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Cadillac SRX Loss of Acceleration Problem



  • rickcookrickcook Posts: 2
    I am the owner of an 05' Cadillac SRX since new. I have a lot of experience with most of the past comments noted, including it having took nearly two years and numerous dealer trips and dollars before finally resolving. Rather than post a long history, I will be happy to give feedback based on my experiences and knowledge of this car for any specific requests. All I can say it has been a great vehicle, serving us very well since new, except during the time we were experiencing engine codes and messages on Nav system saying reduced engine power or Stability system needing servicing. No question, we were very unhappy with that time frame and also often concerned over the safety issues caused when it would unpredictably go into a lymp or reduced power mode. But, the bottom line is these are and were very high tech cars for their production run, which was 2004 through 2010 for the first generation SRX models, although I have read prior that even the smaller 2nd gen SRX models have had similar issues.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 56,788
    edited March 15
    There's no one solution and that's the problem. The causes can be a very long list of possibilities. Only a careful step by step diagnosis can explore the various sensors and modules and their inputs and interactions. Folks sometimes ask "Where is the Stability Control System?" Well, the answer is that there isn't one. It's no one thing or one component. It only exists as a network of things.

    The reason that many owners remain frustrated with the problem is that it is often misdiagnosed or diagnosed too hastily.

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  • rickcookrickcook Posts: 2
    I have owned an 2005 SRX with the V8 Northstar since new and can answer alot of issues from having lived through a number of the related issues. As many say, it can be a very scary AND dangerous feeling when the reduced engine power, stability track and other alert systems trigger. Many of these systems talk to each other and when one sensor, component or what have you goes bad, it can cause other system flags to set off. While each case can be somewhat different, their are typically a handful of culprits that cause them. Let me know of any specific issues and am glad to help with my past experience
  • My 2006 SRX was bought last week in ohio by a good friend helping me out since I am a disabled single mom. When driving to Texas from Ohio she said the engine purred and acceleration was quick. But after putting  $2k plus into the car, spark plugs replaced, lights replaced, brakes replaced, new tires I am finding the opposite. The acceleration is awful going up hills or coming out of a stop, the car shakes when idling, the engine light is on and today it sputtered and some smells. I know there is some gunk the mechanics are cleaning out, but the acceleration problem concerns me. I have a three year old no money and disabled. I didn't realize this was a GMC product, I would have gotten the Acura. 

    I saw that this may be a transmission programming issue with the acceleration, has anyone else tried that?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 56,788
    First thing that has to happen is that a good mechanic has to hook up his/her scan tool and capture some data to see what systems or circuits are not operating properly.

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  • richard_dixonrichard_dixon Posts: 1
    We bought a used 2014 SRX with 32,000km four weeks ago and within three days the engine light came on, stabilitrac light and limp mode engaged. turning the vehicle on / off etc would not allow the car to drive normally. We took it to our dealership and they replaced the Accelerator Module apparently. A week later, the clock spring behind the Airbag failed, and the entire steering column had to come out to fix it. Yesterday, the Engine Light, stabilitrac light and limp mode came on again, so my wife drove straight to the dealership. They say that they cannot find anything wrong with the vehicle, the fault code indicates the Accelerator module but it checks out ok. Which means they haven't fixed anything, just reset the fault code. I am planning a road trip in a months time in this car, if it goes into Limp Mode again, is there anyway I can reset it myself, or will I have to find a Cadillac dealership... at the moment, I am feeling as though I may have to rent a car for the Road Trip, rather than take my own Cadillac.. Does anyone have any knowledge of this at all?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,637
    Do you know what the actual code is? Is the dealership where you bought it at least a GM dealer where they might have more specific procedure to follow instead of just replacing a part ?
  • ccblackmanccblackman Posts: 1
    Car issues is very frustrating,  Being a woman in my 20's had no clue what could be the problem. I have a 2010 SRX for 2yrs now two weeks ago engine light came on dealership said replace four catalytic converters, four of them WOW! $1500 left disappointed.  Bought fuel treatment problem solved I thought decided light on again changed one converter light gone. Now acceleration problem never vibrated or died on me Thank God!! I haven't taken it to dealership yet. Want to narrow down what could be the problem. Thinking back through the yrs working on my other cars had similar issues but funny part it required different parts each time. Hope this helps. First brotherly advice buy a service manual to troubleshoot problems saved a lot of money doing it myself, which I did get my hands dirty as long as he had that orange cleaner, I was fine. He was worried about my nails than I was. Ok, 81 Pontiac (same issue as SRX) needed rebuilt transmission a lot $$$$ traded. Move to another state 4 hours away from my bro.  86 Subaru hatchback bought svc manual again this time shaking putt putt, it was a two inch hose about size of straw opening connects to engine and air valve/throttle solved it.  Thank God!! No accident.  Hesitation It was Transmission Module solved it.  95 El Dorado hubby running to different mechanics Svc manual we can fix it or narrow possibilities could be a switch from past experiences. Manual listed two issues modulator or relay switch got both, solved. Next car 2008 used Kia optima same issue as SRX it was a bad spark plug and 1 spark plug wire, got a tune-up problem fixed.  As a teen mom 71Buick had same issue as SRX it was two vacuum hoses. HOPE THIS HELPS

  • jsmammkmmjsmammkmm Posts: 1
    I took my 2011 Srx in  for same thing and was told they could not tell me what is wrong without code. But, they did say flushing the transmission may help?  It seems that may not from what I have read on this forum 
  • patwie12patwie12 Posts: 2
    The 3rd time in the shop in 4 months...each time ran a scan to see what was wrong. I took it in this time for the Loss of Acceleration issue. (that was not an issue before I took it to the dealership shop the 2 times before only happened after "they fixed it" other issues) They only found it needed a software update that was released in 2004....dare I say wth....why was this not done years ago? Why was this not noticed the last 2 times in? Will this fix the Loss of Acceleration issue? $211.00 later I guess we will see if passing a car and a semi coming...will it work? or is that something I never get to do any more? I have a 2004 srx v8. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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