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Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



  • I have a 95 with the same issue's i
  • I have a 95 rodeo with 117K miles got it 2yrs ago and thought I got a good deal still do seeing I got it for 1400 I frist sew the rot fixing my right side rear tire so I looked around the back end was bad but with a car this old and living in NYC (are steets suck thanks mayor mike) I thought it was just my car over the past 3 months my back bamper has fallen off and now I keep feeling my back end shift to the right. I found this forum looking to see if my engine woulf fit a 02 rodeo that I found (but haven't bought) on CL with a blown engine glad I found it I think I'll just look for something else as for my rodeo you all have show me that it is unsafe to drive and I thank you isuzu really needs to put a recall on this model :lemon:
  • jault1jault1 Posts: 1
    I too filed a second claim for frame rust. We need to all go back to the beginning and file a new complaint with pointing out the frame rust and not the suspension link and how the recall is not fixing the problem in many cases.
  • Mine has been verbally verified as a category 5. As my rodeo is in impound, gas tank off, awaiting the junk yard due to the one foot hole inside the frame i am told that isuzu will contact me in a week or so after their final investigation. Until then what am i supposed to do? No rental cars are given, no compensation in sight... Last i knew I took car of my car and it was taken by them... They are not held responsible for me keeping my job? I understand the recall, but toyota (Tacoma) and ford (minivans) were recalled as well, and during the waiting period they provided rentals. Isuzu is exempt from this? This is where we need the class action suit...
  • jsabojsabo Posts: 2
    Stage 4 rusted frame. Isuzu got pictures from the Isuzu Certified Service Center more than a week ago but they didn't get back to me with "results of their review". They don't even give you a time frame. Looks like they don't know what to do and they are giving everybody the same crap: "We have so many "HAPPY" customers, you just the "ONLY ONE" that is unhappy. Does that sound familiar?
    So, how many NOT SO HAPPY people are out there?
    I am one.
  • It is all a joke. I was on the phone with them yesterday - on hold 1.5 hours...after 1 hour earlier in the day - for a fax they lost - x 3! We had our car fixed two years ago when they told me I was the only one with a rust issue and our car was 6 months out of frame warranty...just a joke - on me! We are trying to get our money back and they are jerking us around - been back to dealership twice...I won't tell you what they said about Isuzu...none of it is good - the repair job - recall fix is a joke.
  • I was able to contact a higher authority in the Isuzu USA corp. He had absolutley NO more info than the customer support managers that say they are processing our claims yet have no other answers. I called them out, told them our shared opinion that they had no idea what to do about the category 4 and 5 recalls, and asked again about rental compensation... That is not going to happen unless a third party mandates it. The gentleman at corporate told me the dealership had no right to retain my vehicle. Liability isn't an issue with these people? I'm glad the dealership kept it, the frame was totally rotten!
  • Honda here in northeast Ohio is paying for a rental for 6-8 weeks the repairs on my stage 4 rust will take. Let Isuzu know that.
  • rustpilerustpile Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I just received the most insulting offer of $1538.00 for my one owner well kept always maintained 2001 Rodeo(133,000m). This has me furious that Izuzu would not offer me the PRE-recall market value of my vehicle. They want you to believe that the value of your vehicle is only worth the frame channel they hoped to repair it with, now they want to recoup the cost of that channel by offerring you just $1500. In truth they get the cost of their repair bracket back and you get NOTHING! I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (, and I hope everyone else does too. It's not our fault these Izuzu Rodeos have a structure issue on otherwise perfectly good vehicles and WE should not have to accept the unsatisfactory buyout Izuzu has offerred. FTC Complaints file NOW! Thank you in advance of whats right.
  • Well I spoke to Jim at Isuzu today and after the 4th time faxing it he received my fax of my bill of sale. The paper I faxed him was my original bill of sale from the used car dealer I purchased it from on 2/24/2010 at a price of 4895.00. My rodeo looked fine underneath until they tried to attach something to the frame the only thing holding it together was paint. I had already received the 1500.00 offer and told them to go get stuffed. I hope this works out good some how. :lemon:
