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Infiniti Elite Maintenance Plan - is it worth having?

yasush_nj_09yasush_nj_09 Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in INFINITI
I just bought EX35 journey RWD and need to select maintenance package: 1) essential, 2) deluxe,3)elite 1 & 2, 4)premium.

my care includes:
premium package
tech package
navi + view monitor, wood trim etc

I am not sure if I had better have one of these. Could someone have this type of package share your thoughts?

In addition, the dealer recommends century finishing touch protection package. Is it worth?



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    jmessjmess Member Posts: 677
    You don't need them and they are not worth it. These packages are all high dealer profit and low consumer value.
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    yasush_nj_09yasush_nj_09 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tip. I am glad to hear from someone who shares the same thought. I will happily opt out these options.

    I upgraded from a 10-year-old G20t to EX35. Time has past and things were changed. When I bought G20t, the dealer never told me such thing.

    But now, the dealer confused me a lot with different maintenance packages and warranties. They are becoming like Dell/HP. Spending 40K and have to worry about a potential deadly mechanical failure from day one.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The option they didn't give you is "none of the above." :shades:

    You might enjoy Confessions of an Auto Finance Manager.
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    foxwizfoxwiz Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I calculated the cost of the service for my G37 Convertible at around $3500+ over the next 5 years/75k miles. This is paying as you go for oil changes every 3750 miles, the 14,30,45,60,75 services, fluids, and other misc items.

    I purchased the Premium plan for $2339 and that gives me a savings of $1,161 over the next 75k miles. Since the package is in my loan, the payment doesn't go up that much and I don't have to fork over money for service each time I go to the dealer.

    For example, the 30k service alone is about $670. I won't have that charge to deal with in 2 years!

    Yes, it's a good deal.
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    yasush_nj_09yasush_nj_09 Member Posts: 3
    After one year, I only went to get service three times [every 3750 miles] and paid about $250 as total. It might be depending on how much you drive every year. if you drive a lot like 15K miles/year, It may make sense to get maintenance package.
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