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Suzuki SX4 Highway Driving

arkainzeyearkainzeye Member Posts: 473
edited April 2014 in Suzuki
I wanted to know if the Suzuki Sx4 is sure footed on the highway. I have a 2004 chevy tracker (same as grand Vitara) and it is a mess on the highway in WIND.. Does wind effect the sx4 when driving at faster high way speeds?


  • kennybeeakkennybeeak Member Posts: 21
    Since no one else has responded let me put in my two cents worth. I haven't had any wind problems in freeway driving, but I have not had to deal with crosswinds much over 30 mph, so I may not be the best authority. What has struck me is that the Suzuki SX4 Crossover has a noticeable wider wheelbase relative to the upper part of the vehicle than does the Tracker or other small SUV-type vehicles. At least that's true in the rear. Park your Tracker next to an SX4, look at them from the rear, and see if you agree. I would think this wider wheelbase would make it inherently more stable than the Tracker. Any other thoughts out there?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye Member Posts: 473
    i just looked up the specs on my tracker and the sx-4 crossover and your right. the sx-4 is 1.6 inches wider at the front tire. the inside dia of everything is very close to my 04 tracker. sx4 has a little over 3 cubic inches More cargo space than my tracker. the tracker has 22 more HP, but is also 125 lbs heavier. The brakes on that sx-4 completely blow my trackers brakes away! i just didnt know how it would be on the freeway/highway.
  • nace818nace818 Member Posts: 140
    I have the SX4 Sport. I do notice some wind effect on the highway if there is a strong crosswind, though not enough to really bother me. This is because the car is so tall and narrow I think. You just have to keep both hands on the wheel to track straight, and as I said the wind has to be pretty strong like before a storm. But I really love this little car.
  • stinson108stinson108 Member Posts: 4
    I have only had my SX4 for a few weeks and a thousand miles, but I did drive home from a family visit on a very windy day recently. Tracked well. It did let you know it was windy out, but nothing particularly obnoxious and very easily controlled. For sure, it handles the wind better than my brother's big sport utility or my other brother's mini-van when I have been in them on windy days.

    I guess the short answer to your question would be: it seems pretty good in the wind to me. Actually, it seems pretty good in many ways to me. I really like the little thing, so far!
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