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Mazda CX-9 Keyless Entry



  • I have a 08 CX-9 and the advanced key is not working. I took it to the dealer today and was told that they tried to re-program the remotes but it did not work. One of the remotes will lock and unlock the doors, while the other remote will do nothing. I have to use the Aux key to start the car. The cost of new remotes is $850.00 not including the cost for a new key.

    This seems like a Mazda problem, the advanced key should not wear out so fast.

    Has anyone else had any issues like this one and care to share?
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    What if car battery died and car is locked? Is there a way to even open it if you have advances key system?
  • The advanced keyless system has a valet key you can use if that situation occurred.
  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92 09 came with a KEY...yes i know, old school...but it works.
    check the credit card lookin thing that is the remote key lock/unlock/panic and you'll see it comes apart...there's a key in it. look at the door of the car...
  • khallymankhallyman Posts: 2
    When leaving car and closing driver's side door, both front windows and sunroof slide open. Also while driving, doors lock and unlock by themselves. Both situation happen occasionally.
    Is there a way to reset these functions?
  • jaredgjaredg Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    My wife and I thought we both lost the smart cards, but luckily she has her smart card and the key itself.
    We also have 2 remote start black buttons; but we did lose the other smart card so we are left with only one.

    I found a smart card on ebay and it is the same one, but how do I program it when I only have one working smart card? I have seen programming showing 2 working cards needed but I don't have that.

    Do I have to go to the dealer and pay a ridiculous fee for 10 minutes of work?

    Please help!!
    Jared--2008 GT CX-9
  • forbin404forbin404 Posts: 5
    edited December 2012
    I noticed my CX-9 has a smart key ending in SKE11A01.
    However I see a BUNCH of smartkeys with that FCC ID but with different button combinations.

    1. shows a car on the trunk button (About $75)
    2. Doesn't have a trunk button (About $100)
    3. Looks just like my fob (About $200)

    All have the SKE11A01 frequency.
    Is there an issue with using another SKE11A01 card or does it have to be the same model.

    And for Jared, No it's not 10 minutes of work. If you have a Mazda Key Programming computer you can do it too, takes about 1/2 hour.

    It's not ridiculous, it's just a rip off on the price of labor.
  • If you press and hold down the unlock key on your Mazda CX-7 or CX-9 key fob, the front windows and sunroof will open. It's a built-in feature. Not sure when you would want to use it, but it's nice to know. Mazda doesn't go out of their way to tell you. :)
  • Did you ever get an answer? I have an 08 too, and hate the credit card remote.
  • kurt30kurt30 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with my 2010 CX9. Was this issue part of a recall? How did you get this issue fixed?
  • I am currently having the same issue with both front windows rolling down and sunroof opening.   It's happened three times in less than a week and wonder if it's an issue with the Key Fob
  • Help!!!!
    I can't ignite my mazda cx9 2008.(steering is locked )
    I only have the advanced smart key for my mazda cx9 2008. Suddenly, the smart key can not open the car door except with the valet key.unfortunately, the valet key can not ignite the car cos I didn't program it when I replaced the advanced smart key. 
    And I cannot start the vehicle with the advanced key  . The dashboard keep showing "KEY" and a car icon with key ".

    I uses to drive the vehicle on Sundays and I used to remove the battery in the vehicle into another vehicle which I drive during the week.
    I have changed the advaced smart  key battery too.
    Please what be wrong.
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