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VW Golf



  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    Having researched the Golf and read all the posts about its reliability, I have decided to not purchase at this time. I will save my $$ and see what 2004 will bring (looking forward to the new 1 series from BMW). Hopefully VW will work on reliability in the meantime. (The Corolla LE that I test drove yesterday was a disappointment. The A/C could not keep up with the 100+ heat outside and the steering wheel position was awkward no matter how it was tilted.)
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    After scouring the owners manual and searching the internet, I ahve no clue as to where the air filter is located- let alone how to change it. In the past, I've had cars where the air filter was literally in view (just unscrew the top and it pops out). Any advice on where to find it and how to change it? Thanks.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    If the engine bay is similar to the Jetta the air filter housing is a black box left when facing the engine.
  • I just got in my 2001 Golf GL earlier tonight and went to adjust the A/C, and saw that my climate control knobs were all dark except for the two A/C and re-circulation buttons. I know my friend with a 2000 Golf 1.8T had the same problem, and took his to the dealer. Am I left with the same option to light up that cluster again? Or does anyone know of a way to fix this annoyance easily myself?
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    Thanks for the tip. I looked, and saw two black boxes. One had a hose connecting to something else; the other was directly in front, right behing the left headlight. Unfortunately, I am not sure which one to open or whether the air filter will even fit. How would I go about opening the right box? What tools would I need?
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    the air filter is the box on the left - the one on the right is the battery cover. If you don't have a replacement filter for it don't even bother with opening it up. The filter is rectangular shaped. You have to release the hose clamp, pull the hose off and unclip the clips from the top side of the air box - easy.

    I've had a Golf and now have an 03 Jetta TDI wagon - no complaints and I'd buy another VW without hesitation.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I recently checked my air filter and I believe all you need is a phillips head screw driver. There are 4 screws that need to be removed and just gently pull up on the air box. I didn't even need to remove the hose clamp. Just don't "yank" the entire box so as to pull ther hose out of the housing.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    The air boxes for the TDI, 1.8T, VR6, etc all take the same filter (to a certain extent) but some mount differently and some open differently. On some you don't need to take the breather valve off to change the air box.
  • debbbbdebbbb Posts: 3
    i enjoy driving my 2001 golf gls. BUT tomorrow will be the seventh time that i have to bring it in for the engine light problem. the dealership says it is the new emissions regulations that make the light so sensitive. that they fix one thing and another is affected. seven times? has anyone else had this excessive problem? advise? my warranty runs out on 12 sep...
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    So perhaps that's why I've had problems finding the location of the air filter.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    How many miles do you have on your car?

    Also, ask the tech for the name of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes it is throwing to cause the Check Engine light to come on, so you can see if it's the same problem reoccuring.

    I just had to take my sisters beetle in for two DTCs, camshaft position sensor and engine speed sensor - both of which are most likely related to it needing a tune up (Spark Plugs, Wires, Rotor Cap).

    Hope this helps.

    - Anthony
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    OK... open the hood.

    When you are standing in front of the car, to the right in the front is the battery box. Behind it is the air box.

    On the left side of the air box, you will see a 2.5" tube coming out of it and going into the throttle body.

    To open the air box, on the back side of it there are two phillips screws. Unscrew them but don't worry, they won't come all the way out (so you can't lose them. Then lift that side up, and pull it so you can get it unhooked from the clips in the front of the airbox (closest to you).

    It's really straight forward and you will beable to do it once you take a look at it. :)

    - Anthony
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello, iam considering getting a 2003 golf gls with the 2.0 engine and auto. i have compared this car with others in this class and for the features to price ratio nothing else compares to it. also the golf is way cheaper to insure than the other cars i have been researching such as honda accord and civic among some others. should i get this car compared to a corolla, or a civic
    and a elantra they dont even come close to the features that the golf offers plus golf has better warranty. only thing that concerns me is VW reliability, and as most of you know compared to honda, toyota, nissan, its not that great. even with the long warranty its not worth the pain to keep bringing a car in to get fixed. honda does offer this piece of mind that vw does not. vw cars are alot like the stock market in that you toss and turn at night wondering whether or not its going to perform or not. at least with a honda you do get a little piece of mind and a good nites sleep. lol
  • debbbbdebbbb Posts: 3
    thanks for the insight anthony. i have 22,000 miles.

    i've moved my service date to next week. i'll see if they can pull all the DTC's from past service...

  • header2header2 Posts: 10
    I bought a 03 GTi, no complaints except for the window clips that broke and the long time it took for the dealer to get new ones, I have a friend who works in a dealer in san francisco and he told me that they had them in stock, when I rang up my dealer to complain, like magic the dealer suddenly got them in stock and i brought my car in the next day. I have alot of door rattles which is supposedly common in golf models, VW has a new clear tape that they put around the door frame that clears up the problem but you again have to complain alot to your dealer to have them put it on. Am I unlucky or are all VW dealers difficult to get them to fix faults.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello, iam in the market for a golf gls
    2003 and have found that nothing in its class can match the features to price
    ratio. however,i was concerned about some
    issuses that have been a problem for golfs in the past such as oil consumption problems with the 2.0 engine, and the windows falling down into doors, have these been fixed for the 2003 golfs? and i have also heard from other vw owners that vw service is not the best when it comes time to get the car serviced. its these issuses
    that have me a bit concerned and a little hessitant about purchasing a 2003 golf gls.
    if anyone can shed some light on these issues i would be most grateful. thanx steve
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    A cheap fix, and pretty common in the Jetta and Golf as well.

