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Subaru Forester 2003 - no power, CEL



  • No - my Subaru problem had nothing to do with "creaking". Mine had to do with major/catastrophic overheating. Subaru wants nothing to do with it - except to offer me a $1000 "Customer Loyalty" incentive towards the purchase of a "previously unused Subaru". Hmmmmm...had to turn that down. Let's 55,000 miles my engine blows and all Subaru can say is - Well, we'll give you a grand off a new one. Sorry - I'm not that loyal.

    BTW - winter is coming. I have my can opener in the glove box to PRY open the fuel tank door (when temp goes into single digits) that they could never seem to fix. "Oh - this happens all the time in cars".....

    The only worse story I ever heard was from Ford: the paint is chipping because of "acid rain".

    I am so tired of getting screwed.
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