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2010 Mazda CX-9

cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
edited May 2014 in Mazda
What's new:
See news release here: (with photo)
http://www.mazdausamedia.com/content/2010-mazda-cx-9-bolder-and-more-sophisticat- ed

■New family face features including a bolder five-point grille, radiator grille, front combination lamps and fog lamps
■New 20-inch and 18-inch wheel design
■Larger, more aerodynamic side mirrors
■Rear garnish, which compliments the look of the front fascia design
■Rear combination lamps that mimic the same Nagare-inspired texture as front lamps, while incorporating a new red lens at the bottom to show stability
■New exterior color - Dolphin Gray
■Chrome accents on center IP, A/C controls, automatic transmission lever knob, vent louver knobs, inner door handles and door trim
■New fabric seating surfaces
■Piano-black insets on steering wheel and around audio display
■Smooth leather and subtle stitching on seating surfaces offer a more quality-feel (standard on Touring and Grand Touring models)
■High-density fabric provides richer look and softer touch for cloth seats (Sport models)
■New double-lid design center console allows for ease of opening and has ample storage for up to four DVDs and nine CDs.
■Redesigned climate control system for rear seating areas
■Redesigned Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System key fob, which replaces the outgoing key card design (Grand Touring models)
■Available new 4.3-inch, full color LCD display audio system that allows intuitive operation of AM/FM radio, MP3-capable CD changer, SIRIUS satellite radio,
■auxiliary input jack, hands-free phone, and iPod connectivity, and serves as a back-up camera display. (Touring and Grand Touring models equipped with BOSE® package)
■Two-stage heated seats (standard on Touring and Grand Touring, available on Sport)


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    not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    Hopefully this:

    "Redesigned Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System key fob, which replaces the outgoing key card design (Grand Touring models) "

    Fixes the current brain dead design of the "advanced key" where the interior lights do not turn on when you put it in park and turn off the car, yet if you use the metal back up key, then the interior lights turn on when you pull it out of the ignition like most cars. With the current "smart key", the lights don't turn on till you unlock the door, but you can't see the the door lock button at night a black interior CX-9 because they didn't back light it. And to make it even more annoying, when you get in the car and manually lock the doors because it doesn't have autolock, the interior lights immediatly shut off. Most cars don't turn off the interior lights till you start the car or about 30 seconds.
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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    I agree with some of your complaints. I have a list of them myself, but most if not all are small design issues.

    To see how the new one function, one can always take a peek at the Lexus since Mazda shares many electronics components with Lexus (same vendor - Denso). Mazda may use a lower-end version to save cost, which is understandable.
    Bad design is bad design. It should be rectified.

    BTW, thanks to the host for adding "Mazda" into "2010 CX-9", which was my original title of this thread. It looked strange w/o it. :)
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    not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    The problem with this car is all these small design issues add up to be very annoying! Between the interior lighting issues with the advanced key, taking three button presses on the advanced key to activate the power rear hatch, the ipod integration kit that doesn't work with the nav, no MPG computer, side mirrors that don't move with the seat memory, prop rod for the hood, not being able to lock the doors until they are all closed, having to hit a button everytime I turn on the car to see the outside temp, the window lock button that locks out the driver from adjusting the rear windows. I could go on....
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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    I guess I am different from you.
    What you mentioned are all valid except for the trip computer which has been added to 2009 model. (add a ScanGaugeII for your 2008 - it is more than just a trip computer). And what about the "prop rod for the hood"?
    To me, those are all small issues, some are even debatable to other customers.
    Sometimes, a design cannot please everyone. Sometimes, automaker has a reason, other times, they just plain over-looked stuff.

