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Explorer vs Pathfinder

kasrhpkasrhp Posts: 11
edited April 2014 in Ford
Currently, I own a 2004 F-150 Lariat supercrew. My wife is pregnant, so I am looking to get something safer and more usable(dont really use the "truck" part much). Im looking for a 4x4 with all of the safety features available. I think the choice has come down to two vehicles. the 06 and up explorer limited's, and the Pathfinder LE's.
They both seem like pretty comparable vehicles. Can anyone pull me one way or the other? Any vehicle more reliable than the other? More expensive to maintain and repair? More comfortable? Better off road etc?
Thanks a lot for your input. Just tough decision between the two.


  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    I have a 02 Explorer XLT V8 and it's been quite reliable. My friend has a 07 Pathfinder and it's been reliable to her as well. The Explorer is not unibody so even though it has 4 wheel independent suspension, the ride can still be bouncy unlike the Pathfinder. However, like you said, you don't really use the truck part that much, I would say go for the smoother ride Pathfinder. If all you want is a safe all weather vehicle for your wife and the newly member of the family, you might want to check the Ford Edge. I was going to suggest the GMC Arcadia but it has many crazy issues with it and GM might go belly up, so that's out. But the ride and safety feature of the Edge is quite amazing.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    I looked at Ford Explorer between buying my 2001 and 2005 pathfinders. I preferred the ride of the pathfinder, the looks etc. I am not a big fan of American cars.
    I find that the Pathfinder is friendly as far as being able to see out of it (rear esp) and it is a good fit (I'm a petite woman).

    Additionally, I drove an Acadia as a rental car while my car was getting body work done.
    I.would.not. under any circumstances buy an Acadia unless you can get a backup camera.

    It is very difficult to see out the back.
    quick story:
    i drove it to my son's baseball game, parallel parked. My husband parked his corvette behind me.
    when I went to leave, I could not see his car back there. Not in the mirrors or by turning around while backing up. I basically took out the front of his car.

    I also found this car (acadia) to be a DOG as far as pick up acceleration etc.
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