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Chevy Venture



  • kklobekklobe Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    My wife and I have a 2000 Venture and I am in desperate need of the power assist sliding door(actuator) schematics. The two drive cables came off of their respective tracks and got chewed to pieces...I had since removed the cables but now I am just tired of not having the power door.
    We have three small children and we could use the help getting in and out of the van. I have finally found someone who will make the new cables as I can't find with without the actuator assemble...$700.00 But without the old cables to guide on length and diameter(before the plastic coating) I'm in a bad way, well frustrated anyway.

    Has anyone had any luck finding the cables by themselves? Or does anyone know where I can find the internal schematics of the actuator to view the cables and such?

    We bought our van used in 02/03 and we all love it. It's amazing what regular service will do for longevity. Other then the cable issue, our van has been absolutely outstanding! We just took a vacation from Missouri and drove to Utah to see family stationed at Hill AFB. We averaged around 600 miles to the tank and we only had to fill up one additional time after we initially filled up and left Missouri! Our children love watching movies, and mom and I LOVE the headsets! I'll be fabricating a wooded entertainment center(vcr) as our current one is cracked on one side(love working with wood). I'll post the entertainment center when it's done if anyone is interested.

    Thanks for any help!

  • vanderdavanderda Posts: 2
    I am having the exact same problem? Did you have any luck?
  • vanderdavanderda Posts: 2
    How did you remove the rear panel to gain access?
  • sheboutshebout Posts: 3
    Anyone have good advice regarding the venture WB edition DVD player? Our DVD player will only play some DVDs. The ones that won't play are "spit back out" of the player after about five minutes. I have tried pressing different buttons on the console and on the remote, but none seem to make them play (the screen never comes on and no audio). When I first got the van new back in 2000 most of the movies would play. But as time has gone by it will now play fewer and fewer. Now it won't even play some movies that it did before. I tried to figure out if it is a certain kind of movie that won't play (ie. full screen vs. widescreen), but there doesn't seem to be a pattern. I have tried cleaning the player, but that hasn't helped. The chevy garage was no help - they said they could pull the player out and send it off to be fixed for several hundred dollars. Has anyone else had similar problems?? :confuse:
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    You say it's a DVD player, but the Venture didn't get a DVD player until 2002 model year. Prior years had a VCP. My 2000 Silhouette has a VCR. I had trouble with it about two years ago. It had a problem similar to yours. Don't take it to a dealer. They are clueless on entertainment systems. They told me it would be $400 for a rebuilt VCR. I ended up buying an automobile style VCR from Crutchfield for about $130 and installed it myself. It was a little tricky, but I did it and it works great.

    Before I installed the new VCR, I tried installing a DVD player. It would not work correctly. Something is different about the wiring from the player to the screen. The DVD player would work, but the screen would scramble every few seconds. I confirmed this with multiple players.

    Another option: take your van to an auto trim shop that sells and installs video systems. It won't be as cheap as DIY, but it will be less than a dealer.
  • Okay...I'm new and stumbled here from a search engine. I have a 98 Chevy Venture that I bought new, it now has 177,710 miles on it. All of the sudden, today while I'm driving my low coolant light starts flashing. When I get to a stopping point, I check the coolant, it is at the acceptable levels. The stupid light won't stop flasing. Is this just a sensor going out or is this a major problem? The thermostat was replaced 3 years ago. Thanks!
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    To all who have their van still under warranty, If you suspect that you have a coolant/oil gasket leak, I would recommend that you get it repaired. They have the new intake gasket p/n 89017279. Make sure you refer them to Service Bulletin 03-06-01-010, because of the new torque Spec's
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Sensor is mounted in the radiator 4 inches below the radiator cap. make sure coolant is above the sensor and also check the wiring too.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    The Service Manual doesn't really have a schematic on the actuator assembly or the cable all show is how to replace the assembly.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Check your coolant level and also make sure the coolant isn't in the oil. It sounds like either a intake or head gasket blown.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Sounds like the flex plate could be crack. Hope that helps
  • texas4texas4 Posts: 11
    just wanted thanks to all that have posted here and the replies that i got to questions i asked....
    after having some of the problems many of you had with my 2000 chevy venture, never any of the gasket problems yet... however, with the transmisson acting funny, and being quoted $1800 by 2 different transmission shops to fix/rebuild, we decided to move on to a new car...
    i'll check back ever now then to remind myself why i went into debt...
    best of luck to all....former texas venture owner...
  • jk06jk06 Posts: 7
    Takes 5 or 6 starts before motor will keep running. Once it contues to run it works great, I assume it is not the fuel pump. Any suggestions I would really appreciate.
  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    My 2002 Chev Venture has the driver's side wiper arm, over extending. It seats back down to where it should be when off, but there is play in the arm/motor action. I suspect that this where the problem is? Do I have to change the assembly for this or is there a quick re-setting of the arm?
    Appreciate the help.
  • jolyne77jolyne77 Posts: 5
    hey, mine does the same thing, what did you find out? also, the gage to the gas tank is doing something screwy. im interested in what you did about the windshield wipers, my drivers side doesnt tuck all the way in either, and they hesitate when verical. i'll be checking to see any reply, thanks!!

