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2000 Toyota Celica GTS



  • They are considered as Sub-Compacts. As with any model though, anytime you put more power to the pavement, it's gonna cost ya. I think the GT is a great car for insurance cost, but the GTS is way overpriced. I guess that's why their is such a big difference.
  • The gasoline issue was one of the deciding factors for me between a GT and a GTS. I just cannot stand the idea of buying premium gasoline.

  • My salesman said that my 2K1 Red Celica GT was built, but residing in Japan awaiting shipment. They don't know yet how it will be before it gets here. No tracking # yet. It took'em 7 weeks for assembly, so 3 weeks for shipment?

    H BARK- Maybe yours will be on the same boat.
  • Hi, everybody....glad you're happy, Brenda! I'm still trying to find my GT. Went through Autobytel, this time. I'll let you know if that helps. Every sales person has a different set of prices and lies......I feel like I'm buying illegal drugs, instead of a car.....see yah!
  • Oh dear, desertlily, the search is indeed a long one. It ought not to be so difficult!
    My husband and I took the Celica on an overnight trip into the countryside, and it was great fun. Just big enough for two.

  • I own a 2000 GTS, run it on regular gasoline and have no problems doing so. What is the issue about premium or regular in the GTS? I have had lots of other problems with this vehicle: coolant leak and having to have the lower shelf block replaced, coolant lines had to be bled to eliminate gurgle, lots of vibration noises above rear view mirror, on driver's side and passenger's side and dead stereo speakers on driver's side. The speakers were dead no matter how you adjusted the balance. Love the car but be aware that it can have problems.
  • 00gts00gts Posts: 42
    You should use premium in the GT-S. The owner's manual says using lower octane gas could lead to engine knocking and eventually engine damage. If you don't hear any knocking sounds when driving, I'd say keep using regular (against my better judgement). The only other negative is a reduction in engine performance. If you don't really push you engine, you may not notice it, but I'd hope since you spent the extra $$$ on a GT-S, you'd be using those 40 extra horses!

    The vibration noise above the rearview mirror is most likely coming from the space in between the dome light and moonroof (assuming you have one). It's from one of the wires from the moonroof vibrating in the small space up there. There was a technical service bulletin released to Toyota dealerships about this problem, so you can pretty much go to your dealership and tell them to fix it.

    There was also a TSB about the vibration in the doors. It's just the plastic door panel vibrating against the metal part of the door. Your dealership should also be able to fix this problem. My dealership is full of idiots, so I fixed it myself!
  • Is there a way to get a look at the Technical Service Bulletins?

  • aullrich - the choice is up to you, but since you paid the extra money for the GTS you should consider paying the price for the premium fuel - I'd hate to see you prematurely damage the engine and find out you voided the warranty.

    The higher octane in premium fuel prevents it from pre-detonating under pressure. The GTS engine runs an 11.5:1 compression ratio which results in about 230 psig pressure in the cylinder during the compression stroke. This high pressure results in increased temperature which can result in the fuel igniting while the piston is still in it's compression stroke.

    This early ignition puts a large amount of stress on the engine and typically results in pitting the pistons and damage to the head gasket. If you hear a sound like marbles rattling around in your engine, then your experiencing engine knock and doing damage to the engine.

    Of course if you have a problem and Toyota determines that you've not been using at least 91 octane, your warranty will most likely be declared void. The old saying - you can pay me now or pay me later.
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