondering if the 3rd seat is stowable in all models? Or was it an option??

    I had a 2000 Venture, but the 3rd row was just flip down. I can't seem to find any info about the stowable 3rd seat except a comment about a 2001 with one.

  • We owned a 2000 Venture until last week when I was hit by a 50,000 lb tanker truck. Miraculously, I climbed out of my van. However, it's more than totalled!! (THey couldn't even tell what the option were to appraise it.)

    Anyway, we're shopping for a new van and always "swore" we'd never buy another Venture. HOWEVER, in shopping, we have discovered that our Venture was very roomy for our 5 growing boys, and the rear seats are comfortable -- nothing comparable so far that we have found. We had purchased an extended warranty, and would do so again.

    We are looking at a 2001 Odyssey with everything we need, but it has 68000 miles and there is a little transmission fluid leak. (Is the transmission still covered for 01's? I found a post on here saying it's covered for 7 years or 100k...)The asking price is $14995. If we purchase an extended warranty, it's about $1500 and covers only to 100k...

    There is an 04 Chevy Venture for sale with 16,000 miles asking price of $13,956 with all options including 7/8 seating. (All options are pretty much comparable between the vans.)

    Here's the dilemna:
    Do we buy an 01 Odyssey with 68k that has 3k, 3 month warranty?
    Or an 04 Venture that still has 20k manufacturer warranty?
    (Would eventually purchase extended warranty, so basically 7 years of driving under warranty total.)

    The problems we had with our 2000 were electrical (windows, locks-not covered) and intake manifold and transmission (both covered under extended warranty).

    So, which van would you go for?? :)
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    As for the Chevy Venture don't buy another one. To many problems with Engine, Tranny & Electrical. You'll save money buying the Honda. Yes the Venture has more space room. but if you like the venture get the extend warranty for the max mileage. Remember the intake manifold gasket problem, tranny go's out around 90,000, alternator.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Here you go it's a Optional stowable 3rd-row seat that doesn't disappear into floor, but folds level with a convenience tray that stands about 4 inches above the floor.
  • carglcargl Posts: 2
    I replaced the engine on my 97 Venture,it has been 2 weeks with the mechanic,but can't find the problem,when apply the brakes its get death,now he says it's the brake's booster what it's wrong.When running it's ok,anything about this problem? I don't want to pay it until running.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    need more details, it can be the brake booster becuase of the vacuum line that go's to it, meaning the diaphram has a leak. it also can be a fuel problem or sensors. need to plug in a scantool. any codes?
  • carglcargl Posts: 2
    thanks,the guy says he scope the engine(His matter) and it doesn't shows any problem,now he is coming with the explanation on the brakes booster,do it has something to do when they replace the engine?,a bad reinstalltion?is that enough to stall it?
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    plug the vacuum line going to the brake booster, and test drive. when test driving be careful need to press hard on brake peddal to stop. if it dosent stall thats the problem. Sometimes check ball can go bad.
  • slowmo2slowmo2 Posts: 8
    I would respectfully recommend the '04 Venture. The Odyssey, while a great van with great features, is still a foreign-made vehicle with expensive parts and labor. They can break down, just as any man-made machine can. As far as extended warranties, when I bought our 02 WB Venture, we bought a 2-year/25k mile warranty, chose the middle plan, and it covers drivetrain, a/c, switches, lots of the nit-picky things that break as a vehicle ages. And virtually any shop of my choice can do the work I need, I don't have to go back to the dealer! Which is good, because our dealer can't even hire and keep GM-certified mechanic/technicians! I should also mention, I have never been a GM fan, grew up fantasizing about MOPARs and Fords. But I had to swallow a lot of crow when we decided in favor of the Venture, simply because it represented the best value (and because I paid less than tradein value!)
  • promisepromise Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 venture van. Had to replace head gaskets at 12900 KM. Has anybody had the same problem and have they approached GM about it. I understand that it is covered for 7yrs or 16000 Km. cost me $15 hundred to fix it.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    To everyone that has a ventures here are some service bulletins i found. Hope these help out the venture family owners. These service bulletins due apply to other vehicles in the GM line up. Please Remember that these service bulletins are intended for "PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS" NOT A "DO-IT-YOURSELFER" You can ask the dealer if it doe's apply to your Vehicle.

