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Help with Purchase - BMW 328 ix or A4 2.0

montrotamontrota Member Posts: 7
edited July 2014 in Audi
I had a 2003 Audi 1.8T which I loved. Recently hit by a drunk driver and my car was totaled. May end up buying newer version of the same thing I had, but of course part of me thinks I should try something new. Considering the BMW 328ix. Test drove both and like them. I thought the BMW felt a little smaller in the driver's seat - does this seem accurate? I live in snowy climate and AWD is very important. Will BMW handle as well in the snow as my Audi did? Just realized that Audi no longer covers maintenance. Any estimate of how much this will cost me for 4 yrs - this will really allow me to compare apples to apples.


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    barryendbarryend Member Posts: 121
    You can prepay Audicare for 45,000 miles service. Around $700.00-750.00. A4 is much roomier than 328. Consider optional sports package with summer tires and switch to real snow tires. Drive them and decide.

    BMW is hurting so maybe you can squeeze them hard.
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    scottsa22scottsa22 Member Posts: 2
    The following article gives details on the $1500 BMW if offering to move up from an Audi-

    I saw this article today and added my thoughts to the blog discussion that follows the article-
    http://www.autospies.com/news/BMW-Launching-Direct-Strike-On-Current-Audi-Owners- -Is-THIS-Enough-To-Make-Them-Defect-52067/

    Abstract- Last week the Spies brought you the latest ad campaign from Audi, which directly targeted BMW's three recent losses in Car and Driver to Audi's S4, A6 and Q5.

    But look what we have here. Arriving in a little birdie's mailbox was a recent BMW deal targeting current Audi owners. It is a $1,500 credit that can be combined with any other BMW offer currently going on.

    I added to the blog-
    I find this comparison interesting since we just purchased a 2010 BMW 328ix wagon. We pick it up this week. I wonder if I will get the $1500 rebate since I am replacing a 2000 A4 Avant Quattro even though I already paid for the car.
    I probably would have purchased another A4 Avant quattro IF Audi OFFERED A MANUAL TRANSMISSION in 2010. What is Audi thinking by discontinuing manual transmissions in their A4? We loved the A4 avant quattro for 10 years but I need to manually shift my car. Few cars are still offered with a manual transmission (Subaru outback, BMW, Volvo V-50)
    I will be happy with the BMW 328ix.The 6-speed is fun. The panaramc sunroof is great and leather came free. It seems very tight and I am sold on the free 4 year maintenance with BMW. I also purchased the extended 10 year warranty and a 7 year warranty on the drive-flat tires.
    I loved past VW/Audi products but we want a manual transmission ... which are becoming extinct.
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    nwalkleynwalkley Member Posts: 9
    I love the car but in Jan. started repair nightmare resulting in $3600 replacement of fuel tank, senders, evaporation canister after inability to fill tank completely. After complaint Audi USA had dealer reimburse me $1800. Now, May, car will not start = engine engages, then stalls immediately. Initial diagnosis is fuel pump problem. Is this the beginning of many more problems such that it is time to dump this car and leave Audi altogether? I will not buy new, but If interested in a certified pre-owned comparable car, any suggestions?
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