K&N air filter for a used 2005 S-type R

jpstax1jpstax1 Member Posts: 197
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I've been toying with the idea of replacing the drop-in OEM air filter with a K&N one. Has anyone done this, and if so, have you had any engine problems as a result? I'd appreciate a reply.


  • brianbjgbrianbjg Member Posts: 5
    I've been using the K&N air filters on all my cars for years. Have had one on my 2007 S-Type R and it works great. When it gets dirty, cleaning and re-oiling it is a breeze, I would recommend you purchase the cleaning kit when you get it, or later on when you will need it. You'll never need to buy another air filter.
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    We were driving in Arizona and our Jaquar 2003 S-type suddenly lost all power and eventually came to a stop in the desert. It was discovered the mechanic who installed the air filter used the wrong one. How will this affect performance? We were towed 35 miles to a repair shop, had to stay the night in Prescott with no car!
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