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2010 Toyota Venza



  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    I'm in the market for a replacement for my 2007 Highlander (same design as your 2004). I've been looking around, and found:

    - the Venza is a great vehicle. About the same size, but smoother, quieter, much better mileage. Pricy, except in Base.
    - the new Highlander was all new in 2008, and is bigger, heavier, and seats more people with 3rd row. Also smoother and quieter, and more expensive. I rented one in Colorado awhile back, and it was very nice on that long trip - several hundred miles in 5 days.
    - Hyundai's new Tucson is smaller than old highlander, but better driver room than old Highlander. Most of the "smaller" is not from rear passenger, but from about 15" less "trunk". Still a larger trunk than any car I've had. Also smooth, quiet, and very fun to drive. Much less expensive than Venza.
    - For trade-in, check Kelly Blue Book. Lots of info there.
  • Venza is a hatchback-like car; the Highlander is SUV lite. I've owned both and for our family, the Highlander is much preferred. Others who like cars, may prefer the Venza. We find the Highlander's seats to be much more comfortable and have more adjustments. Neither has "memory seats", however--something competitors have had for a decade or more.
  • carync1carync1 Posts: 4
    I agree 100%

    Worst $28,000 investment ever!
    Transmission is going bad at 40,000 miles
    Paint is peeling off in Wheel-wells
    Driver's seat is very uncomfortable and getting worse (feels like sitting on metal springs).
    And you are correct... no place to rest arms.
    The center console creaks badly if you rest your arm on it!
  • mrm6mrm6 Posts: 2
    I agree. I just got a new 2010 Venza and it blows away most of the competition, including GMC's Terrain/Chevy Equinox, Ford's Edge, and lots of others. But comparing it to the Pacifica or Taurus?... Uh, there is just no comparison.

    The Venza's quality and comfort was only approached by the Subaru Outback but the difference was all in the price and features. Dealers are very eager to negotiate right now, given the amount of bad press Toyota has been getting. We got ours at 2% over dealer cost (cost, not invoice) and without a lot of hassle.

    I don't think the steering is particularly light. I would call it "subdued". And the fit and finish of the materials are top notch, as is their quality. Not sure what vehicle that guy was looking at, but it doesn't sound anything like the Venza.
  • ricmicricmic Posts: 4
    Yes I am a big LED fan and I can't wait until the lighting suppliers come out with a retro kit to make the tail lights into a new fully led style system.
  • ricmicricmic Posts: 4
    I have a front wheel drive 4 cylinder Venza that seems to be all over the road when I drive at highway speeds in a straight section of road. :sick:

    I had the dealer test drive it 3 different times. The car now has just 5000 miles on the odometer. The first time they said they aligned the front. On my second visit, I notified my salesman and with him, I test drove a new 2010 Venza. I felt the difference between that car and my car right away within a short highway drive.

    Then I went with the salesman and the technician for a test drive in my car and it only did a squirrely move one time during the test drive in which the technician said "oh that was a cross wind". But the salesman in the back seat later told me he felt the car was wondering left and right during most of the test drive.

    Just prior to this test drive I had nitrogen put into the tires at the dealership and they over filled the tires by 8 pounds from the recommended tire pressure of 32 psi.

    On my last visit which was yesterday, I dropped off the car for an oil change and another check of the squirrely steering problem. A technician took my car and a new Venza for a test drive and I was told that both cars felt and drove differently. :surprise:

    Does any Venza owners have this problem with their car? I consider myself a car buff and I know it is not my imagination that the car drifts either left or right for no obvious reason while traveling in a straight line of roadway. I do take into consideration that road surfaces vary continuously. And I monitor those situations closely while driving.

    I can not put my finger on any reason in particular why I am experiencing this problem with the steering/tracking. :mad: The dealer said there is no adjustments for the front alignment, there are no damaged parts on the suspension and they put a call in to Corporate to see if there are any bulletins on this issue.

