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Integra Type R's, Celica GTS, Prelude Sh, Eclipse GT, Which car is better



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Don't make comments that cannot be supported without facts, and when I bring up facts, you take a corner telling me that the cars don't compete. I'm not disagreeing with that, S2K has a completely different purpose to serve than tow a trailer. Agreed?
    Let me take your number, how much torque (hence HP) do you think S2000 engine develops under 6000 rpm? Less than other four bangers that go faster than 9 seconds to 60 despite of being 400 lb. heavy? Don't be clueless and make ignorant comments. Do you think MT tests and puts like, 0-60 in over 8 seconds or under 9 seconds? Or do they say, 8.3 seconds? Keep guessing. I don't believe fact-less statements.
    BTW, there are $45K cars that come with even smaller four bangers. FYI, a Lotus Elise dedicated site mentions those sportsters to be brought to this side of the Atlantic, to make them street legal in USA, they will be equipped with Integra Type-R engines from Honda. Hold on, price tag, $55K. That will be S2K competition.
    The problem with S2K is its competitiveness with cars that have significantly larger displacements, and more cylinders. Clicks something?
    A better place to discuss this will be in coupes section (Honda VTEC… ), rather than consuming this space. Hope to see you there. You could even bring your Mustang V8 with you.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    One more...
    At 6000 rpm, S2000 develops 170+ HP (thats more HP than Integra GS-R at 7600 rpm, or Ford 2.5/V6 at 6200 rpm)!
  • nutypenutype Posts: 15
    try to shift your car at half its redline and see what kind of number you would get. remember the S2000 has a fuel cut of 9100 and a buick would have 5600 rpms.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I think this topic needs some chill time. I'll open it up again once everyone has settled down a bit. Can we agree to disagree agreeably?

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