    990-05-25-003 2000 DBC 7 Diagnostic Assistance & Parts Return Program
    00-09-40-001 1997-2000 Excessive Lateral Movement of Some Aftermarket Child Seats
    00-08-46-004A 2000 Re-establishing Communications with OnStar Center After Battery Disconnect
    01-08-61-003 1997-2001 New Frame Insulator Remover/Installer From Kent Moore
    01-06-01-010 2000-2001 Polymer Service Pistons
    00-08-51-001 1998-2000 Outside Rear View Mirror Housing Turns Chalky/Dull
    01-05-23-006 1997-2001 Revised Fastener Requirements for Front & Back Caliper Bracket Replacement
    00-08-42-003 1997-2000 Headlamp Capsule Availability
    00-06-02-004 1997-2000 Brown Colored Gel-Like Substance on Radiator Cap & Upper Filler Neck
    00-08-64-007 1997-2000 Slow/Non-moving Glass, Bent Regulator Arms or Window is Inoperative.
    02-06-01-003 2001-2002 Revised Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specification & Tightening Sequence
    01-07-30-032 1991-2001 Transmission Vent
    01-08-46-008 2000 Information on Upgrading OnStar Generation 2.0
    99-03-120-103 1997-2000 Discontinue Usage of Tool J 6627-A for Wheel Stud Removal
    02-08-58-005 1997-2002 Wind noise at The Base Windshield
    02-07-30-014 1999-2002 Servicing 4T65-E Transaxle Spacer Plate Gaskets
    99-07-30-030A 1997-2001 Grinding and/or Noise in Park on Incline
    00-09-40-001A 1997-2002 Excessive Lateral Movement of Some Aftermarket Child Seats
    99-08-44-001B 2000-2001 Video Entertainment System
    00-07-30-002B Jul-02 Slips, Harsh Up shift or Garage Shifts, Launch Shudders, Flares, Erratic Shifts & Intermittent Concerns, DTC P1811 or P0748 Set
    00-08-64-015 1997-2000 Power Sliding Side Door Edge Guard Comes Loose
    00-08-64-015A 1997-2000 Power Sliding Side Door Edge Guard Comes Loose
    83-61-32 1997-1998 Section 6A Revised Engine Support Fixture Service Procedure
    01-08-45-005 2000-2002 Hard Start, No start, Stall, and/or Fuel Gauge Inoperative or Fluctuates
    01-01-38-011 1997-2002 Proper Use of HVAC System to Achieve Maximum Cooling
    99-00-89-013 1999-2000 Diagnostic Information For No Start or Start/Stall, Diagnostic Trouble Codes B02955, B0687,B0689 Set
    03-06-01-002 1997-2003 New Polymer Coated Piston & Rod Assembly
    01-08-57-006 1997-2002 General Water leak Diagnosis Guide
    01-08-51-004 1997-2001 Premature Aluminum Hood Corrosion/Blistering
    01-08-51-004A 1997-2002 Premature Aluminum Hood Corrosion/Blistering
  • mkejmemkejme Posts: 1
    We own a 2002 VENTURE 79,000, We love this van. It got into the 90's today, I went to turn the air on and it's not getting cold. Took it to the local shop and they said that it was a possible Blender Switch. Estimate about 400-800 dollar repair. Everything about the a/c is working, but won't get cold. Should we get a second estimate.

  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    After 5 years of stress my Venture is gone. Someone else bought my headache. The manifold gaskets had gone for the second time and took the head gaskets with them. After paying $950. to have it all taken care of (warped head too) I bought a Pontiac Vibe (Toyota w/American skin)and sold that Van! Wow does this feel good! I was roomy and had great features, but there was a definite downside to that, and it wasn't worth it...
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    I was able to obtain a paltry 30% reimbursement on my final gasket repair bill from GM for my 2000 Venture. As a guide, I used the Canadian owners criteria for their reimbursement program for my claim which is as follows: vehicle must be under 5 year's of age, have no more than 100K miles, and be diagnosed at a GM dealership. In my case, the vehicle had 99,400 miles, was three months shy of the five-year age cut-off but, was leaking badly in my driveway on a Saturday afternoon (when local dealership was closed). As a consequence, I was lucky for my family mechanic to tow vehicle and make repairs immediate which placed me in the manufacturers negotiation phase where they can wave the dealership repair requirement. I can't complain because I did get some form of reimbursement.
  • texas4texas4 Posts: 11
    we have a 2000 chevy venture, with 68,000 miles..i have been reading all the issues about gasket problems, and have a question... what are the symptoms when these start going bad ??
    we need to try to keep van for as long we can... would like to know what to look for when these gasket problems start....thanks
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Check the overflow tank if it's low and you keep on adding coolant, thiers a leeak some where in the system, also if its dirty brown thats not good. Check you radiator cap if its has brown dirt on the gasket, thats normal under the Tech service bullten. Have you been flushing the cooling system? depending on your miles (30,000) flush system its just being safe. check around the lower intake manifold for leaks, also water pump may start leaking about now thats what happen to me. you can pressure testing cooling system to find leaks. check oil dipstick for coolant smell for it. Did you get extended warranty? If so tell dealer that your loosing coolant, thats what i did.
  • arcadocarcadoc Posts: 2
    I had a '98, and for the most part it was comfortable and trouble-free. That is until you consider that I had to replace the transmission at just over 123K mi, ($2300)and the intake manifold gaskets twice ($600 ea). The brake light circuits were another problem area. Had to replace both rear taillight assemblies($90.00 ea). But I did enjoy the vehicle while I had it. Overall, not a bad vehicle.
  • arcadocarcadoc Posts: 2
    This seems prevalent with the 3.4L V6. I have or have had a '98 Venture, '00 Impala, and '02 Venture. All have had to have intake manifold gaskets replaced at least once. Twice on my Impala. They seem to last about 50-60k miles before replacement. What I hate about them is that they are made out of plastic with just a very small rubber strip around them. It wouldn't take much to put in a decent gasket so this problem doesn't keep recurring. But that's what you get when you build a vehicle not up to a standard, but down to a price.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Information to all on the Venture, Montana, & Silo 4th gear (overdrive) can go without any notice to the driver. especially if you drive only in the city under 55 MPH. When you drive freeway and you notice that your getting bad gas mileage its probably that 4th when out, to find out when driving on the freeway shift to 3rd and the engine will speed up and the van will bog down, now acellerate and than shift in to Drive you should feel the tranny shift into overdrive, if you don't your 4th gear is out. On the Venture sometimes you can't feel if the RPMs are running high becuase thier is no Tachometer, Montana has one, unsure on the Silo. At 65 mph you should around 1900+-100 RPM's. It took me months before I found out because I don't use the van that much, it's the wife that uses the van. If you know you have a problem and you take it to the dealer and you told them that you said you have no overdrive. They would hook up a scanner and check for codes and test drive the van to see if 4th gear is working the scanner would show 4th gear engaged. Problem with me is that i took it to the dealer and they used the scanner they said 4th was good. I guess the machanic that look at the van wasn't really a good one becuase a REAL MECHANIC would have notice the RPMS were high and would have test drove the van on the freeway or some sort.
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