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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • We just got an estimate for $1080.29 to replace part of the manifold that is cracking on our 99 Villager with 96k. Don't know if any of the bolts were broken but it seems I read about this problem, which is why I'm looking here tonight.
  • The rear section of manifold has a crack in it, the estimate is for $1080 from our local Ford dealer. Is this something that should be done by the dealer? I've been told that the engine has to be dropped to fix this, is there anything else that should be done while the engine is dropped, like the other section of manifold, timing belt, other belts? I hate to spend this much money on our van that has 96,000 miles, we were starting to think of replacing it soon, I guess will be holding on to it longer now. Thanks
  • I own a 96 quest. My light has been on for sixty thousand miles. The dealer said it was a bad sensor throwing the code. I say drive it until it stops running.
  • Well it is about that time for the 105K timing belt replacement on my 99 Quest. Anyone know how much I can expect to pay? Also I still have the original spark plugs in it - hope they can get them out.
  • mottsmotts Posts: 9
    Hi Kenata, could you be a little more specific as to where you attached the ground wire on the actual switch and the metal of the vehicle, Thanks Motts
  • mottsmotts Posts: 9
    I have had the same problem with the fuel smell in my 94 quest. It would occur in cold temps. After tightening the clamps on an 8" piece of rubber hose fuel line one too many times I had my mechanic replace the hose/clamps and haven't had the problem since. The line is located under the hood on top of the engine just slightly to the right side, Motts
  • glow1glow1 Posts: 3
    I was considering using the graphite solution on my 93 Villager but couldn't be bothered to go and buy some. Also was told by a mechanic that graphite might only make things more sticky. I instead literally flooded the ignition cylinder with a spray can of "contact and head cleaner" which is normally used for tape heads on cassete players and VCR's. Took my stuck cylinder lock and cleaned it out and got it turning like a charm. Now if it gets a little stiff again just give it another treatment.
  • I replaced the resistor in my fan like you suggested and
    it fixed the problem (of only blowing on high) for about one it's bad again, only blowing on hi. Could it be something else? PS...the resistor is about $40.
  • My fan only works on hi, and have replaced the $40 fuse
    twice, and it's still only working on hi. I also replaced
    the switch. Any suggestions?
  • Ever since I have had this 2000 Vilager, when turning
    it makes a crunching/rubbing sound. Like the wheels are rubbing agains the wheel wells. I have had it checked numerous times, but that's not it, and no one seems to know why it makes this noise. I have had the motor mounts replaced and the shocks tested. Any suggestions?
  • Hello, Have 98 Mercury Villager which had been sitting a while. After having replaced brakes and rotors all around along with struts and front glass took to using it again. Runs fine but the windows and door locks work about 1/4 of the time. Yesterday fine today nothing. Pulled the cover from the fuse cover and it doesn't tell me which is responsible for these functions.

    Anyone have clue which fuse position to check?


  • donalddonald Posts: 2
    My 1995 Villager has a loud squeal when the engine is idling. I now have a new power Steering Pump, Pulley Assembly, Belts and an array of other hardware amounting to a little over $600.00 because I complained about the squeal to my mechanic. I'm out all the money and still have the squealing noise at idle. Not just a little squeak, I mean people are looking to see where the noise is coming from. Does anyone have any idea about what to do? :confuse:
  • donalddonald Posts: 2
    Hi...I have 1995 Villager. Chances are the fuse line-up for my Villager is different than yours, but a possibility is to go to and search the website for an "owner manual" for your model. They are downloadable for free. That' :) s what I did and it give the complete owners book including the fuse line-up. You may then have a better chance of getting a solution to your cars issue. I hope this has helped at little, at least. Cordially, Yours, Donald
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    My 2k does the same thing. Everyone that has looked at (dealer and independant mechanics) says everything is tight and looks fine. Pay that much for a vehicle and have to put with oddities like that. I would like a possible answer myself.
  • Ok I've checked all the fuses and the resistors, no problems there....I am at a loss, It was working great one day and then the next day, no fan blowing any heat. I live in Alaska, so if anyone can help it would be nice.... It's about -10 degrees outside right now and it feels colder in the van. anyone with similar problems?? Its a 1993 Nissan quest has about 150,000 miles on it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Thanks for reminding me why I moved south. :-)

    Check out this link too. Maybe a circuit board has a cold solder joint or fried part?

