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Nissan Altima Caught Fire



  • Bought a 2011 Nissan Altima through Hertz rent to a buy program, exactly one week after I bought the car ,I was driving at 55 mph on a highway and I felt this huge drop in the transmission and the whole car shut off as I was still moving. I pulled to the side off the road and to my surprise the whole hood was melting and on fire. I couldn't get out of the car for about 45 seconds the door wouldn't open nor did the key work . I frantically kept trying the key while smoke was pouring into the car ,luckily the door opened and within two minutes the car was engulfed in flames. My insurance company and Nissan are investigating , any advice or similar experiences would be much appreciated. lfed-car-fire-on-sunrise-highway#photo-10798230
  • Earlier this week, I had the SAME exact experience. I rented a 2011 Nissan Altima from Hertz. The rental car, stalled and sputtered. I got out, hood melted, flamed up. Gratefully, I was able to get out no problem.
  • I m telling y'all..seems to be a trend with those altimas....if you have a picture of ur nissan after the accident,please send it to me...
  • my 2006 nissan altima caught on fire while I was driving on interstate 64 east the car jerked, then sputtered there was a loud boom and other vehicles flashed lights for me to pull over i then noticed heavy smoke from the hood barely made it out and the car was on fire and then explodedi could have lost my life this was a hazard to me which was a very dangerous situation how do you find out what caused the fire so i can file a lawsuit
  • jules824jules824 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I was driving my 2011 Altima with 26,0000 miles on the interstate at about 65 miles per hour when it jerked 3 times and began to lose power. Every warning light in the car came on and then it died. Smoke began to come out from under the hood and in 1 minute flames were shooting out of the hood and I was dialing 911. The car was totally engulfed in flames in minutes. My son tagged Nissan Support in a twitter post and they contacted me, took a report and said they would turn it over to Consumer Affairs. Another Nissan rep called later in the day and said they were sending an inspector to view the car. I leased a 2008 Altima prior to this one and 2 weeks before my lease was up the entire electrical system on the car had failed and they wanted $1200 to fix it. Because I was already signing a lease on the 2011 they agreed to cover the repairs.
  • jules824jules824 Posts: 2
    I was just wondering what Nissan determined and what they did about it? This is almost identical to what happened to me last week. I'm waiting on the inspector from Nissan to look at the car.
  • bobby115bobby115 Posts: 1

    My mother in law was involved in a Altima fire on the highway. She did not survive. Does anyone know who to contact about this? We cannot figure out why this is not a bigger issue than it is. No one seems to care.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025

    I'm really sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. That's awful.
    If you haven't already, please make sure to report this incident to the NHTSA at They're the only agency authorized to conduct an investigation and recommend recall if warranted.

    Since your situation is personal, you might get more immediate action by hiring an attorney, who can hire and investigator to help determine the cause of the fire.


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  • Sorry to read of some passing of Altima drivers due to fire. WOW-- so sad.. 2 weeks ago, my son was driving his 2006 Altima in Northern Virginia and HIS car also had 'pop' in the engine.. some smoke and then he was able to pull over immediately off the highway when his ENGINE also engulfed in flames. Luckily he was safely out of the car. The insurance company gave us $5.8k for the blue book.. He said his car was in need of a oil change and that the day before the 'light' illuminated telling him so. We bought is used in 2008 and had no clue about the 2006 recall and are clueless whether the original owner took car of this issue at the time...
  • kinneymkinneym Posts: 1
    I just had my 2010 Nissan altima catch on fire. I was driving down the highway and heard a noise under the hood, so I pulled over to the side. I saw smoke come up from under the hood so shut the engine off. Then a flame came up and I ran out of the car. Within a matter of minutes the whole car was engulfed in flames and is totally destroyed. My insurance is looking over it, I don't know if I should contact Nissan or not? This stuff should not be happening!!
  • aladafunaladafun Posts: 1
    FYI on Feb. 14th my Nissan Sentra caught on fire after I herd a loud pop, I almost didn't make it out. I also saw the news last night (03/21/16) where a 2015 Nissan Altama caught fire while traveling on I-75 in Gainesville, Fl near where I live. The girl said she herd a loud pop just before it burned.I replaced my 2014 Sentra with a 2015 Sentra and I'm smelling gas fumes just like before. I fave it at the dealership now for them to check it out.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Let us know what they find!

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