  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    nobody has replied yet (other than you). I think when it started was after a ice/snow storm, and the wipers had to strain to get out. I do hate where they have set the wipers. :mad:
    Haven't had any problem with the gas gauge. Sounds like a screwy float, Does it go to the extreme during acceleration or braking? :confuse:
  • jolyne77jolyne77 Posts: 5
    we are purchasing a 02 chevy venture van, and the wipers need some work, as i've already said. and yeah, i think its the float or something, i just wonder how much that is to fix. we got them to lower the price a little by fixing that stuff ourselves. do you know how much that is roughly? and did you find anything out about the wipers? do yours hesitate? or does the drivers side just not tuck down? yeah, i dont like the way theyve done the wipers either, but hey, as long as it fits our kids in there, and it works, we're good. ;-)

    i'll check back to see if you found out anything, and ill try to call my mechanic and see what he says.

    see ya!
  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    I haven't found anything about the wipers. It doesn't delay. It actually can go all the way to the seating, but there is play.
    As for the gas gauge, don't have a clue how much to fix, but I would think they have to lower the tank, (roughly 1.5 hr labour?). Don't know how much the float would cost. Replace the fuel filter while your under the car as well. A good $20 investment. :)
    Make sure while the mechanic is looking at the van good, get him to check the head gasket for any leaks. It looks like it leaking on the outside, but have to check while on the hoist. Notorious on this van/motor. Just replaced mine. Cracked head as well - over $3000 to repair. :lemon:
    Good luck, let me know what you found out about your wipers
  • jolyne77jolyne77 Posts: 5
    so, i talked with my mechanic. mind you, we haven't even purchased this van yet. he said the float, is an all in one assembly, so its going to be 400 for the part, and 80-90 bucks labor. OUCH. I think for awhile, we'll just fill it up often, ya know? He said there was no harm in that.

    i also asked him about the wipers, he said it can be one of two things. 1...a bolt came loose or came off and thats why it isn't sitting correctly. 2...the motor, which is seated under the hood (would be WAY more if under the dash...we are crossing our fingers). So, thats the deal. he said he wouldn't know until he looked at it...obviously.

    Thats what i have. I'm starting to wonder if this is a good purchase? You like yours, right??????? Pull me back from buyers remorse?

    I'll be checkin' for ya...

  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    sounds expensive for the part! I'd check and see if you can find a better price (unless you trust the mechanic?).

    For your wipers, it is easy to check and see if the bolt is missing, it is easy to see. There is a plastic cap on the bolt, take it off and see if the bolt is there and tight. You can take the bolt off and re-seat the wiper blade. But if there is play, it sounds like it is deeper than the bolt.

    If I was to do it again, I would NOT buy this van. With the head gasket going (notorious), and it cracked the head as well, a $3000 bill. Also check for front wheel bearings, the van will wonder on you (bearings went on mine). I've spent $4400 in the past 3 months on it.

    It is running ok now, but this is too much to ask out of a car that is 4 years old!

