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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • INCLUDING tax and plates?!? I'd say you're being greedy if you want a better deal than that!
  • I agree, and our Toyota dealer sold us on the "full refund" extended warranty. I asked every question I could think of, and it seems to be on the up & up. It was over $2,000 but hey either we use it and are glad we have it, or we don't use it and get the $$$ back. I can't figure out what they get out of it, other than interest on our money over the term...
  • I recently got an excellent deal at Dave Edwards Toyota in Spartanburg, SC for the purchase of a new 2012 Toyota Prius 2 hatchback. I highly recommend this dealership because they make you an excellent offer immediately and are very courteous. Their telephone number is 864-595-2300. On Monday, Oct 1, I called five (5) dealerships that I thought would give me a good deal. There was one other dealership that was fairly close but Dave Edwards had the best deal plus their Prius had a lifetime warranty on the drive train. I live in Columbia, SC and have no problem with driving a reasonable distance in order to get a good deal. I was in no hurry. This is what the numbers look like:
    Toyota Prius 2 - with no options
    $21,621.00 - Price of car
    $300.00 - SC sales tax
    $79.00 - Tag, registration & title
    $22,000.00 - Total OTD (Out the door) Price

    There was a dealership fee, but it was waived. All I pay now is property tax and I'm done. After we agreed on the deal over the telephone I asked when I needed to come and pick it up. I was told that this sale was for the month of September, which ran through the weekend and included Monday, Oct 1, so therefore, I had to pick up the car that day. That was no problem, since I had my finances in order and I was ready to purchase.
    Based on what I've read and what I've experienced, I have the following recommendations:
    1. Do your test driving in advance to make sure you're okay with the Prius and to make sure that you know exactly which Prius you want and with what options you want including color.
    2. Choose your 2nd and 3rd favorite colors - exterior and interior - in advance.
    3. Select 5 or 6 dealers that you think will give you a good deal.
    4. Call the dealerships and ask for the new car sales manager. This will expedite the process and the manager will more that likely follow up with the salesman.
    5. Tell each dealership new car sales manger that you will negotiate with the 2 lowest bids.
    6. Handle everything on the telephone.
    7. Be prepared to purchase the vehicle immediately.
    8. Make sure that you know exactly what the final cost is and what it includes.
    9. Plan to make the purchase late in the month.

    I hope that has been helpful. Good luck with your purchase.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I think they make money because most people will use it for something, but not up to the original cost of the warranty. So if it costs $2,200 and you go in to have something very minor replaced under the extended warranty for lets say $100, then you'll get zero refund. You won't get a refund for the difference ($2,200 - $100). Or even if you had a big $1,500 expense, you'd then have to decide on paying for the expense up front to retain your warranty refund option, or using the extended warranty for the $1,500 repair bill but losing the $2,200 cost of the warranty.

    Plus the refund period is very short from what I understand. You have to submit the paperwork for getting your refund within 30-60 days after the warranty period expires, so if you forget about it 4 years down the road and then suddenly remember about getting your extended warranty refunded, if you miss that 30-60 day window you're out of luck.

    I think it's good if you really pay attention and only use the extended warranty for a really big expense (i.e. over $2,200 in repair cost) and then make sure to apply for the refund.
  • kaizekaize Posts: 1
    Can you share what dealer you got this deal from? We are shopping around for the same model in nova. Did you find a better deal?
  • Hi,
    We just purchased our first tankfull. By taking the miles driven and dividing by the gallons purchased, we got 48.4mpg. I'm expecting even more next tank fill.
  • Two miles on the car, built in September 2012 in Japan, no obvious damage.
    This price came after I was offered the same price from in Atlanta area.
  • We bought last week and were quoted (by the dealer) $995 for 3 years or 50,000 miles. I have not yet decided as I am awaiting further input from this board.

    BUT, I was offered a key replacement plan ($299) for as many keys as you lose, and I think that is a good idea, as one key costs $450+/-.
  • I said in this message that our first tank full returned 48.4mpg. We just filled again yesterday and this time our mileage was 49.3. This was approximately 70% city and 30% highway. I'm licking my lips waiting for 50.0+.
  • manlymanly Posts: 14

    Thanks for your post. I just bought the Blizzard White Prius III based on your post from Tustin Toyota on 10/25/2012. The OTD price was same as yours of $26,112 and sticker price was $26,874.

    I have got many quotes, including Longo Toyota who claimed #1 Toyota dealer, could not even come close to the deal.

    Very happy with it and thank you all for your contributions to this forums.
  • burgaiburgai Posts: 2

    The OTC price you got is very good. Can you please share the dealer and sale person you got the price from. Thanks much.
  • Base Prius III with carpet/mats. 24K before tax and title. All quotes ranged between 23.9 - 24.5K.
    Most dealers were willing to meet lower quotes from other dealers if it was in a written form
    (e.g. an email). This forum has been very helpful in getting a good idea about the market price.
    One suggestion - if you plan to finance your car through Toyota, please get a decent idea about what someone with your credit score can get in Toyota these days before walking into the
    dealership, or even better get a pre-approved loan from a lender with good rates (typically a
    credit union) - so that the finance guy cannot low ball you with interest rates.
  • Hey!

