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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I don't know if this helps much but here's my experience buying a used Prius.
    On October 31st, 2012, I purchased a 2012 Black Prius II for $23,000 Out the door price.

    It had 7100 miles on it and was certified pre-owned which means it comes with a 7 year, 100,000 limited warranty. It also included scheduled maintenance for the first 36,000 miles. A few extras, such as floor mats and a prius decal were also included.

    I would find out the 2013 brand new price of the car with the same options and then figure out if the difference in price is a good deal.
  • ^2013 Prius with same exact options prices out to $27,900 invoice. Solar pkg would increase the price but its not a big selling point for me. So as of now it's a $3K difference. I'd like to get the used Prius for between $23-$24K. Perspective?
  • at Boch Toyota Norwood MA. I can have 0% financing, which I might not take. I pay tax and registration fees in CT. Price above includes destination charge and dealer's slush fee. Good deal?
  • I was surfing on different Toyota dealerships and found a Toyota dealership in Maryland that has really good prices on their 2012 Prius. The dealership is Koon's Toyota in Annapolis, Maryland. Here's the web site: Check out the WOW prices. I don't know if transportation and/or dealer prep will be added on the WOW price. If you are on the east coast and in the market for a 2012 Prius, it is certainly worth checking out.
  • Got a 2012 Prius two for 21,177 OTD in VA. The price on the prius itself without the taxes, tags, delivery and processsing was 20,295.
  • So $5,000 off MSRP!?? Seems like an amazing deal!
  • burgaiburgai Posts: 2
    It is a great price. Which dealership did you buy the car from? We live in VA and are in the market for a Prius Ii. Thanks much in advance.
  • wwerwwer Posts: 1
    Wow! Did the $21,177 include tax. Would you mind providing the name of the dealership and sales person? Am in VA and in market for same vehicle.
  • Sorry, the OTD was 22,177
  • Dealership is Springfield Toyota and sales person is Dolair Alali.
  • So 20,295 plus tax, tags, dealer fee. What was the dealer fee? This price is good enough to even consider flying in for it.

    BTW, did you drive several of them? I drove FOUR this past weekend in Boston area - they all had been on the lot over six months, and they all had a problem with vibration when coasting at 50-70 mph. Even a new 2013 had the issue slightly, but my 2010 with Michelin Energy Savers A/S does not, and it's got 50K on it.
  • Looking at a 2013 Blizzard Pearl Four trim. Best internet quote I got in CA is $27,395 with floor/cargo mats before TTL/doc fees.

    For those who are looking for or have purchased a similar 2012/2013 Prius, how does this compare?

    Based on quotes from other dealerships, it won't get much lower than that. Or can it?
  • I can get a 2012 Toyota Prius Three with solar roof for $24,809 + TTL, or a 2013 Prius Three with solar roof for $25,944 + TTL. I'm inclined to get the 2012, since I plan to keep my car for awhile.

    What do you think?
  • One thing I forgot to mention is that the 2012 Prius has 0% APR financing available. We can pay with cash, but if we can get 0% APR financing, I figure we may as well. Are there any hidden fees with this option? like the title transfer after paying off the loan?
    thanks :)

    Read it carefully - they're different for plug in and regular hybrid, and for different regions. Expires on Monday. Who knows whether there will be a new incentive then. What part of the country are you in?
  • That seems to be a very good price on a Prius III w/solar roof. I was just quoted $25700 + $500 doc + TTL. Your quote is giving me pause. I would jump on that. If you don't, mind telling me where it is? :)
  • If I might put my 2 cents in, I think the question about how much of a discount to expect starts from the wrong premise. I always thought the way to get the best price was to start with dealer's cost (which you can find on Edmund's) on the make, model, options you want and decide how much "profit" you are willing to give the dealer. Note that cost does not include ANY fees, destination charges, ttl, etc. So, your final price out the door is cost + profit + destination charge + ttl. I would NEVER agree to document charges or advertising costs...those are just not-so-hidden ways to up the price. If Edmunds tells you that your region has an average higher or lower price, then use that as a guideline also. Good luck!
  • I just paid $27200 for a Red Prius III w/solar roof package. This was out-the-door in Durham, NC. I could have saved a little more - maybe $800 - had I flown to Florida, where I found the same vehicle for $26000. But the flight, gas, and probably hotel would have cost me $400 total, plus my time, so I just went to the local dealer, showed them my quotes from other local dealers and this one in Florida, and they met me half way. I thought that was fair. They beat five other local dealers by $600, who were all around $28k otd.
  • jackj27jackj27 Posts: 5
    edited February 2013
    I am in final negotiation to purchase a new 2012 prius c black, 4 trim no moon-roof, for 22,700 out the door! I am using truecar to buy my second toyota, not a bad experience! Just make sure to stick to your truecar price, even if dealer tries to upsell. For toyota, the south has the best pricing! I use ATL zip code 30303 and tampa zip code 33601 for best pricing. :)
  • I got 2013 prius 2 with leather seat otd price 25000
    Apr is 2.99 for 60 months.
    Here is southern ca
    Pls.advise it is good price
  • Not bad what dealer?
  • Toyota dealer in SF Valley.
  • I got deal 25000 OTD Prius II with leather seat.
    However, my huz want to add navigaion. So I need to go with Prius III.
    How much more I need to think about?
  • It should be less, unless taxes are included in your state. "OTD" here in MO means the price of the car and any dealer fees, but taxes are paid when you get plates at the DMV. That price wouldn't be too great here, because you can get a Prius II down around 22k, then add 1k to 1.5k to be switched over to leather (remember you can negotiate that cost as well).
  • I think 25k would be a fair deal for a Prius III with leather added.
  • Hi, I have been researching for a good deal on a Prius 3 2013. Im in SO CA anyone out there that has gotten a good deal? Whats a fair Price to pay on a 2013 Out the Door?

    Help! So far I have one for 26K which has been the lowest..
  • Where is your dealer shop?

    I request 26 K for prius iii with leather but they said no.

    Can you pls. advise your dealshop?

    Thank you.
  • Hello,

    I am also looking for a 2013 prius 2 with leather seat in southern CA, is your OTD price includes all the money you need to pay? or the tax is not included?
    really a good deal if it is all the money.

  • HI, the Prius 3 they told me 26280 OTD, but no leather seats. Is that still good?

    This is in Marina Del Rey CA. This is Taxes and all. If I can't get the Prius 3 under 26 I may consider a 2 but whats a good Price for the 2 OTD?
  • If that 280 bucks is a dealbreaker then yes you should probably be buying something cheaper....or maybe used.....
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