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Chevy Venture



  • jeddryjeddry Posts: 33
    I can't visually see any water after a 30 minute drive but things look a little rusted. Is this the only indication that it is shot? Do you think the squeeling could be coming from anything else?
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    squealing: If it is doing it while sitting idle in your driveway it is a bearing going out on one component on the serpenntine belt.

    I have also replace the power stearing pump.

    My suggestion to you would be to remove the belt, pull off the pullies one by one and feel with you fingers how easy/hard it is to turn. It should turn fairly easy with no (NO) bumpy feeling at all.

    a drastic suggestion: check your parts place for returns! you can always take the approach of changing things out till you find the problem!
  • jeddryjeddry Posts: 33
    Is it hard to change the water pump? Anything I should know before starting? What about this idler arm, what could that cause?
  • corbyzmomcorbyzmom Posts: 1
    Ok, I bought a 2000 Chevy Venture 2 weeks ago and it has some problems. When driving it after it warms up for a bit, it tends to stutter/stall, typically under 40 mph. We replaced the crankshaft sensor, not sure which one, A or B, but it was behind the tensioner pulley. Now it it throwing a few codes. One is P0742, Torque Converter Circuit is stuck on, and Two is, P0336, Crank Shaft position sensor A, check range and performance. I m no mechanic by any means, but I do know that if it is the Torque Converter Clutch Switch, the tranny has to be pulled, which I cannot afford to have done. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks in advance. Oh, and I forgot to add.... sometimes when you start the van, it immediately dies, and it takes a few times to get it started, and usually once you start it, it idles very rough for the first few minutes.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    If you've ever changed a water pump, the one on the 3.4 is no harder or easier than any other. Most important things are that you torque the bolts correctly and you bleed the air out of the system when you refill.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    When you replaced the crankshaft position sensor, did you hook it up to a scanner to calibrate it? There's a learn procedure when you replace it... if you don't do the learn procedure it gets funky readings. It likely also explains the start and stall as well as the Check engine light..

    As for the TCC - if the switch is stuck on, the torque converter is staying locked and is likely causing the stutter & stall under 40 MPH. Unfortunately, it has to be replaced. You can try changing the trans fluid & filter as I've seen that cure a stuck TCC but likely you'll need to have it repaired. They don't have to remove the trans but they have to remove a bunch of stuff to get to it. If you're not above average with tools its best left to a mechanic.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    Just a couple of bolts and two hoses to unhook and its out of there.
  • I have been reading many posts regarding the entertainment system in my now six year old (2003) Chevy Venture Van. We bought the van new and now it is time to replace the dvd player and the remote or get it fixed. It will only play brand new movies and even after repeatedly changing the batteries, the remote no longer works.

    I spoke to a Chevy dealer who had the hardest time finding out who the manufacturer of the dvd player is. Since he wasn't able to find it even by calling GM (very helpful) I was wondering if anyone out there had this information? Also, does anyone know of a reputable company that will sell me a refurbished dvd player and remote for my 2003 Venutre Van?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Panasonic manufactured the DVD players for GM. Don't even bother trying to get a refurbished one, it won't be much better than the one you have now - if you really want a DVD player, find a reputable car audio/video installer in your area and have them tell you what your aftermarket options are. You may find that your options in the aftermarket are even better than the original...
  • astra1astra1 Posts: 5
    On most minivans, rear plugs can be reached by jacking up the vehicle, crawling underneath to a point behind the rear tires, and looking up. You may need extensions on you rachette.
  • navstarnavstar Posts: 3
    Similar isseu on my wifes 2000 venture, ended up it was the tensioning pulley on the serpentine belt, bearing was going, was farily easy to replace in the driveway.
  • i have a 1998 venture ls.about a month ago the car died while driving it and wouldnt start(starter didnt even try)and the battery was dead.charged the battery and took it to autozone. said bad battery so i replaced it.1 hour drive time and dead battery again so i took it back, and bad alternator they i replaced it.(made sure to buy the delco 140 or 145 amp cant remember) about 1 hour drive time later battery dead again.. so off to the dealer for a test. they say it is the pcm (transmisson section 800 dollars) so i found the same pcm (same chevy pcm and part number...brand new) they asked for my vin number for programming and stamped vin on it.(it is correct) and still keep killing the battery. it is almost like the alternator is not coming on. when i have it running and i disconnect all leads to the alternator i only get about 2.3 volts at the post(and no dummy lights come on). also you can watch the voltage while at idle on a meter go down about 1 tenth of a volt at a time(30 seconds) until about 5volts where it just dies. i removed the ground and cleaned it on the wheel well by the battery and removed and cleaned all connections at the starter.. someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!....i needpointed in some direction... i am out of ideas!!!
  • I have a 04 van, and one of the power sliding doors will not open, checked fuses and all is there a way to over ride the electronic part of it. Seems like it wont un-lock Thanks
  • malcuit:

    Mine stopped working on a regular basis and there is a proceedure to go thru that will make it work again. Do a search on resetting the door opener and you'll find it. If I have time, I'll post it here unless you find it before me. I also think it's in the owner's manual; check there.

