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2010 Honda Accord



  • johngf1johngf1 Posts: 37
    Love the coupe - great looks and handling but could and should be faster w/ 190 HP. Over 30 mph last week in trip to mountainous Vermont. The a/c really bothers me though. Again I guess its the 4 cy but I drove from Florida to NY last year in a 2009 Accord 4 dr 4 cy and never encountered the ac problem. I can live with it but I'm still not happy.
    Thanks for your comments.
  • I'm preparing to purchase a 2010 V6 in Ohio. The sticker is 29,800, and very readily the dealer dropped the price to 25k and change due to cash from Honda. My question is this: How much lower can I begin to negotiate? It appears to me that they still have plenty of room.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I would say that is already pretty low.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    I'd be happy with that price. Tell him to prep it for you and go on out and enjoy it. It's a great price for a great car. Any further haggling may put a few dollars in your pocket but leave you with a bad taste over the experience.
  • blankyblanky Posts: 1
    I bought last weekend, same model (sticker 29,815 + mud flaps). I talked them down to 24,500 (with 1200 off) or 25,700 (with 0.9% financing). I was then able to get the edmunds suggested trade-in price for my old civic. I was satisfied with that deal. ended up taking the extra 1200 off, and got 2.0% bank financing. total out of pocket was less.
  • Anyone had issues with the door panes on the Coupe? This is next the windows at the top of the doors. I've had my car 2 monthsthe black panels discolored. The dealer replace both last week, now they are already discolored again. I don't have any idea what causes this or how to fix it. It looks like oil from the arm makes them discolor. It shouldn't though.
  • I turned in my 07 EX-L and went right into another EX-L without test driving it.
    The 07 drivers seat seems to be much more comfortable than the new 2010 seat.
    Anyone else experience this? Besides that everything else about the car is very nice.
    Completely revamped over the 07 model. I wish they came with a built in power inverter for my laptop but I guess you cant have everything. Bluetooth is a nice feature.
  • ahqahq Posts: 37
    My 2010 LX Sedan has black door panels. I've had it for 2.5 months so far. One day, my mom, who was sitting in the passenger seat on a sunny day, held a newspaper in front of her head, alongside the window, to block out the sun. In the process, the newspaper brushed alongside the door panel a few times and was stored in the door pocket. There were blue-ish newspaper ink streaks that were picked up by the plastic on the door panel! Pretty amazing - and disappointing. Fortunately, I was able to get most of the newsprint ink out by scrubbing it off with a damp cloth.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    I don't think you can blame Honda for that. I would blame the ink manufacturer for designing ink that easily rubs off the paper.

  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    1. Are your door handles very stiff? Mine are, all 4 inside and outside.

    2. Every time I pull in the garage there is a slight engine surge as I creep forward. Normal?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Putting cloth in the most used area of the car isn't the best idea. It should atleast be like the upper trims, not cloth, wouldn't have to be leather, but a good point that could have been addressed better.

    I used to have an 06 Accord SE, with black cloth. Loved it. Cozier. However, I have a leased car with leather now, I don't see myself going back to cloth. The dirt and upkeep of vacuuming and more people using my car now than before would hurt any cloth you may have. My leather looks like the day I bought it.

    Pros and cons to both.
  • degsdegs Posts: 1
    This sounds like the exact same problem I am having with my 2010 Honda Accord. But this Accord is the 5th one I have leased since 1998 and I have never had a major issue. I have notice that the front end popping/knocking does not happen all the time but only after breaking frequently, as when stuck in freeway backup. And the noise continues at low speed up to 15-20 mph, so I not convinced its only the break. The car has only been in the shop once for 3000 mile oil change and to check this noise (nothing was found or done) but now has 5000 miles after driving on vacation. I will be contacting my dealer to take the car in again. This sounds like a design or part defect to me. My 2007 Accord was the model year before the 2010 and did not have this problem.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    2. Every time I pull in the garage there is a slight engine surge as I creep forward. Normal?

    I suspect you may be experiencing the A/C cutting off/on. When the compressor turns off, it allows a bit more power to the wheels that is no longer powering the A/C. It shouldn't change RPM more than 50-100 though.
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    A/C was not on.

    It felt like it wanted a downshift.
  • As for the door handles, yes mine have been stiff since day1, especially the drivers door. Sometimes I swear it's locked even though it's not, and sometimes I think somethings gonna break by pulling it so hard. This happens on both the outside and inside handles. :cry:

    I also pull my car into the garage every day and probably get what I would consider a really small surge, nothing that I would be overly concerned about though. :D
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    You might want to talk to the dealer. My 04 I4 Accord also had a slight surge when pulling in/out of my garage. It was past annoying to the point of almost dangerous. Eventually they did release a TSB on the problem. It required re-programming the computer, and it successfully took care of my problem. Maybe there is a TSB for yours?

  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    I'll check for any TSBs. There used to be an Internet site with all TSBs, I'll see if it still exists.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024


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  • zatireszatires Posts: 39
    Anybody having this issue?
    2010 EX-L

    When nobody is sitting on the passenger seat, the headrest of the seat is making a ticking sound, clicking sound when the road is not smooth, which mainly is most of my driving.

