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Toyota Prius Lease Questions



  • xowiifitxowiifit Posts: 1
    Hi can you tell me where you got your prius from ? I live in Torrance and shopping for a new prius and I like the deal you got. Also is that payment tax included?

    Thank you
  • Town and country Toyota in Charlotte. Ask for Bill Fox. It included tax but remember I got that deal back when gas was at 1.80/gallon in Dec 2010.
    2 months later gas started to shoot up because of the Arab spring and then the Sunami in Japan put the car in even more demand. If you can a deal like that let me know.
  • mortiennemortienne Posts: 30
    Hi! I'm a little outside your area. We got that deal at Vancouver Toyota in Washington state (not the Canadian Vancouver!). No sales tax as we're in Oregon.
  • Hi Car Man. What are the April money factor and residual values on a Prius IV? Thanks.
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41
    Good afternoon Car_men and everyone,

    Does anyone know the current leasing rates for April?
    (2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid)
    1. Money Factor for a 2 year lease
    2. Residual Value 15000 miles/year
    3. Incentive Rebates

    Thank you.
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41
    Hi audiinterested,

    I believe Car_Man is on vacation. He usually replies to our concerns within 2 days, sorry for the waiting.

    I went over the last weekend to a Toyota dealership in Brooklyn NY, the sales was a crook. I saw his dealer sales chart from Toyota.
    Regular Prius money factor is 0.0009 for 36 months 62%
    Plug-in Prius money factor is 0.0000 is zero percent for 36 months 62%, I just don't know why he type in 0.0001 in his computer doing the calculation. I think 0 can be input as a number so he type in 0.0001 instead.

    Toyota still offers the Plug-in model with $3000.00 rebate.

    Hope these numbers are correct.
  • mets67mets67 Hudson ValleyPosts: 12
    Coming up at the end of my lease on my current Prius IV. Have 2 payments left. Dealer proposed new Prius IV with Deluxe Solar room pkg, putting the last 2 payments in, using the $500 loyalty rebate. Here's what the deal would be:

    2013 Prius IV with Deluxe Solar Roof
    MSRP: $33,350
    Price: $31,300
    Lease: 36 mo./12K miles per year; First payment plus taxes and $650 bank fee upfront at $399/mo.

    Is this a good deal?
  • eadgbeneadgben Posts: 1
    Hello. I am turning in my 2010 prius lease next week and will likely pick up a new prius lease. I am looking at the same model IV prius with msrp of $29,573 on dealer website (RIght Toyota).

    What points should i use to negotiate lease to my benefit. i plan to go with a 2-3 year 12k/yr lease duration.

    any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    - how do i find out the MF?
    - i want to put minimal cash down.
    -overages should not be an issue
    -what other back end dealer profit makers do i need to be wary of?

    -thanks again!
  • kwarengikwarengi Posts: 10
    Hello Car_Man,

    What are money factor and residual value for 3 years, 15 K mi lease for Prius 2 in May?
    Toyota offers both lease and buy deals. Would be interested in $0 down $299 or less lease (could be less, since this number is for MSRP price) or 0% APR for 60 month buy, which could come up to around or a little more than $400 with $0 down.
    Completely redesign Prius with 60 miles per gallon or so is coming out in the middle of 2015, according to and others, so do you think buying would make more sense here or not?

    Thank you in advance!
  • canibalecanibale Posts: 2
    Hello there,

    Is the following a good lease deal for a 2013 Prius V Trim 3?

    36 Month Lease
    12K Miles
    $650 downpayment,
    $279.72 / month including tax

    I also asked the questions below and was given the following numbers from the dealer.

    1. What's the manufacturer's list price? $28,435.00
    2. What is the true invoice price? $26,962.72
    3. What's my price on the vehicle? $25,434.63
    4. What is the residual price? $17,546.00
    5. What is the money factor? 0.00050
    6. What is the converted interest rate? 1.2%
    7. 7. What is the absolute drive off cost with down payment, 1st month's payment, taxes, etc.? The $650.00 would be the only money out of pocket. This will consist of your 1st Months Payment, Registration, and a little cap reduction. There is a $650.00 Acquisition Fee and $80.00 Document Fee but those are getting rolled into the loan unless you wanted to pay those up front.

