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Sugar in Jeep Liberty Gas Tank! Need Help!

ashanno2ashanno2 Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Jeep
Someone keyed my 2003 jeep liberty sport and put sugar in my gas tank. I didn't start the car in fear of what the sugar would do. I got my car towed to a mechanic, but here's the thing: In order to put my car on the tow truck, the mechanic had to put my car in neutral. He never cranked the car up, but he did put the key in the ignition. At first he said all he would have to do is drop the tank and now the mechanic is telling me that even putting the key in the ignition activates the fuel system & that I need to replace the whole fuel system. This is the difference between a $320 and $800 fix. Is he just trying to get over on me?


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