    What dealership did you get this deal in the SF Bay area?
  • dkncdknc Posts: 2
    Wow, they cut the Karr down half, I wish I had read this before. I got charged 600 bucks for that aftermarket alarm. And how on Earth can Toyota approve that their alarm will NOT void waranty? Factory VIP alarm cost maybe around the ballpark of 300 bones not including installation, but dude, this alarm business is lucrative. I don't even have the solar roof, just the lower side moldings and illum sills, my otd is almost the same as yours. which dealership you bought it from? Anyone else in San Diego get Karr alarm?
  • The best deal I have seen for a Prius III in San Jose area so far is 23,888 with 0% financing during the labour day weekend. Has anyone come across any better deals? Is Toyota going to offer 0% APR financing after 11/05 ?
  • Yeah, me too, I also got suckered to DCH Torrance last weekend for a Prius Two for the same $21,488 lie and promised no strings attached, just come in and sign paper and pay. Long story short, I show up with my checkbook and was told yes, will honor price but all the cars I wanted come with alarm, coating, wheel lock and door guards for an additional $1,500 mark up, totally unprofessional. Agree, stay away from DCH Torrance, I wasted 2.5 hrs. & 65 miles. Next best price found was at Toyota Orange for the same car (blizzard pearl) for 22,955+TTL and came to $24.4 OTD, written quote from some guy at the internet dept. Anyone with experience dealing with Orange here? or any better dealers to shop around?
  • I purchased a new black pkg 3 Prius for $23,806.00 +ttl from Grossinger City Toyota in Chicago, sticker price was $26,585.00. Negotiated the price over the phone. I did my research and feel that I got a great price. Only problem was that they didn't have my first choice in color, silver with dark gray interior. Overall experience with the dealer was very good, no pressure to purchase extended warranties etc.
  • Is this your OTD price?
  • In the market looking for a 2012 Prius package two. I am in SoCal area, Just got a internet price quote from one dealer and they offer me discount price at $22,477+ttl (no military discount), which they claim the price is $2,543 off MSRP. They didn't specify the color choice. Could i do any better than this? Is $21,500 realistic at this time for Prius two?
  • miata_racermiata_racer Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    22.5k seems reasonable, it's well under dealer invoice on a $25k Prius. 21.5k seems awful low but it doesn't hurt to try!
  • Thanks for quick reply. This is my first price quote from dealership. I thought it can not be the lowest. Who knows, i could be wrong. But like you said, it doesn't hurt to try. I am not looking to lowball dealers, just want a fair price offer and when i look back, i don't regart for impluse buy by paying $$thousands more.
  • I got my 2012 prius II from Puente Hills Toyota in Industry for $21,788 on Labor Day weekend. the way i got the car was through the sunday paper (la times which advertise 5 priuis II @ that price)… i chatted with their internet department and i asked what was there best pricing and they came back to me at a high price, then i mention the ad price from the paper was at 21,788. i got lucky, they had two in stock.... drove to the dealer sign papers and out the door!
  • That sounds nice, wish i would have that luck. So, 21,788 is the bottom line so far and i hope i can snap one below it. I think the timing is right now, it's end of year and dealers are rush to get rid of old cars. So far, my best quote is $22,450, a long way to go.
  • I am also thinking about trading in my 2008 Prius for a newer model. I saw Capitol Toyota has some Prius package 3 coming in under 25k and I am guessing they have room to talk them down. So if you see anything, give a shout.
  • Just bought a Prius Two from Orange, they got tons of Prius Two in stock, you can pick any (except blizzard) for 21,895+ttl (no military disc.) I ended up paying extra 400 for blizzard = 22,295+ttl. Good dealership, nice salesman, no BS or heavy pressure for extras. Avoid Torrance Toyota, they wasted me 2 trips and feed me tons of BS and lies!
  • Just purchased 2013 Prius 3 on Nov. 17, 2012 from Melody in San Bruno for $25,300 (includes destination) in blizzard white with all carpet mats. Only extra was about 10% more for tt&l. Came out at about cost per Edmunds figures. Not a pleasant experience (long delay locating car despite email saying car was available, turned out 2012 wasn't but found 2013), but worth it given the price.
  • Purchased 2013 Prius 3 at Melody in San Bruno on 11/17/12 for $25,300 (including destination charge) + ttl. Color is blizzard white with light grey interior, carpet floor and cargo mats. Only other option was factory installed bumper protection (only small area in front of cargo opening). Came in about invoice cost per Edmunds' figures, so considered it a very good deal. Dealership was a bit of a nightmare because they claimed 2012 was available in emails, but then claimed it was sold the night before we came in. Took hours to locate a 2013, but strung along with claims a 2012 was available at the "warehouse".
  • which dealer in Orange please? I am also in the market for a Prius two in Blizzard white. The best price i came across is 22,499. I countered 22,400 and the dealer hasn't get back to me. Your price is good, espcially you mentioned no BS and nice salesman.

    Do you think it's really worth couple of hundreds more for white color? I am very hesitated.
  • Also, could you share your sales name please?
  • What a good price. May i ask what color is it? Enjoy your new car, congrats!
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