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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    edited September 2012
    Like ja22 said, since you already did the deal, what anyone says doesn't matter. As an FYI, on a lease so close to the end, you don't really get upside down. The worst case scenario is you finish your 3 payments, pay the mileage overage and turn the car in. Then go lease another car after you turn the car in, with a clean slate. If you do drive 20,000 miles a year, you may consider buying instead of leasing. On your lease, not including the $4k down, in 3 years, you paid about $15k on a $24k car. Will the Prius be worth more that $9k after 3 years?
  • Just got a 2012 Plug In Base.
    $500 down
    429.56 per month for 36 mo's.
    12,000 miles per year.
    W/ aftermarket leather installed in the deal.
    TFS keeps the $2500 tax credit but CA gives a $1500 state credit. (to leasee)
    I spoke to many salesman and many think the lessee gets all this credit and some think leasee gets none.
    Go to to claim your CA rebate.
  • Just bought a silver Prius III for OTD (out of door total including tax everything) 263k at an east bay Toyota dealership.
    We tested drive at Sunnyvale toyota and its price is $24,888 (willing to talk in the range one or two thundreds). We moved on to start the internet shopping as we made mind to take Prius III with base.

    Most shops reply in one hour, pretty quick. Among about 10 dealerships (including Dublin Toyota which someone claimed OTD 255k in july), about half offers under 270k OTD. I was trying to bargain and failed. Most of them sticks to its original saying, not willing to play. The 263k was pretty much the initial offer. I was surprised that no dealer wanted to work on the price.

    I figured 263 OTD is a deal probably not the best. We decided to go get it.
    Reminder, always ask/talk OTD price (rather those 23888 before tax).

    Also, prepare for buying lojack, maintainence program, extented warranty,...
  • Anyone on here bought a Prius V base model recently? I am having a hard time finding other's accounts of OTD pricing for these models, preferably in Texas. Thanks!
  • I just brought Winter Gray Prius II with Price: $21900
    Dealer fee: $ 400
    SC Tax : $ 300 (Flat)
    Title & Regi : $ 100 (approx)
    Total OTD paid: $22700. Is this good price. Car included mats, carpets, tinted glass option plus Bronze modling at door. is this good price for south carolina ?
  • yes. it is. which dealer?
  • That's a very good price in South Carolina. I live in Columbia. I'm not quite ready to buy a new Prius Two, but I have been talking to a few dealers. I know that I can get one for invoice, but I want to better than that. Which dealership gave you this deal? Thanks in advance.
  • about to buy a 2012 winter gray metalic Prius Two
    For 25700 OTD (everything included, tax and what not)

    is this a good deal in Southern California??

    Please somebody help!! :)
  • Yes you can do better than invoice. We just bought a brand new Prius II (black/gray interior with factory options of mats and chrome door moldings) for about $1,000 under invoice plus tinted windows thrown in. Trick seems to be choosing one that's been on the lot over 90 days.
  • How are ppl getting Prius II OTD under 23000!?!?!?
    Lowest I can get right now is 25000!!!


  • Daveedward toyota of spartanburg
  • jppicksjppicks Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    You can do better. Mossy in San Diego will sell any color other than blizzard pearl at 24,389 OTD. 25,700 seems high. May be worth it for you to take the drive? Most people that get really low prices have much lower tax rates than CA so it is hard to replicate that OTD price. But you can get the car for around 22k before everything if you just shop around.
  • Just got an offered form a dealership for $21,733 for a honda prius 2. Sounds like a good deal but with tax + car alarm(695) + registration fees + 5% apr(4000down and [email protected] months) first time buyer it seems the total came out to be like $27,000 for a honda prius 2 for first time buyer. Do you guys think its worth it?
  • I'd love to have Steve negotiate for me! I just bought a Prius IV (with solar package).

    Sticker price was $33,193. Invoice was $31,163. Offered $30,400 and he let me walk out the door (no call back).

    Went back and the lowest I could get him to was $31,500 (said he had to make "something" -- although I know they make $ even below invoice). However, I really wanted that exact color/seat combo so took it. Over and above $31,500 was tax and license plate fees (nothing else).

    Loving it so far!
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Knowing that they wouldn't budge then why didn't you contact another dealer and just say "If you beat $X, I'll buy the car from you "?