    Now with this being said, if you get the van for a great price - then the repairs may be worth it (if it goes). It is a comfortable van, and I like the space and economy of it, and no rust. I just wished it wasn't a lemon.
  • jolyne77jolyne77 Posts: 5
    yeah, i checked another mechanic.....i can get the float thing fixed..some kind of "unit" for a little over 200. much better, eh? i also talked to him about the windshield wipers....and honey, i don't know what he said, but he sounded smart doing it. i fix people, not cars. anyway, i told the hubby to take it in this week while i'm i won't be back home for a couple weeks. if i get a chance i might be able to update from elsewhere as to what gets done.

    you're making me a little nervous about my purchase. it has a lot of miles on it, but a 6 cylinder will go 150-250 thou. miles. and we are getting it for a crazy good price. nothing shady about it...the company just gave them another, they are selling it.

    you don't like yours though, eh? tell me more, so i can keep a watchful eye on things... 4400 sounds like alot for 3 months worth of car. we aren't even paying that much for the vehicle. it was worth it, right?!?!??!?!

    i'll be checkin' on if i can.

    see ya
  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    Hey, if you are getting the vehicle for a great price then you will be ok. I paid market value for mine, then the repair made it too expensive. My problem was that GM knew it was a problem and never did anything about it.
    If you take the Head Gasket problem out of the equation, the van is great. I can even handle the windshield wiper problem (things are suppose to break down, correct?). I just drove 1400 km this weekend with it, ran great. 800 km on a tank of gas.
    The things that have gone wrong with it are:
    - Head gasket (with a cracked head)
    - front wheel bearings
    - driver's windshield wiper over extending
    - air bag light always on
    - blower fan resistor
    - plus routine maintenance stuff

    Good stuff with it:
    - large & comfortable
    - good body
    - reasonable economy
    - good handling
    - so far good in the other major issues.

    Let me know what you have found out about the wiper if you can. Right now I am using "Rain Dance" on the windshield to limit the wiper use (works great)

  • docojcdocojc Posts: 1
    hi my name oj and i am having the same problem hesitating and cutting out on hard acceleration replace fuel filter, fuel pump, plugs and wires. need help
  • acgriffacgriff Posts: 4
    i found that the plug that plugs into the fuel pump on top the tank has a problem keeping water out and the pin connectors go bad........i had to replace the harness from the tank to where it plugs into another plug just behind the drivers seat under the floor ....and also rplaced the relay in the fuse box under the hood...all this because the wire harness did not keep water when you do replace it seal it with a good sealer
  • rydelrydel Posts: 2
    I've got a '99 Venture and am having the exact same problem! Did you get it fixed? What did you have to do?
    Thanks for any info! Rydel
  • acgriffacgriff Posts: 4
    well i didnt have time to wait for a new harness from the i replaced just the metal pins inside the plug...kinda tuff to get them in and out but it can be done and you can find the replacement pins at most auto stores. the pins that im talking about are the male-female metal pins inside the plug ends
  • jolyne77jolyne77 Posts: 5
    okay, im home now. I'm so glad you wrote. Okay, i checked with another mechanic. The fuel gage/float is about 100, and about another 100 to install....a crapload better than the other mechanic who appraised the fix at over 500. We are awaiting the next pay check so we can get it fixed. By the way, we did purchase the van. Works great...and gas mileage is incredible! 30mpg. My SUV gets 15-18mpg. So, be sure to shop around for will sure save us a bundle.

    As for the windshield wipers, I will have them checked out when we take it in for the float/fuel gage. I'll let you know. As for now, we have 3 cars, so no pressure getting things done. Anyone want an old buick? it works fine. ;-)

    so, keep checking, and so will I.

    seeeeee ya

  • cjlancercjlancer Posts: 1
    my sister has a 2000 chevrolet venture when its cold it starts and it runs nice after driving it for a while it just dies. but before it dies the lights in the van they start flicking right when it dies it brings out a code. P1352b Ignition Bypass Circuit High Voltage. you try to start it again. it it does but you have to gas it a little to keep it running. and sometimes it takes a while. to start. could it be the samething like some of you guys having the problem with the fuel filter being clogged.
    the other thing that it gots on that venture is the fuel gauge it goes crazy. and the ligths at the back they all turn on when you hit the brakes.. what could it be done to fix that. thanks for your help.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Your back lights sounds light that that water shorted out the plug. try unplugging one at a time of the back tail lights to find out which one has the bad light. I checked the service manual and it said to check terminal connection at the PCM and grounds are cleaned and secure, also check harness leaving the pcm module.
  • larson5larson5 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get a solution to this? I am going through this right now with my 2001 Venture with 85K. I have replaced the plugs, wires coil, fuel filter and EGR valve. One mechanic things it may be an injector, but why would that affect the entire engine. Otherwise it runs great.

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