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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Note there was a typo in my post. The title said Prius II (which is correct) but in the post I said we purchased a 2013 III - it is a II. We leased a 2010 III but opted for the II this time.

    Roberts Toyota in Columbia, TN was the dealer. The car was listed on ebay and on their web page.

    They had a decent price on it on Friday, then dropped it Saturday morning (last selling day of the month) to what we paid.

    There is a NC dealer on ebay offering a II for $22,568 today ($1k more if you do the cheap financing). It looks like Rice Toyota in Greensboro, NC.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Keep in mind that Toyotas are priced and sold by region, so what is a deal here may not apply there. Also there was a $750 dealer incentive last month that AFAIK is not available this month.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    End of month sale or dealer cash or both?

    Rice dropped the price to $21,968 OR $22,968 with cheap financing for new 2, plus dealer fee of $469 and TTL.

    Roberts shows $22,720 or $22,920 plus fee and TTL.

    still two more selling days this month for them to reduce more to sell more :D
  • imgdocimgdoc Posts: 30
    edited April 2013
    We are looking at certified Prius and trying to decide between two choices. 2011 Prius Two or 2010 Prius Three. Same miles and same price, pretty much same overall condition. Is there anything that will sway in favor of one vs the other? first time Prius owners to be. We dont care much about the extras that Prius III offers. What is your opinion. :confuse:
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    For 2010 the iii got you an updated JBL audio system and BT handsfree. The latter was a must have for my wife. Our 2013 ii has BT handsfree so we opted not to pay extra for a iii (backup cam, nav, etc). For 2011 I don't know the differences. If like 2010, then it comes down to the better sound (with XM) and BT. I would tend to go with the newer car, but would be swayed to the iii to get BT.

    Deals are available on new 2013 and 2012 cars, so don't pay much for a used one.
  • pmaupmau Posts: 8
    I am looking to buy a prius plug-in base model. Its msrp is around 32000. The price that deals are quoting is around 31300$ in bay area, ca. Is it good. Should I hunt for a better price.
  • jamey5jamey5 Posts: 1
    Hi, I was looking for a base plug-in in l.a., too.
    After searching about 2 months and trying to find incentives and cash back,
    The best price I've found here is 31,300, as well. (plus taxes and fees)

    I think NY and MA maybe still have generous $5,000 - 6,500 factory cash backs, but I'm not finding anything like that out here. You can buy It there and have it sent out or drive across country, if that appeals to you. I think you just have to be sure to register it only in CA, to recoup the fed and state rebates/incentives, too.

    Good luck! A friend says going through AAA or Costco you can get a price quote supposedly, that they should honor at the dealership, but with hybrids the difference is between 500-1200 off...still worth taking a peek.

    I think I've decided to get a regular Prius for now and save up for a plug in conversion in 2 years, since I can't find one below 30,000.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  • jonpriamjonpriam Posts: 2

    I'm planning to buy a Prius 3 (sea glass pearl/bisque) in upstate,ny (~Albany)and got a quote of 24,999( Prius III) w rear bumper applique & all weather mat/cargo mat). Is this reasonable?

    I notice prices of low 22K to low 23K discussed here for the prius III.

    Is it easy enough to fly down to florida and drive the car up to NY .

    Anyone find any issues with it? or hidden charges with the dealers in florida?

    Folks please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

    Appreciate your feedback.
  • semenzatosemenzato Posts: 41
    Where did you see the low 22k to low 23k prices? I found a post for a low 22, but he was doing financing so it's harder to compare. I also saw high 23 at the end of 2012 for a 2012 model, when the 2013 models were probably already out.

    There is surely some variations depending on area, but 2k seems a little high.

    Good luck!
  • jonpriamjonpriam Posts: 2
    country toyota in tampa,FL had low 23K price. Although toyota has the 0% financing going on right now they said they couldnt offer the 0 fiancing and this low price together . If I wanted the 0% financing i'd have to forgo the 1.5K dealer discount.
  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    I got an offer of $28K drive out for Persona Series from a Austin TX dealer.. Options include tinted windows. Other options that are part of this deal is known rip off - nitrogen filled tires, premium carpet etc. This deal includes 0% financing for 3 year. Members please share your thoughts!
  • I just bought a 2013 Prius IV from Casey's Toyota in Williamsburg VA. Walked out the door for a total $28,400. This included all the extra stuff Taxes etc.
  • Toyota is offering 60 months 0% interest until the end of the month.
  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    Thats very good price. Can you pl let us know what options were included in the price?
  • smax2000smax2000 Posts: 3
    Same question here, even im trying to buy a Prius 4 and looking for options. Please let us know the options.
  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    Bought 2013 Prius Four for $27843 drive out from Auto Nation Toyota at South Austin TX. Options include 3M window tint and carpet floor & trunk mat.
  • smax2000smax2000 Posts: 3
    I beleive there is no tax in TX. Is that true? I live in CA south bay and wondering what would be the best price to get it. The tax is 10% here.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    Texas has sales tax... around 6.25%, I think...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    TX does have sales tax at 6.25% for auto
  • agalangagalang Posts: 1
    I paid $24,043.58 out the door 0% 5 years after $500 loyalty reward.
  • mangomomangomo Posts: 1
    Which dealership did you go for this price? I'm in the SF Bay area as well and I'm getting a higher quote for prius two (but I'm adding leather seats).
  • smax2000smax2000 Posts: 3
    I bought my Prius 4 over the weekend + Warranty + Maintenance for 32, 300.

    Warranty is 2000
    Maintenance 1760

    I have 60 days to cancel both, any suggestions to get a cheaper one?

    Also do we need to have the maintenance?
  • priusdocpriusdoc Posts: 2
    SF Bay Area
    $32500 Out the Door
    ($29907.84 + TTL/Docs)

    - 0% for 60 months, no money down. ~$540/month
    - $500 Loyalty Credit (Price is after loyalty)
  • acme76acme76 Posts: 6
    Just bought a 2013 Persona with carpet and floor mats, remote start and Blizzard Pearl special paint.
    MSRP $29044
    Paid 26015 + $289 doc fee + TITLE + TAX

    Got 10,000 for 2009 Corolla LE 35000 miles in trade.
    Comments ?
  • acme76acme76 Posts: 6
    CAn you please share plain vehicle price for prius 4 excluding tax/ttl etc so that we can get a true pricing on car itself ?
  • priusdocpriusdoc Posts: 2
    Cancel both.

    Then check out for much cheaper, legit Toyota warranties. I got warranties and prepaid service for over $700 off each.

    I'm not getting the warranties and prepaid for my Prius. Most people say that the prepaid is a waste of $$$ since the service costs are so minimal. The warranty is mixed with some people swearing by it, etc.
  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    I agree with smax2000. Cancel both. Its waste of $$$$.
  • mellowjdmellowjd Posts: 1

    Did you get the 0% 60 mo. promo with that price?
  • manchurianmanchurian Posts: 20
    No, I did not. You either get $1000 or 0%. I took $1000 discount.
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