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Chrysler PT Cruiser (2005 and earlier)



  • joey0708joey0708 Posts: 39
    your 24 mpgal was that on the highway? if it was what do get in the city ? did you have many other problems with it ? i took the pt out last summer for a test ride on one of those very hot days , and i must say the air works great.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    The dealer had the new Caliber, and it is very neat. It has good rear seat room and a very masculine look. It looks MUCH better in person than in any of the photos I have seen. The big wheels/tires set the car off very nicely - it has the same width tires as on our minivan!

    There was one major reason, and two minor reasons why we didn't get the Caliber instead:

    First, the Caliber is stickered high, at least with the basic options you'd want. It was stickered $2,000 more than the PT (but had some extra goodies, like side curtain airbags, ABS, tire pressure monitor, etc.) More importantly (I would have paid the difference for the extras) there is only a $500 rebate and the dealer would only offer $500 off the MSRP. This is because the car is new. So it's just way too early to get bargains.

    Second, third, and fourth, (1) its not as spacious feeling as the PT, and the trunk seems smaller - I don't think you sit as high up in it (all these factors make it less suitable for hauling around 4 people - two small adults, an infant, and a pre-teen); (2) the CVT is untested, imho, and has a different "feel" from a 4, 5, or 6 speed automatic; and (3) the interior isn't as nice - it's plain instead of dressed up like in the PT. Of course that's part of the "little SUV" design cues Dodge is intentionally using.

    BUT if I were buying for myself, and Dodge was offering $2000 in rebates and the dealer was offering $2000 in their own discounts (as they were doing on the PT), I would have made up the difference in MRSP's in an instant and bought one...even as a first model year, with all the pain and suffering that implies, it is such a winner.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I also put in platinum plugs because the gap does increase faster than I expected. Other than that the car has been trouble free. I have a K&N with a home made cold air made by following the directions on one of the FYI PT cruiser sites. With a Dyna Max exhaust and cold air it isn't very quiet but it does give that sound I was looking for. I have averaged 24 MPG to and from work for the last two years and I had a high of 33 MPG on a trip to Fort Hood last december. But I don't expect to get great fuel mileage from a car designed like a PT. I did have the stock air box in on the trip to Texas. I forgot to clean the K&N the day before we left so the stock box had a new filter in it so I put it back in the night before we left.

    The car holds a lot for a small car. I can get my drum kit and my hand drums in at the same time.
  • jim7689jim7689 Posts: 15
    I just bought my daughter a 2003 PT Cruiser Touring Edition. When I put gas in it I noticed a strange looking key attached to the gas cap tether. Does anyone know what this is for?


  • I bought a 2003 PT Cruiser 2 weeks ago. It has 78.000 km's on it. When I took it for a test drive in the lot at the dealership, the brakes
    were squeaky. The dealer told me it was because it had been sitting on the lot for a while, and
    we had had wet weather. Whenever it rains, the brakes squeak ( squeal ) should it be doing this? We never had this with our Jeep TJ! Rain or not. I called the dealership, and spoke to them. They told me they pulled the inspection report, and the brakes were 70%. I want a copy of that report. My wife is concerned about the car not being safe to drive, even though this only happens when it rains. Does she have a legit concern? I use my vehicle everyday. Does anyone else have this problem? What could it be? A rock? bad rotars? any ideas? Iam going to take the car to the dealership and request they check the brakes in my presence. What would be your advice? Thanks all!
  • janeinelkjaneinelk Posts: 1
    This might sound dumb but, where is the horn located in the engine compartment?
  • norrmanndonorrmanndo Posts: 81
    under the front passenger wheel panel. I took off the black panel once and the horn is just in front of the wheel.
  • What is the best highway speed for the PTs to go at on the highway for maximum efficiency. Also, where should I be keeping the RPMs. I have an 01 and just about always get 24-25, in about 60 Highway/40 city. I've never seen anything higher.
  • I am buying one after owning a 2000 Chrysler sebring convertible that has been nothing but pure grief, I swear this car only stalls out just to let me know it is not done driving me into a crazed frenzy...

    I managed to get approved for a loan all on my own, I just got to turn over the keys and the title for the ol' lemon from hell! Cheers to all u PT CRUZER owners, and long live the PT!!!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
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