    Anyway, I just took my CX9 on highway 17 from San Jose to Santa Cruz. I was absolutely impressed by this 7-seat CUV. It was loaded with luggages for the kids' field trip (so much that I couldn't see the back window). I lost count how many CUVs/SUVs I passed. :)

    Mazda, all I want is direct injection (300hp/295ft-lb) and 1+ mpg gain.
    Are you listening, Mazda?
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    not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    My 8 year old passat that I paid $23.5K for had a gas strut that lifts the hood for you. It must be a euro car thing, which is what I am coming from. Our MB and the two saabs we had and the VW all had a gas strut. VW and MB seem to do a better job implementing features.
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    nxs138nxs138 Member Posts: 481
    This list actually addresses a lot of the little nagging issues I have with the CX-9, it's amazing that Mazda actually seems to have listened to the complaints. Most of my issues were interior, like the radio system, rear climate control, new center console, and those have all been addressed. The folks buying the 2010 model will be in for a treat.

    And I do agree that a DI engine with 300 HP would be sweet!
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    badavabadava Member Posts: 5
    Any info on how soon the '10 may be in the dealership. I'm in the market now and not sure if I should wait or jump. I was impressed with the test drive.

    Also, anybody know what has been done to improve the rear climate control. Are there vents in the ceiling, like odyssey/Traverse ... in the new one or is it just better controls and LCD (saw one photo of it.) Is the air circulation for the 3rd row even an issue in the current CX9.
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    frommx5tomz3frommx5tomz3 Member Posts: 19
    The only photos I can find of the 2010 CX-9 interior are the Car and Driver set from the NY Auto Show, but I'm not sure that they are actually of the final 2010 design. For example, the steering column still shows the ignition "keyslot cover" that is used with the current keycard. Surely the redesigned advanced key fob will do away with that quirky design?!?! Also, the 4.3 inch lcd is nowhere to be found (nor do I even see a place where it would go). I'm assuming it will look something like the design on the Mazda3 which uses a 4.3 inch screen for nav/ipod controls. But oddly, the photos DO show a slightly updated design, even including the new rear climate controls.

    Am I missing something here? If those pics are accurate, I'm underwhelmed with the interior facelift. I'm hoping the auto show (pre-production) car was just missing some of the key interior changes that have me excited about the 2010. Any other thoughts?
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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    > For example, the steering column still shows the ignition "keyslot cover" that is used with the current keycard. Surely the redesigned advanced key fob will do away with that quirky design?!?!

    I don't see what is bad about the current design. What would be a good design for you? You still need a alternative way to start the engine in case that the SmartKey fails (such as low battery). In a Prius, you put the SmaryKey into a slot. Is that more intuitive to you?

    > Also, the 4.3 inch lcd is nowhere to be found

    Maybe the model with NAVI was not ready yet when they showed the photo. Therefore, a non-NAVI version was shown. I am sure eventually there will be a version with NAVI. Whether it will continue to be touch-based remains to be seen. Many NAVI systems are moving toward dial-based so that the screen can be pushed further out under the windshield - easier to design the center stack.
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    mandymusikamandymusika Member Posts: 42
    Anyone know when they will be releasing this model? Also, I would like the GT model features but not the wood grain trim. Is that possible?
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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    Usually at the end of the year (Oct, Nov). No info released AFAIK.
    As to wood grain trim, in some other country, CX9 has no wood grain trim even for GT. It has piano black (like the one on steering wheel). Maybe you can buy the parts from countries like Australia, and send the parts over. Replacing it should be very easy - simple snap-on. :)
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    nuzynuzy Member Posts: 54
    I sent an email to mazda customer service asking when they would come out and I was told September at earliest, but October more is likely.
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    aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    As to wood grain trim, in some other country, CX9 has no wood grain trim even for GT.

    Yeah is does. The GT models have the wood grain look trim on the doors and center console. It is not real wood. Infact, most mfgrs dont use real wood.
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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    I though that everyone knows by now that automakers rarely use real wood anymore.
    The proper term should have been "wood grain-look trim".
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    wood grain-look trim

    Also known as "plood" - plastic wood. I've heard that the better stuff is real wood that's been impregnated with plastic.

    Real wood would dry out, crack and not hold up well in a car interior. And it would splinter and be nasty in a car wreck.
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