    This was my first purchase of a Toyota brand vehicle and I sure do have a bad taste from this experience. :confuse: :lemon:
  • I have a 2010 venza v6 blizzard white with 1600 miles. After only 2 days from the time I got my new venza, I noticed black splattering on the side of my pretty white new car. So, like any proud new car owner, I took a damp cloth and wiped the black spots off the front doors, and it came off just fine. When I tried to remove those same stains from the plastic painted rocker panels, the black spots came off OK, but the black spots left a brown stain in the paint that I could not remove. I went to a local detail shop and they tried everything they had to clean it off and the stains did not budge. The next day I called the dealership,and I made an appt. for them to look at the car. They could not remove the stains either, and they had to send it out to get rocker panels repainted, It was staining from the tire shine they put on which splattered all over the side of the car. I spoke to a couple of paint shops about this problem, and they said it might be the new environmentally friendly paints which are now water based that could be causing the problem. Nobody knows why it did'nt stain the painted metal parts, but only the painted plastic rocker panels. I know that this is a problem I have read about from other blizzard white venza owner forums and wanted to make others aware of this problem as well. Oh, no charge for the new paint job on the rockers. I just hope I don't have the same problem again, and will only use tire shine applied by me, not a carwash where they slop that stuff on.

    I also developed a creeking sound in the rear right suspension. I have to get that checked durining my first oil change. Aside from these two problems, I really like my venza. I had a 06 highlander previously and like that as well. Good cars after the kinks are taken care of.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you have electric stearing assist/boost then over-inflating the tires by 25% might have the effect you describe. Electric power stearing assist is very substandard at holding a "line" when compared to the old hydraulic assist system.

    In fact EPS "on-center" assist is virtually non-existent in comparison.
  • Hello,
    thanks for offering your answer to my problem on the steering issue. I have noticed the difference when the tires pressure is lowered to 32psi as the door plate recommends vs the 44psi that the tire mfg suggests. Its crazy that a harder tire would make the car not hold the road as the tires were constructed to do at the higher pressure.
    Funny the dealership's service department had no clue as to why this particular car was doing this. They claimed that after polling other dealerships across the country, nobody else was complaining about this issue. I find it hard to believe that not one other Venza owner can feel this shortcoming in the steering system????
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Caution! The tire mfg. does not recommend 44psi. That is the maximum allowed pressure for safety reasons. Go by the door sticker,
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..nobody else was complaining..."

    Google for:

    EPS complaints electric
  • yes i have the exact same problem. They know they have a problem when 3 dealers I talked to said to inflate front tires 3-5 psi above normal. You have to keep both hands on wheel at all time to correct left then right
  • Finally! Someone has read this blog and stepped up to the plate. Thank you! I know I am not crazy now! What, if anything has your dealer done besides changing the tire pressure? How many miles have you logged on your Venza. I have about 10500 or so. It has been 10 months since I purchased the car.
    I hope more people find this blog and express their findings while driving their Venza and how it holds the road on highway drives. :lemon: :sick:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..3-5 psi above normal..."

    I would think the opposite would be the case, 3-5 BELOW factory recommendations. Over-inflation will result in riding only on the center of each tire tread.

    Unless maybe the dealer thinking is less roadbed contact area would result in less directional wondering as a result of pertubations in the roadbed....

    I notice Porsche has chosen to implement EPS via an electric hydraulic pump. Maybe that technique will catch on industry wide.
  • I live in Tn and I have a 4 clinder with brigestone tires. 2500 miles . 1st dealership adjusted alignment. Dont think they did anything ,because when I drove to ATLANTA the dealership aligned my car and gave me a report that car was out and any future alignments would be considered wear and tear. Car is nice but like you said dose not want to track straight at high speed 70. Slower speeds ok , or cornering. Just enough to be a pain. Its almost like skating on ice. There is no slack in steering but not right . My wife says tough , your have to live with it . Only other thing is blind spots when changing lanes , Had to put little round mirrors and USE THEM
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Have an aftermarket shop install a stearing "shock absorber" like the ones on an early LS400.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I'm pleased to report that I am particularly pleased with our new 2011 AWD Venza. We have the 3.5L with every option but the rear entertainment and tow package. The vehicle came with Michelins. I had to get a Pa vehicle to get the HIDs since the NJ Regional cars are not coming equipped with HID headlights (I have no clue why the dealers in NJ can't get HIDs, but they clearly can't as I tried multiple dealers).

    I've owned many different vehicles includng 4 BMWs, 3 Avalons, many GMs including a Denali AWD. I also currently own a Platinum Sequoia 4WD. I find the steering of our new Venza to be superb. In fact, I would describe the handling as one of the high points of the vehicle.

