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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Absolutely -- do a search and give them a call. Getting mine next month. Had my IV for 2 days and the leather seats are awsome. Love the car.
  • Visited four dealers in Las Vegas today and the best offer was as follows.

    Prius III - base model (no nav, no solar package, no options)
    Silver / dark gray, odometer: 7

    Selling price: 22399 (does not include customer cash)
    OTD: 24888
    0% APR 60 months
    Trade-in came in $400 above KBB, plus NV offers a sales tax credit

    Seems to be a good price, just contacting one more dealer to see if they can match on a slightly more preferable color combination before making a decision Monday.
  • Hi, Jay. Base off 2200, you mean MSRP or invoice? Which dealer?

    Toyota Sunnyvale now gives $1642 off MSRP for Prius III with Nav. But I think it's still expensive.
  • Well, that ended quickly. The dealer with the preferred color combination called back an hour before closing and asked us to come in so they could match the price. Ended up with winter gray with misty gray interior. Selling price was 23049; they grossed up the trade-in so the monthly payment ended up the same as in the last offer. Again, that's without customer cash, as we took the 0% APR. Includes floor mats, door edge guards, and window tinting.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    edited August 2010
    Got the IV with mats. Msrp 27560 -- price was 25178. Only 152 for the doc fee. Trade in covered the sales tax. Alton Toyota ---Alton , Illinois. What made the deal great was I got full kbb for my murano in trade. Wasn't easy do do buying a prius. Had almost 2500 in equity.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited August 2010
    Are you sure you got the official Toyota maintenance plan and not one the local dealer just made up themself?

    What do you mean "appears to be" only good at the selling dealership?
    The contract should not be so vague as to be subject to interpretation. There should be something plainly written in the paperwork that clearly states all terms.

    Not just the pamplet or glossy marketing brochure, but the actual contract paperwork.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The app we filled out and sent in was the Toyota plan app. It was no charge and we got the stuff back in a few weeks. This includes 5 (I think) coupons for the free service - 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, and 25k. They are all marked (as is most of the other stuff in the "kit") with the selling dealer's name. The free roadside card looks like a normal card and has no mention of the selling dealer on that.
  • What dealership in Dallas did you purchase? I am assuming that price did not include the $1000 off since you went for the 0% financing. Is my assumtion correct? I am in Houston and looking to purchase the same vehicle this week. Thanks for your help.
  • I am ready to purchase Prius III this week with tint, floor mats, and door guards (since all of the dealers inventory only have these as their minimum options). Has anyone out there purchased in the last month and willing to share their deals and from which dealership? I know of the $1000 incentive but will be using the 0% financing instead.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I bought mine through truecar. Go to the site and put in what you want. You will get a best price number near you. I clicked and got the price listed. 900 or so under invoice. Here in Illinois there is a 750 rebate or .9% financing. I took the financing -- saved about $600 overall.
  • jbaek74jbaek74 Posts: 9
    edited August 2010
    $0 drive-off; $249/mo; 12k mi/yr

    Is the current lease special a good deal?
    Can anyone figure out what the purchase price would be for this special?
    I'm trying to compare the lease special with the TrueCar best price...

    Has anyone in So Cal get a better deal than what's being offered?

    Thank you in advance.

    From Toyota website:

    Lease example for 2010 Prius model 1223. Based on gross capitalized cost of $24,231. Security deposit waived. Plus tax and license. Individual dealer prices vary. Lessee pays $0.15 per mile for all mileage over 12,000 miles per year. Lessee to pay $249 per month for 35 months with $0 total drive off. Available through Toyota Financial Services to qualified Tier 1+ (plus) credit customers. Must take delivery from dealer stock by midnight 9/7/2010.
  • yinxzonyinxzon Posts: 1
    so i want to buy a prius 2010 and apparently no one is selling the prius i base model. so my best quote for prius 2 is around 21000+ tax+ registration (which is supposedly 1200 lower than invoice based on that is as low as i have gotten it on the phone. maybe another 100 when im there.
    1) when should i know that i have reached the bottom? another 1000?
    2) should i go by's pricing?
    3) should i wait until the beginning of the next month or just buy now?
    4) im not sure whether there is a grad's program going on as someone told me that was only good for scion, camry and corollas.. if its not there, is it worth waiting until the beginning of next month or even when the 2011 model comes out in october?

    i think the insight could be had for 18k plus tax and tag, anyone concur?

    can anyone tell me how they figure out how far one can push a price down. is there some standard online like 90% of the invoice or something like that?

    i think the insight could be had for 18k plus tax and tag, anyone concur?
  • net price before taxes, registration etc. $28,339.00
  • Which dealer did you get your Prius from. How much difference was there between the sales price of the Prius and the trade-in so I can figure sales tax. I am trying to get just about the same car and am still about $1,000 apart. Appreciate your help.
  • We are looking to buy a Prius III with Navigation in the Cincinnati Area.
    Does anyone have any experiences to share. Am willing to drive to Columbus, Dayton Indianapolis, Louisville as well.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Went to truecar and got a price of 24516 [msrp 26790] for the III with nav and mats. Within 15.5 miles of cincinnati. Go to the site and follow through. That's how I bought my prius -- easy. You might want to reconsider the nav -- haven't heard great things about it. Save the money and get a nice garmin.
  • First off, many thanks to so all of you here in this forum. I could get knowledge and a good car for a decent price .. all because of this forum. Great job you guys! Thank you very much.

    Leased 2010 Red Prius III with Navi on 31st of last month.

    Sale Price: $24,000
    Sticker: $26,750
    GAP: $595
    Alarm: $600
    Monthly Payment: $303 (Including taxes)
    Down: $0 (drive out)
    Residual: $16,800
    Milage: 12000 per year

    Got floor mats, 2 year maintenance plan ... I guess it is standard with every prius. Very nice experience, no hassle, no haggle. Just called the dealership and salesman gave me a price of $24,300 which was the lowest I could find in SoCal. When I went, I gave another $300 off because it was the last day of the month!

    Took a while to process papers, but treated with great lunch, snacks and dinner ! I went all the way from LA to El Cajon (Dealership place), dealership reimbursed the train and taxi charges!

    I did not expect GAP + Alarm would cost another $1000, but I realized it was never mentioned with the quote, not from anyone so far...

    anyway, overall great experience, easy sale and happy with the car.

    Let me know if anyone of you have any question. Happy to help :)
  • I got mine from Freeman Toyota
  • Has anyone heard anything about Toyota offering a $1,000 match on a cap cost reduction for Prius leases? A dealer mentioned to me today that Toyota just sweetened the pot. I am looking at a base Prius III and I am being quoted $197 to $201 per month with $1,000 out-of-pocket cap cost reduction plus inceptions based on the current Toyota Financial Services lease deal. Anyone have similar experience or info?
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    Purchased a HB II in mid atlantic USA for $20781 when I drove off the lot, including carpets. Seemed to me an outstanidng price, thoughI might have quibbled a bit on the carpets and insisted on the initial price quote, which was just a smidgen lower, and ended up a few hunderd less; but from what I could see this was an outstanding price and the dealer seemed honest enough to have earned it my bit more. I suppose I should add in the $130 it cost me to go get the car and bring it home.

    So for future reference what kind of deal was this; fair, good, or an eye popper? I welcome brutal honesty.
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