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Toyota Venza Traction control light coming on?



  • My 2009 Venza has the same issue as #32 - the ABS, VCS and parking brake light come on simultaneously. The first time, at a STOP light, the car locked up, I could not switch from Drive to Park or anything. I had to turn off the car and turn back on. The second time was today in a parking lot. After applying the brake I noticed all three lights on however this time the car did not lock up. Since there was no car parked in front of me, I continued to drive in the parking lot with all three lights on. The parking brake was *not* engaged. I turned off the car, turned back on and all went away. *PLEASE* if you'd had a similar issue and were able to fix it, please reply.
  • I am also having issues with the slip indicator, brake and ABS warning lights coming on. I have a 2010 FWD Venza with about 18,000 miles on it. It has happened twice within a month's time. They clear if I turn off the car and turn it back on. I am worried if the car is safe to drive or not. I am taking into the shop this week, so I don't have any feedback from Toyota service yet.
  • responding to #34 message... I kept driving it even after having the brake light switch fixed.

    I still happened again after having it repaired.

    I just traded it in and got something else.
  • I have a 2005 Toyota Sequoia that has experienced the same loss of brake function and all steering control. Like you, luckily it happened on a clear day and I was driving slowly at a routine stop. This was after over six months of the brakes lights had been coming on intermitttently. I took it to the dealership and was given reasons from a short in the light to finally the replacement of the traction control and the master cylinder. In spite of spending over 2000 the brake light is still coming on - and now sits in the dealership - not fixed. I refuse to get back in that car and am getting trade in value with no trade. I believe Toyota is well aware that this is a long standing issue and in my experience with them, they prefer to not address it and keep unsafe cars on the road than find a remedy for the problem. So, in my opinion, no your car does not sound safe to drive. Mine is not either. I can't risk losing control of the vehicle AGAIN....brakes and steering. Sure I will lose money, but my life and the life of my child is worth the loss. I documented mine on the National Highway Safety. The more people that do, the more likely the recall. In time perhaps there will be a recall, but I have found Toyota essentially nonreponsive to my safety.
  • When I am parked on an incline, the traction control light comes on and stays on. I put the car in park and then put it in drive again. This makes me so sad. :sick: :( :cry:
  • I'm in Alberta and have made a couple of 5K mile trips down to San Diego. The 2009 V6 AWD Venza is 3 years old and just out of warranty (63 K kilometers). I have the same issues with warning lights and went to the dealer in High River, got it scoped and they say that it needs a new rear wheel speed sensor. Their estimate is $500 which includes the $300 sensor. I can get one in the US for about $180 and would install it myself.

    Has anyone had this experience?
  • I have a 2010 Venza AWD. I to was having the ABS VSC light coming on everyonce in a while. Finally, I was able to show the dealer the errors. They put the high power laptop on it and found the error codes. Mine was the brake light swithc (we will see), but I was informed that as of 2/2/12, there is a TSC to Toyota dealer that '09 through '11 Venza's ABS sensors are getting water in them and setting off the lights. There are new parts that are coming out to replace the bad parts. I don't know if this will be a recall or not.
  • rae109rae109 Posts: 1
    For the second time in less than 2 years I have had all 3 of these lights pop up at the same time. THe first time I got it fixed it was under warranty this time however it is not. This time it is the rear speed sensor that is out, last time it was in the front. This time it will cost me over $400! I guess I'll be getting it fixed but it seems like an odd problem and not one I or anyone else should be paying for.
  • vahlovahlo Posts: 1
    I've had my 2012 Venza for two weeks (325 miles). While driving with my family it suddenly shut off while stopped at a red light. It took 2 attempts to restart. Then the VSC and engine light came on. It also said check the VSC. I drove straight to the dealer. I received a call from the dealer stating the vehicle needed to stay because they were getting a number of ignition codes. They were concerned it would stall again and considered it unsafe. I have to wait for the master mechanic to look at it Monday or Tuesday. Not sure I want the car anymore. : :mad:
  • All ,
    I just rec'd a letter recalling the brake light switch that i had replaced on my 2009 Venza in August 2011. I already traded my car in for another car but i wanted to inform you on this site that I had that part replaced and my car did the exact same thing it had been doing. All 3 lights came on in the dash and the car stopped in my driveway..I believe the problem is more serious than a brake light switch and when you go to get your car repaired ask them to please check it thoroughly.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    please let us know what the repair was. we all thought that the light switch was the problem. Thanks. RR70
  • rancher47rancher47 Posts: 2
    Follow up to #38.

    I purchased the sensor from, $124, and fitted it myself, about 30 minutes. Problem solved!

    btw, I drove it for months with the warning lights on - no problem!
  • veeziveezi Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 V6 AWD Venza. When I started it up today, these three warning lights came on and stayed on while I was driving.- check engine; traction; and AWD. I just hit 36,000 miles -I have 36,032 to be exact. I am taking to the dealer on Monday a.m. Any ideas from anyone out there on what we can try to solve the problem
  • x2ctx2ct Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    I also have a 2010 V6 but not the AWD. I had similar issue 2 weeks ago and it just hit 22,000 miles. I brought it to the dealer and good thing it was still under warranty. They told me it was the Oil Control Valve and that i have to leave the car with them which I did. Now the car is running smoothly and actually better. I got better mileage now for some reason. I also changed the oil from standard to full synthetic. I hope this helps.
  • hdhhdh Posts: 3
    49k miles - took to dealer - said issue caused by oxygen sensor - didn't have part in stock - had to order -$400 to repair - anyone else have this issue?

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