    Steve, Host
  • My 95 Villager has a very similiar problem also!This noise comes from the power steering belt pulley.It makes a lot of noise after being started from cold,but usually disappears after 10-15 minutes,during which it gradually quiets down.I have noticed it particularly noisy in the colder months.I believe it is an inherent flaw in the bushing/bearing of this pulley because it is improperly lubricated.I have noticed that it completely quites down for half a minute or so when it is sprayed with water.I have previously removed it ,and it seemed perfectly ok.Next,I will remove and lightly grease or oil the bushing.Ibelieve this will fix it.
  • I have a 98 Villager with 86k. I had to add about 20 ounces of coolant to my overflow tank yesterday. I had previously done this (added coolant) in early September. Any idea where the coolant is going. I'm concerned because the cooling system is closed and it should not be needing fluid. I probaly put 5k on the vehicle during this time frame. The van runs fine, it generally gets between 20 to 21 miles per gallon in mixed driving.

    I though I read something about this in a post a few years back.
  • daryl4daryl4 Posts: 5
    i have a 93 villager and it spits a spudders in park when you accel some times all the time looses power smells like fuel coming out of tail pipe eked tps/fuel presure 39 to 43 when it does this fuel presure goes to 43 then when it clears up it goes back to 39 cked all sensors but oxyjen sensor has any one else had this problem this is afriend of mines van he came to me as a last resort i think its ether the pcm or wiring harness please help
  • For all you owners of Quest/Villager minivans that have rear blowers not working,here is the way I fixed mine.After determining that the blower motor,resister,rear switch were working,I focused my attention on the main front HVAC contol unit.I discovered there is a small relay/microswitch on the circuitboard that supplys power to the rear blower motor.This is what the rear slider control up front is for.I found out about this relay through a different wiring diagram that my shop manual ommitted! Anyway,I bypassed this relay, unplugging and "bridging" the 2 wires together."Presto" the rear blower worked again!My alternative would have been to replace the entire main control,as the relay is integral andcannot be replaced.You can imagine how much those units cost.Did this about 6 months ago and have had no problems with the fix.
    h those units cost.
  • My wife has 2002 Nissan Quest with 36,000 miles on it and she is only getting about 10 mpg in the city and highway mileage is right at about 22-23. The dealer has checked fuel air mixtures and everything he says he can and reports no problem of course. This started about a year ago and has been in the shop 3-4 times for the problem. Low mileage only occurs in the city and not when taking long trips on the highway.

    Any ideas on what I might look at as a possible cause of this problem?
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Check your brakes. She may tend to ride the brakes in town, causing both wear on the brakes, but also poor mileage. A lot of stop and go or hilly terrain could also contribute to the problem.

    It seems to me that if you are getting OK mileage on the road but poor mileage in town that the problem is more likely related to driving style than to a mechanical problem.

    FWIW, I have a '99 and get about 16 mpg in town and fight to get over 20 on the highway.
  • mottsmotts Posts: 9
    Hello, I had a similar problem with slowly loosing coolant. I was also getting a coolant smell in the interior but once in a while. I ended up replacing the water pump when the timing belt was due to replace and the problem has not re-occurred since 1 year ago, hope this helps, Motts :lemon:
  • Thanks for the reply. I had my water pump and timing belt changed last year. Also, I never smell coolant in side the vehicle.
  • I am closing in on 90,000 on my 2001 Quest and will be looking at a timing belt/water pump change. Motts and riswami1, how much did this job set you back?

    Any info you have would be helpful.
  • mottsmotts Posts: 9
    The work cost me $600.00 taxes included. I live in Ont. Canada. The maintenance schedule recommended my 94 Quest to replace the timing belt at 168,000 klms. The water pump is not manditory but is suggested to replace since the labour involved is the same as the timing belt, Motts
  • My waterpump and timing belt change cost me $426 and change. I also had the accessory belts (3 of them) changed along with new coolant and the brake fluid flushed out and replenished. The mechanic I go to is very reasonable and compotent. I did my job on time. I didn't feel comfortable driving with the old timing belt; I'm going to keep this vehicle for awhile so it was going to get done eventually anyways.
  • I have a 1996 Mercury Villager with now over 281,000km's on it(from Ontario Canada). I have noticed lately that the Sunroof rattles a lot. I have opened and closed it to see it if is correctly closed and it seems ok. On really windy days you can hear the wind whisle through it. It doesn't leak (yet anyway). I was wondering if anyone can give me some sort of idea as to what could be possibly wrong.
  • Not a bad DIY project...I spent $25 on a Goodyear Gator timing belt, about $60 on the rest of the drive belts and about $40 on a new tensioner. $125? I would think a dealer would charge $400 or more. (While you're in there, change the coolant hoses). I just pulled my original plugs after 75K miles - they were tight. It appeared as though the gaskets stuck to the heads a bit. I coated the threads of the new plugs with anti-seize.
  • i only have about 5000 miles and just this am i noticed a mild humming noise when i am accelerating just slightly. no vibration just humming.
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