    It is clearly a tighter suspension and ride than our Avalon but the steering is very precise and satisfying. My only disappointments in the vehicle are the lack of memory seats and the lack of rain sensing windshield wipers, both of which we had on the Avalon. I really can't understand why these higher end options would not have been made available on a fully optioned Venza. In any case, I was able to negotiate a deal of $500 UNDER Factory Invoice over the internet using email.

    Its a beautiful vehicle in Magnetic Gray with gray leather interior and black piping.
  • It's puzzling to me why Toyota doesn't offer the memory seats on the Highlander or the Venza. I can understand maybe the rains-sensing wipers, maybe, even though this is a must-have for me also. These were the only two things that kept me from buying a Venza, so I'm on my second Lexus RX. I had a 2007 RX350, and I'm currently driving a 2010 RX350.

    I love the styling on the Venza, but I just didn't want to give up the memory seats or the rains-sensing wipers.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " get HIDs.."

    And the answer is...

    You got standard halogens, HIDs are not available on the Venza.

    Maybe dealer aftermarket...?

    You can buy Lexus RX memory seats at Ebay.
  • cookevillejimcookevillejim Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    Power passenger seats (4-way with lumbar adjust) and HID lights (auto high beam) have been options for the Venza since the original introduction in 2009. These features are in Premium Package 1 or 2.
  • I saw your thread where you had to trade in your Venza because of the seats.

    I just bought a new 2010 Venza and my middle back is killing me. I have tried couple of seat cushions with no luck. The problem seems to be that the upper back is made without support (it sinks in starting at middle back)

    Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this with dealership without
    selling the car?

    Thanks alot!
  • Just received a call from my wife that our 2010 Venza I4 quit running while she was on a 750 mile trip. About 675 miles into the trip in 108 degree tempertures all day running between 70 and 80 mph it simply choked up and lost power. Engine still running but would not go. Claims she still had gas but was getting low. Call nearest dealer and they sent a tow truck and gaver her a rental but will not know until the morning what the damage is. Luckly she left early this morning and it was still daylight when it died and only about 20 miles from dealer. I have her in a dependable new car because she does travel with the kids. Very surprised to hear the car had a problem has any one experienced overheating or computer issues with theirs. Just had a 10K service before she left.
  • I am about to purchase a used 2010 Toyota Venza;
    it is on 13000 miles. now I am assuming it should be still under warranty as the guy got the vehicle on July 2010.

    before I go thru with this - what should I do should I take it to a Toyota Dealer and have it checked?

    I really would like your input dealing with this Venza.
    The person is friend of a friend so I want to make sure I check this car as much as I can before getting it from him

    Thank you!

  • Take it to your local Toyota dealer's service area and ask them what they would charge to perform a state safety inspection. Now that they know you want to pay for something explain to them that you are looking to but this car and would appreciate any feed back they could supply about any obviuos problems or issues.

    I think you would find out what you need to know by doing this....
  • thank you road adventure...

    The seller says it has what he called "Free Maintenance" or Free Service for this car until 7/2012
    -Do you reckon if I took to do that, they would be to check the car that way also?

    or specifically "State Service Inspection" is what I should aim for no matter what? (that way you find out more about the possible condition of the car?)

    Thank you for your time
  • There are a lot of variables. I can only speak, for sure, about how things are for me, where I live.

    Where I live, most Toyota dealers are happy to perform a FREE "71 point inspection" (or whatever they choose to call it) on all cars that are in their service area for work such as oil change, brake service, etc. The key to getting the offered FREE inspection is paying for some actual work. The dealer uses the FREE inspection as a goodwill thing to make you feel good, plus if they DO find a problem you will be informed in hopes that you will ask them to perform the paid work to correct the issue.

    Additionally, where I live, the state requires that all used cars have a state safety inspection before they can be registered with thew MVA. I, or more commonly the seller of the vehicle, would take the car to a state authorized inspection station and pay for the inspection to be performed. The seller would receive an inspection certificate which then is taken to the MVA office when registering the car in your name. One of the good things about this whole procdure is that ALL deficiencies must be corrected prior to the car being registered. If the tires are found to be below the acceptable wear limits, then the tires must be replaced with tires that are within the acceptable wear limits. If one brake light does not work, it must be made to work before the inspection certificate is issued.

    Either method can give you a lot of information about the condition of the car you want to buy...........
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