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air filter/after market?

hammillhammill Member Posts: 10
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
I run a k&n in my rig and the dealer said i had to switch back to factory filter because the intake is full of gunk from it . this makes me mad im getting 38mpg and know it will go down if i switch. how could the factory oil on the filter make problems for the intake?it says ready out of the box. Was the dealer looking for some work and just saying this? anyway going to continue on with it in there and get another opinion. What you think out there?


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    poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    I am not sure what to make of that but believe it or not, studies have shown in a comparison test that a AC/Delco paper filter actually provides more air flow and filter protection than a K&N filter. Sand/dirt particules get through K&N's easier than other filters.
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    ron1970ron1970 Member Posts: 26
    No one stocks stock air filters where I live. My K&N added 1.2 miles per gallon average over a 12 month period. I have seen no issues with pass through material.

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    hammillhammill Member Posts: 10
    2006 orange sedan 5 speed with k&n still in there not going back now!
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    LtpinesLtpines Member Posts: 3
    1) I drive a 2008 Aveo5 hatch but am experiencing severe muscle aches due to constant tension - trying to stay seated. The seats are flat (even though they were advertised as 'bucket-seats') and provide little to no side support.

    The OEM seat covers are relatively slippery and this is really a problem as I go around curves/turns. And NO - I don't drive all that fast. I slip even when driving on an incline. (Is the fabric coated with Teflon?)

    (These are definitely NOT genuine 'bucket-seats')

    Can anyone suggest a seat-cover which will provide some measure of grip? Mind you - these seats have side-airbags.

    2) I also have a problem with my spine (fractured 5th lumbar as victim of previous rear-end crash while waiting at STOP sign) so the seat being so close to the floor is causing pain. I DO use the 'lumbar support' lever but it provides only minimal help. Therefore I need to raise the seat so my hips are level with or higher than my knees. This was never a problem with the REAL pick-up trucks I drove (1970s - 1980s bench seat trucks) unlike today's with the low-slung 'bucket seats'.

    I bought this 'Coors can on wheels' (silver finish) due to the advertised 40mpg (actually around 35mpg). Then just before I took it back for its first 'free maintenance check' - GM took all the Chevy cars and closed the dealership down.

    Thanks in advance; Lt
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