Honda CR-V Cruise Control

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Cruise shuts off when set, first will change idle speed then start slowing down. if i hold down the gas peddle the cruise will eventually shut off. It will than work for awhile when the cruise is shut off and turned back on.


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    Both brake pedal and clutch pedal actuation will cancel cruise. So, if either of the switches are malfunctioning cruise won't hold.

    Not sure how it even hold the idle speed since cruise will not operate under 30 mph, as per OWNER's MANUAL.
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    I don't think I explained this very well. On the highway when cruise is set (getting progressively worst) all of a sudden a one or both of two things will happen, the vechicle will downshift and rpms will go up substantially (this happens on all terrans so it is not just down shifting to maintain speed). The Vechicle will then start to slow down. recently it has just been slowing down. you can when the cruise is working accelerate and then slow down to pass without it effecting the cruise. I do not know if it happens at slower speeds as our speed limits are in the 65 to 75 range on highways. as it slows down the cruise will shut off at some point and the cruise will not reset until the cruise switch is tuned off and then on agian. this is done without hitting any pedals ( as the brake shuts off all cruises except some of the old truck ones - more thortles than cruises). I am thinking that the cruise control unit is going out.
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    Ok, let me get this straight.

    You are driving along on the highway at 65 mph.

    You press the cruise control switch to activate it.

    Then you press "SET" button to set cruise control.

    Transmission shifts down, engine revs up, and the vehicle slows down?
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    I set the cruise and am cruising along for 30 minutes (of late) to 2 hours and then it happens.
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    I set the cruise and am cruising along for 30 minutes (of late) to 2 hours and then it happens.

    Do you have to go through a turn or something right before cruise shuts off? If so, the reel inside the steering wheel that routes the wires may have a short and is basically sending a "cancel" signal to the cruise unit.

    Just a thought.

    Try to note what happens right before cruise disconnects.
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    Nope - straights curves doen't matter
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    2003 uses electric actuator, not vacuum, like older models. But, it is still a cable operated kind that moves the throttle plate. I would check the cables to see if they are loose or worn.

    Also check the two switches at the base of brake pedal. One should be for the brake light, and the second should be for the cruise cancel. Although, they may have been combined.

    Chasing electric ghosts is not fun, but once you can reliably repeat the symptoms, you know you found the gremlin. Just follow the wires, and cables. Get the shop manual either form Helm corp or on ebay.

    Good luck.
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    thanks for your help.

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    2004 CRV AWD/AT 160k

    Car works well overall. Cruise control will hold for 30 to 40 minutes, less on hills. Then sputters, light on dash goes out, and cruise shuts off and speed drops. Car still running. Main cruise switch still on, but must be turned off and then on again to reactivate cruise control. The cruise system will now only hold for 10 or less minutes.
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    Sounds more like a loose connection on the cancel switch on the steering wheel. Otherwise, it's a brake or clutch switch that's comming on momentarily.

    The other, less desirable possibility is that the module that actuates the throttle is going bad. I think it's a stepper motor. IT might have an issue and is overheating after a while.
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    Hi everybody,
    anybody knows how can i disconnect the speed buzzer that my car has when the speed is upper 120Km/h (around 65 miles/h)? My car has not cruise controls, them really i do not know how to do it.
    Many thanks for your help,
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    Speed buzzer??? Where do you live that they require a speed buzzer when you exceed 120kph? That's not terribly fast. Is this something that a insurance company will give you a break for installing the device? Are you from Canada?

    I can only assume thsi is an aftermarket device that a good shop should be able to remove or disable. It's probably plugged into the ECU wiring harness wince it needs the speed information.

    Honestly, I've never heard of such a device.
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    I live in Spain but my car was bought in Saudi Arabia, them my car was made in EEUU. Really it is horrible this noise. I think Honda shop could remove it via computer as tyhis sound comes from the Honda center.

    Thanks a lot for your help,
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    I took my 97 CRV into the dealer, who said the module was shot. I got a salvage one on eBay ($35 as opposed to $350). The dashboard cc switch light turns on, but no dash display light comes on and no cruise control kicks in. Could it be the SET/RESUME switch? The odds of 2 modules being bad seem remote.
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    We just purchased a 2006 CRV in terrific condition. However, it has a reconstructed title because the air bags deployed and were never replaced. Also, the cruise control does not work. We checked the fuse and relay and both were fine, so took it to our trusted mechanic. After a thorough going-over he said the cruise control would not work until the air bags were replaced. Then the computer has to be re-set. Total cost, @$3,500. We only paid $6,000 for the vehicle. Does this sound right that the cruise control would not function if the vehicle lacked air bags?
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    I would expect the 2 features to be unrelated. However, the fault code for the air bag system might trigger a general interlock to disable certain systems. It might be designed to discourage drivers from not repalcing aribag systems.

    Personally I wouldn't drive a vehcile without airbags. The risk or neck and head injuries from impat to the windshield and/or stering column are very real.

    Also, I'd besuprised if you could get insurnace on a vehcile without them. You might have any medical claims rejected by both your car insurance and you medical insurance. the insurance for the other diriver might also be able to reject certain claims.

    Just all in all a bad idea. Get the car fixed! $10,000 in the end isn't a bad price for a 2006 in good condition otherwise. You might be able to get a regular title after the repairs are completed.
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