  • I have a piece of crap '02 Venture WB ( :sick: )and I believe that there was a recall on certain models for the sliding door.

    Also, the wheel berrings and brakes always cost me a fortune for this thing. :mad:
  • Yes, but the recall was to allow the door to reverse if someone's arm is caught in the door as it opens. The doors already reverses if someone is in the way when CLOSING, so they had to also include the door to reverse as the door is OPENING, in case a child's arm is in there as it opens. That was the recall.

    The recall was NOT for a simple non-working door.
  • I got the torque specs for manifold bolts and others but need the rocker arm torque specs when replacing gaskets? Thanks George
  • Have an '02 Chevy Venture van. Looks like I'll be choosing between the Firestone FR710 or the Goodyear Fuel Max tires. They will essentially cost me the same amount. The Goodyear is supposed to save me on gas mileage which would be great. But I see more positive reviews on the Firestone.

    I live in Wisconsin. Need something decent in snow and rain. Are one of these a lot better than the other?
  • I am having problems with my doors....sometimes they work sometimes not.....Also when i try and turn my fan on it does come on sometimes and most of the time it doesn't and IF it does come on it will not work at all on my highest setting.....Can anyone help....Oh and what the heck is that clunking noise when i put it in drive or reverse?????PLEASE HELP ME
  • My alternator is good and replaced the battery still dead after sitting for an hour.....sparks when the key is out of ignition and installing battery.....What could it be please???? I need help.....
  • jhdjhd Posts: 20
    I have an intermittent ABS light coming on after driving on the wet roads or thru the slush. Then sometime it goes off while driving. When engine is stopped and restarted, it goes off. I would think if wires was damaged and salt/water would short the sensor, it would not reset after restarting the engine. In anticipation of this problem, I have RTV sealed the connector back wire seals in the summer when I also changed the rotors. It was getting the same problems last year in the winter. Summer was trouble free. Convoluted tubing is done but I used electrical tape to protect wires. Wires looked ok. Maybe there is a buildup on the sensor surface and it can not read the rotor signal? Can the sensor be cleaned?
    Thanks in advance!
  • I worked as a mechanic for many years in the mid to late 90's, and I have to say I have never heard of such, you are correct that the braking system is a sealed system, he may have been thinking that if you slam on the brakes very hard, you can blow out a wheel cylinder on drum brakes thus allowing air into the system, check all 4 wheels brakes, do not judge drums by just looking under the car to find a wet spot on the back bottom side of the drum, brake fluid can mix with brake dust and form a "dough" inside the drum. :shades:
  • I have a problem with the digital odometer, just happened this morning. When I start the van the odometer works, then suddenly turns off and display screen goes blank?
  • My van's abs light is on. It comes on as soon as I move the van in any direction. Never had a problem with it until I changed the head gasket. Any thoughts?
  • all I did was change the blinker light in the front and now the van will not start!! PLEASE HELP!!! I am thinking it is the security ??? Please help!! The lights work the wipers It just will not crank spin or start I am getting so frustrated!!!!!! :confuse: :sick:
  • hi
    if you live in the Mississauga ontario area there is an autowreckers
    i've seen that part that you are looking for they have 10 minivans for Scrap there
    and i seen that part today cause mine is missing also :)
  • bad starting motor
    it needs to be replaced :)
  • hi there
    i here ya
    i just bought a 2000 chevy Venture back in December 2009 for $2,500 and it is in mint condition no rust it has 156000km when i bought it and now it is 160660km and it runs really well i've had minivans in the past but this one tops them all
    i get 1150kns on a full tank on the high way but i only get 750kms in the city driving
    this van is my first here in ontario. i'm orignally from NEWFOUNDLAND me and the wife were hoping to drive to newfoundland this summer 2010 2,464 miles.but i'm afraid where i don't want to wreck the vehicle it's to good i was going to by a 2010 Dodge Grand caravan that sucks cause there all the same as in the features like the seats fold down into the floor ? what if you spill pop or juice on the floor there goes your seats, side windows rolls down if a kid is not locked in there seat they could fall out of the window , and the front end where the grill and the rad surport is well it's all plastic. :surprise:
  • yes they do need to be reset
    but you can reset them yourself just go to your owners manual and it will tell you how to reset them what you have to do is press the lock and unlock at the same time for 7 seconds and it should reset. :)
  • i have a 2000 chevy Venture and i have the same air filter it is not for the engine
    it is for the air that circlates inside the vehicle from the outside for fresh clean air,
    they are $ 20.00 to $25.00 comes with two in a box it is called a Cabin Filter. :)
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