    Thank you for your help everyone!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    $280/mo. for a $28K MSRP car looks like a great deal... :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kwarengikwarengi Posts: 10
    Hello kyfdx,

    Could you also answer my question above please, if car_man is on vacation.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    I don't have the specific lease numbers that Car_man does.... just a lot of experience in leasing cars...

    He should be by, periodically (there are a lot of models!). You can always email him, by clicking on his membername...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • tjpriustjprius Posts: 5
    My 2010 Prius IV lease ends in July. I'm looking to get into a new Prius as long as it has leather and a back up camera. Would prefer a prius III with leather. I want to put 0 down. With all the incentives, I'm wondering what a good monthly price would be, including tax. I'm in los angeles. Anyone?
  • canibalecanibale Posts: 2
    Yesterday I picked up a 2013 Prius V Model 3 in Blizzard Pearl for the following...

    36 Month Lease / 12k Miles per year
    $250 per month, tax included
    ZERO down
    $1500 trade in value

    My wife and I decided to extend the Toyota Care to cover the last year of the lease and added the gap insurance so our monthly payment came out to $282. Good deal????
  • fong1fong1 Posts: 1
    Hope you have not bought/lease it yet! Now is May 27, Prius 3, lease $240/month plus one month down, 3yr lease. Good luck. Austin, TX
  • Hello,
    Just wondering what the experts here think about the current Prius V lease special good for the next two days? Its $239/month with $2399 due at signing (plus tax, etc...). Its NY with 8% sales tax so the tax and extra fees come to about $1400.

    Thank you!

  • ocean3ocean3 Posts: 2
    can you let us know dealer name and location on this deal?
    or if anyone knows of similar in los angeles area.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Hey guys,

    I am considering doing a Prius, most likely the regular model, lease for July. I know it is early, but if anyone has the residuals and money factors for July please post them or let me know where I can find them. 36 mo 12k miles is fine or if they are running a 24mo or so special that would be good as well. Similarly if you know the current incentives for July that would be very helpful as well. Thank you in advance.
  • ksangksang Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    just leased a new Prius model II today. $259+tax (9percent) for 36 months. includes First month payment, License, security deposit waived & accusation fee waived of ($800).
    Zero cash drive off.

    i was also been offered $288+tax for the Prius III (solar roof & navigation) but decided to go with the model 2.

    Fico score was 750 experien.
    Let me know if you interested, I can give you the dealer and sale person name.
  • sajr4sajr4 Posts: 5
    Hi looking for July's residual and money factors on a Prius - level IV.

    Can anyone provide?

  • ocean3ocean3 Posts: 2
    yes please let me know the location of dealer.
  • Were you able to make this deal? I am having a hard time finding a dealer in New Jersey willing to make this deal.
  • alon2alon2 Posts: 5
    Would you mind sharing the dealership?

    I have been offered a Prius Three, no sunroof, fabric seats, 60 month lease at 301.00 per month, 16,232 residual value. This has begun to look rather unattractive now that I have read these posts.
  • alon2alon2 Posts: 5
    I would appreciate any and all feedback on the deal I have been offered by Manhattan Beach Toyota...

    60 month lease on 2013 Prius Three, fabric seats, no sunroof
    301.00 per month payment
    No trade in (my 2010 Prius was totaled)
    Residual value 16,232
    Price of the car 24,829

    Thank you.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Something is really off here.... Are you seriously saying a 60 month lease??? Why in the world would you do that??
  • alon2alon2 Posts: 5
    Thanks for replying. This is the offer, and yes, after looking at these posts, it looks ridiculous. I take it you agree...
  • alon2alon2 Posts: 5
    Could I get the name of the dealer? Thank you.
  • alon2alon2 Posts: 5
    Did you find one? I am looking for the same thing....except fabric, not leather. I am also in Los Angeles.
  • aztekvibeaztekvibe Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    Sticker -- 25765 plus 795 freight = 26560
    Invoice -- 25286 (or so I am told)
    Negotiated price -- 23286 plus 795 freight = 24801
    Tags -- 58
    Tax -- 986
    Acquisition Fee -- 650
    Processing Fee -- 499

    Trade-in -- 13500 (against a 14410 payoff of my old lease so 910 rolled into the new lease)

    Gross Cap Cost -- 26808

    Cash Out of Pocket -- 2500 (includes first month's payment)

    Residual -- 15974
    Money factor -- .001

    Monthly payment -- 279.84
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