    And thus it is driving me nuts. If I end up holding the headrest it does not make the sound. Will need to take it to dealer when the service is due, but i do not know if they will actually fix anything.

    I also have a rattle in the steering wheel, on the horn cover. When you put a little bit pressure on the horn cover plastic it stops the rattle.

    And of course the door handles.

    Crazy. This much sound coming from a door handle while trying to open the door. This is not supposed to be a truck from the 80s.

    Anybody having the same issues, and got them fixed somehow?
  • kingrkingr Posts: 61
    Is this normal? Have an EX-L V6 Sedan, When I first put the car in drive mostly notice after backing out of a space then going to drive, I hear a noticeable click sound when I first start driving, I'm thinking it's normal but wanted to check with other owners.

  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    It's normal. Something like the anti-lock brakes doing a self-test--whatever, they all do it.

    Yes, my door handles are also stiff & noisy and seem to be getting worse as time goes on. bizarre.
  • We bought our 2010 Accord V-6 in November, have 11k+ miles on it, and haven't noticed any tranny problems. The VCM is noticeable at first, but when you get accustomed to it, it's hardly noticeable. When accelerating rapidly, you'll notice the nice, tight shifting as if you're doing it manually, which I really like.

    We have noticed the quirky driver-side door handle sometimes seeming "locked". The only other issue we have is a rattle-type vibration coming from somewhere in the area below the radio, or so it seems. Have checked for loose items in the glove compartment and all the cubbyholes, but haven't found anything. Anyone else notice this...if so, what is it? I'm going to ask the service tech on the next service visit.

    Overall, we LOVE our Honda. Researched for months, asked everyone with a Honda, found no one with anything bad to say.
  • bluepearl1bluepearl1 Posts: 7
    edited August 2010
    On August 12, I bought a Honda Accord V6 EX-L with Navigation for $28,350 with .9% finance. Had I not taken the .9% financing, then the cash price of the car would have been $27,300. Anyways, the total for me came out to be, $28,350+$399 (Doc)+$1,797 (6.025% tax)+$210 for Utah Licensing. The OTD price was $30,756. Since I got .9% financing, I financed the whole amount and I drove the car home paying nothing up front. My first payment of $524.41 will begin on Sep 11. I got the car in Bali Blue Pearl. And I think that this color is awesome. You can get this color only in the 2010 V6 models and beginning 2011 that color is no longer available.

    I have so far driven 500 miles in this new car and I have no issues. All my doors open with ease (no issue with the drivers side door as has been reported in this forum), the engine is super smooth. The VCM is only felt if I want to accelerate very fast otherwise I can not tell when it engages or disengages. I did not find any issue with the transmission abruptly shifting at the 22 to 25 mile range (again another issue reported in this forum earlier). Also there is no creaking noise that I can notice coming from within or outside of the car. There is of course the well known road noise that you get from any Honda Accord. But I am a past Accord owner and it does not bother me. In fact, that road noise feels good to me as I know on what kind of surface I am driving. Before buying this car I test drove a 2008 BMW 528i (certified car) but the overall feel of the Accord was better (and of course it is a new car). The engine power seemed similar to the BMW. At least I did not see any difference.

    My only regret is that the car does not have memory in the drivers seat, I did not get the rear camera and there is no iPod connectivity. All of these are available as standard accessories in the 2011 Accord in the same trim level. So perhaps I should have waited and examined the 2011 Accord before I made my purchase.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Welcome and enjoy your new ride.
  • First, let me say that this is my wife's car and I don't drive it everyday, but I have been experiencing more noticeable surging when driving in very modest hills between 50-60 mph. However, today, I am almost certain that the transmission was not shifting into 5th gear - even on flat freeway pavement at 70+ mph. The engine sound seemed to be higher than normal and the rpms seemed to be more like I was still in 4th gear. The performance was great, but it just didn't feel or sound normal. I took it to the dealer and a technician drove it and checked it for codes. Said there was no problem - everything normal.

    My question: What is the normal engine rpm for a 2010 V6 Sedan with automatic at exactly 70 mph - assuming you are in 5th gear and on flat pavement?
  • It should be much closer to 2000 RPM than 3000 RPM.
  • I've had an 08 & currently own a 2010 V6 sedan, both would tach @ 2,400 RPM @ 70MPH.
  • The outside driver's door handle is much harder to use than the others on my 2010 Accord EX-L V6 sedan. Sometimes, I think the door is still locked, but I haven't mentioned it to the dealer.
  • Thank you. 2400 rpm at 70 mph sounds reasonable. The dealer is still checking mine to see if it acted any different when cold. I'll have an opportunity to check it at 70 mph freeway driving with cruise control on the way home later this evening.
  • Car was NOT ready this afternoon. Second technician drove the car extensively and said there was no problem whatsoever with the transmission. The "surging" was attributed to this model's normal "grade logic" that changes rpm or gears as appropriate for terrain. HOWEVER, he did notice the unusual "engine" noise, but diagnosed it as a passenger side rear wheel bearing. Parts in stock, will replace this evening and test again tomorrow AM - mainly to see if the noise went away or, possibly, that the driver's side wheel bearing is also making a noise. Keeping a loaner overnight.
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