  • Was just offered $1700 for my 2001 w/80,000 miles. One vehicle owner, no other problems except the frame is totally useless. Told the guy I spoke with that when the driver's side bracket broke & it pulled me off the road, I felt fortunate that the passenger's side didn't break to pull me into oncoming traffic. He said....What's your point? Not friendly at all. I "took" the offer....he said to fax title & registration & someone would meet me at the dealership with paperwork for me to sign and a check.
    Should I hold off? I'm not desparate for the money, though it would be nice, and feel like maybe I should hold off to see how all this blows over.
  • knp412knp412 Posts: 17
    Do not sign off on this there are about 150,000 to 200,000 other people in the same boat We need to fight this together the more people we have the better off we will be
  • they should go back further because my 97 has serious rear end frame rust along with the front bumper
  • I too have been communicating with that particular person from Isuzu, i'm thinking there are three yahoos working there answering these phones. Making some great joke of us all. Placing bets on which one of us goes postal on them in their little shack. I have faxed my registration, bill of sale, and some major engine repairs (such as a new one bought and installed only two years ago). What at first sounded like i would receive an instant offer upon faxing these documents has now become another unknown amount of time before a decision is made. I won't take less than $4000. Anything short of that is an insult beyond belief. We need to find a law firm that will take this case as a class action. There already is one for our bad motors. I say we band up and find a lawyer to take this case and put it to them! Let this forum know if anyone finds such a law firm.
  • jmcd2jmcd2 Posts: 4
    Do not take the offer. I was just offered 3000 due to the fact tha my frame is cracked. Seems like the amount is rising. PLEASE file claims with NHTSA, and the FTC. I contacted our local news station that had done a report on this problem and they want to do a follow up since they have received multiple complaints. Contact me if you are in the Pittsburgh area.
  • They offered me the same insulting offer, I refused it....I have filed complaintes with BBB, the NYS attorney generals office, NHTSA, my local news station, and I will go now and file with the FTC. This is ridiculous that no one is stepping in and helping all of us with this....and the NHTSA is not even returning calls or emails now....I am also the original owner of my 2001 Rodeo with only 121,000 miles....this is a joke!
  • I am from the Pittsburgh area, Latrobe. I had my part of my frame welded last June because it would not pass inspection, cost me 1500. Also had the bracket replaced before the recall last fall because it cracked. I know there is more rusting but I cant go without a car and the dealership is too far away for me to work out a time frame. I don't know what to do.
  • They don't care how much rust is on the rest of the frame....they are only covering the 'bracket'. I have been told even if they do the repair on my truck it will still not pass inspection and will not be safe to drive because of the extensive frame rust on the rest of the frame....but they will not cover it or fix it...and say they don't care! Everyone needs to file with the NHTSA for the entire frame rust...not just the lower link. I talked to a guy at the NHTSA yesterday and he told me there were only 140 cases open with them for the 2001 Rodeo's....I know there are more out there....if more people don't file we won't get a recall because they won't open a defect investigation until there are more complaints!

    PLEASE everyone go and file a complaint with the NHTSA!

    On an even more ridiculous dealer said they are going to start charging me storage fees if I don't let them make the fix or tow it back to my house.....this is so ridiculous...thanks for caring and taking care of your customers guys!....Of course they had no problem taking my 25K when I bought it new....but now could careless about us!
  • Excessive corrosion is a STRUCTURE problem, so when filing a complaint with the NHTSA please make sure to file under STRUCTURE: FRAME. All of us who are affected by this should take the time to file a complaint :( We need to get all of these unsafe vehicles off of the road!
  • knp412knp412 Posts: 17
    I filed a claim with everyone I could thing of. The NHTSA,BBB,FTC and Maine Attorney general . Is there anymore places to file a claim ? Im trying to see if a lawyer would get involved . If worst comes to worst I will have to file a small claims court order and get the maine max of 6500.00 better than 1500.00 .
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