  • So was it a Honda or was it a Prius? Because it can't be both....
  • When I say we paid around 23k, yes that's "out the door", but we pay taxes and plates later at the DMV, when we register the car. So we still have that expense ahead, however I have also sold a couple vehicles recently (privately) and we do get "credit" for those full amounts off the price of the new car. So luckily I will only pay taxes on maybe 5k.
  • I did. Went to another local dealership and they said they said they could beat the price by only $150 less-- but they didn't have the exact car I wanted in stock.

    When I told them I was in no rush and could wait if they'd come down more- they said they couldn't. Guess I could have shopped around on the internet and saved some more $ , but I wanted to buy the car locally so made the deal.
  • I knew better than to buy an extended warranty from the dealership when I bought my Prius IV, but I'm curious to know if others have purchased one. I did get the top of the line IV with the solar package. FYI, the finance manager quoted me an OUTRAGEOUS NUMBER-- $2,500 for 5 years/125K miles ("kindly" offered to throw in LoJack for that price).

    I am wondering if:
    a) it's not worth it at all (or if the gold package is just as good)
    b) shop online for best deal now (I saw "Jerry" at Midwest Toyota offers competitive prices)
    c) if I should wait until I'm near the end of my 3 warranty and see how it goes then.

    Any advice?
  • Some people are warranty people some aren't. Personally I would prefer to not have it since the hybrid battery and transmission are covered anyway and the warranty does not cover those items. If you look on slickdeals they discuss dealers that will sell these to you at half price. Obviously you don't need to buy it from the same dealer you bought the car. If you read the thread over there you can see the arguments for it and arguments against it. It seems more times than not though any issues you may have are maintenance related and won't actually be covered by the additional warranty.
  • wcs3wcs3 Posts: 1
    I am starting to shop for a Prius III base and also went to SV Toyota where they quoted a price of $24888 and OTD $27333. Can you share with me which east bay dealership you went to? Thank you!
  • sticker was $29,700 including the BS SE Toyota $895 charge and the dealer prep of another $795 so I offered $25k out the door after dickering back and forth we got down to $25,700 however they then tried to switch me to a lesser car for the same price...nice try, I walked
  • Looking for a Prius 3 in either Grand Junction or Denver want $25k out the door....anyone can help?
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    The is a big red flag here.

    They should not try to charge a dealer prep fee.

    Make them remove it or go elsewhere. Another dealer nickel and diming you.
  • Hi Everybody,

    I went to a lot of trouble to post here, mostly because I found this site about a week before I bought and I saved a bundle, and hope I can help you to do the same.
    We purchased a red Prius Two, with 2 miles on it. It included carpet mats AND cargo mat, and was listed for $25,239. Our purchase price, before TTL was $21,972. The key information here is that this represented a 13% reduction in price. I travel a lot and therefore could buy anywhere in the country. I tried many places recommended by this list, but was unable to find any sales significantly below this amount.

    This was purchased from Earl Stewart Toyota in West Palm Beach, Fl., and was a cash purchase.
  • Wow - that's over $1,000 less than we paid, and through my efforts and research, it's clear we got a great deal. Is there some other piece of info that led to such a low price? Hail damage? On the lot for waaaaay over 90 days? Some kind of loyalty discount program??
  • Looking to purchase a 2012 prius 2 in northern Virginia. The best OTD I have received is for 21700. (inclusive of everything tax,tag,freight,processing fees...does not include carpet mat and cargo mat)..

    Anyone in northern Virginia has a better OTD?

  • I just got a 2012 Toyota Prius five model in blizzard pearl for $28,445 plus fees. The sticker was 31,xxx. We feel like that was a good deal. Got it at City Toyota in Daly City on September 24th which is right before the $5 a gallon gas here in the SF Bay Area. $1,000 down and our 36 month lease is only $378 a month including wear and tear package from Toyota. Our mileage has been only about 38-39 mpg I know it's still breaking in but when do we start to see the increase in gas mileage? Also what are some good tire replacements for the Toyos that came on the five model? The Toyos seem kinda loud. Thanks in advance. Currently has 678 miles. Bought it with 15 miles :)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    What about the extended warranty where they say they'll refund the full value if not used. This is coming from the dealer. Seems like if I never use it and get my money back, it's worth it in the case of a really big expense.
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