    As far as comparing the Echo to the Golf, no contest. My best friend has an 00 Echo that blows around on the highway at 60mph, let alone the 85 or so that a loaner Golf I had driven was stable at. The Golf just 'feels' heavier to drive and ride in.
  • I was able to finally take apart the housing for the air filter and replace it. It wasn't too hard, but took a little effort. Thanks again.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    It's a problem from the standpoint that you have to add a quart of oil between oil changes, but it is not an indication of any mechanical problem whatsoever with the engine. It's just the way the car is designed.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The 2.0 oil consumption issue, as far as I know, has been fixed for most '02 and '03 models. The 2.0 engine was NOT designed to consume oil. It was a problem with (I think) a part within the engine that was installed incorrect. This caused the oil to "burn" faster than normal. Newer models do not experience this. My 2.0 with 20K miles has not consumed any oil since I bought the car. People that are considering the 2.0 should not worry about this problem.
  • hi micweb, what car is your 2.0 engine in the golf or the jetta? iam considering a golf over thejetta cuz they are built in brazil not mexico, so they might be a bit
    more reliable. have your windows dropped yet? i love the 8 speaker monsoon sound system and the night time lighting within
    the dash and interior. just for these reasons alone i like the car. how do you like your car?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    ...with the exception of the headlamps, one burned out at 30,000 miles and the other about 4,000 miles later. The bulbs are cheap if you can figure out how to put them in yourself.

    I have a "made in Germany" two door GL Golf. That year there wasn't enough demand for the 2 Door, Five Speed, so they imported them from Germany.

    I will check with my dealer about the oil consumption. I always assumed they all did many people complain about it here. It's never affected performance and oil is cheap.

    I have 45,000 miles on the car now. The only service money I have put in it, was $500 for the 40,000 mile service (the 20,000 mile service was free that year).

    I highly recommend it for the solid, safe way it drives. Stock tires are good. Stock suspension is a little soft (but may have been changed by now? Mine is a 2001).

    In the stick shift version, the RPM's are fairly high, which makes it a very responsive freeway car, but the engine drones a little. Not horribly loudly, but thrums a little. Test ride with the radio off and the salesman off too and see how it sounds to you.

    The 2.0 is a way underrated car. The horsepower is either higher than stated, or the torque makes a big difference, because the car is a lot quicker than the stats would indicate. It's way too easy to exceed 100 mph if you get frisky.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    From Edmunds' coverage of the 2003 Frankfurt International Motor Show: 2005 VW Golf.


    Thanks for your comments! ;-)

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  • I have had my 2003 Golf GLS for a couple of weeks and I noticed a something funny about the windshield. I was wondering if anyone knew what was up. When I am driving directly into the sun, there is an optical effect that makes it difficult to see through the glass. It is like there are millions of microscopic pits and when the sun is coming in horizontally it reflects the light strangely - making it hard to see. I constantly feel the need to clean my windshield when I am driving west in the early evening even though it would have no effect. I always thought this came with time from dirt and things hitting the windshield, but this is a brand new car. Is this just a result of the way the glass is made, so it breaks properly in impact? It is like this on all the windows, but obviously I notice the most on the windshield. I thought I would check if anyone here knew before spending time bringing it in to the dealer. Thanks for any info!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Do you wear glasses or contacts? I have a 2002 Golf and have driven 1999-2003 Golf and Jetta and never noticed any problems similar to what you are describing.
  • Nope, no glasses or contacts. It would be nice if it were that simple, though! It is definitely in the glass. :( I guess I will take it in to the dealer and have them check it out since it is still under warranty. As the days grow shorter my commute home will soon fall into the "driving into the sun" category. Thanks!
  • hi skiles, how do you like your golf gls?
    besides the windshield, how do you like the car over all? iam considering a golf gls as well, or the jetta, i just think that they are among the best bang for the buck out there.infact, i just returned from my vw dealership and sat in a golf gls with the motor running and it was very`quiet,ac very cool, and the monsoon stereo sounding nice. i will be going back for a test drive soon.
  • dcgolfdcgolf Posts: 2
    Looking at a new 2003 Golf GLS (automatic). MSRP is $19,575. Offer is $16,800 + tax, freight, etc (basically, $20k out the door). How does this compare to what other people paid?
  • mitikomitiko Posts: 1
    $16.8k for an 03 auto is an excellent price. Friends of mine got an '03 manual for $17.6K.
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