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VW Golf



  • eleanor99eleanor99 Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum, but I hope you can help me out. My dog has chewed part-way through the rear driver's side seat belt of my 2004 Golf. The seat belt still functions, but looks worse for the wear--and I take safety very seriously, so I'm uncomfortable with the idea that its function may have been compromised. I asked for an estimate at the dealer nearby and was told it would be $315 ($155 for the part, $160 for the labor) to replace. This seems like rather a lot to me...I'm new to car ownership, so I hope you will bear with me as I ask the following questions:

    1) Is there a reputable place where I can get a replacement part for less?
    2) Does the dealer have to perform the labor, or can I take it to another shop for installation?
    3) Is it possible to install it myself (with help from a mechanically savvy friend, of course)?

    Any advice would be appreciated! I had not anticipated that there would be such a price to pay for a little puppy chewing...
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have procured seatbelt components from scrapyard at VERY reasonable cost. These parts are not in high demand, so they are eager to get even $10 for such things. (Especially if you bring your own tools and remove the parts yourself.)

    Rear drivers-side seatbelts do not often get much use, so you will likely be able to find nearly new seatbelt components. (most rear passengers sit opposite of driver for legroom)

    Also, by removing it yourself from a scrapped car, you can be selective in what parts you chose AND become familear on how to remove them without fear of damaging your own car.
  • motorboymotorboy Posts: 2
    just saw you can design your own version of the new vw ad....sweet stuff

    this is my version

    Post yours
  • I need some help with this, I have a black 2003 manual Golf and I really want to tint the windows. This is where I need some opinions, do you think i should get the whole car tinted in the "legal" tint, or have the back windows and the hatch darker than the front driver and passenger. I can't decided and want to know what you guys think. THANK YOU!!

    "><img src="
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Different states have different rules about window-tinting. The rules range from how dark the tinting can be to which windows are allowed to be tinted.

    Your 2003 GOlf already has tinted windows from the factory so there is little reason to add more. You may wish to find out what is legal in your state before you do anything. The laws are there to protect you. Getting into an accident because you could not see out of the windows at night would not be fun.
  • I'm not sure of the laws here (i'm in canada) My car actuallly has pretty much no tint whatsoever, I guess i'll go with just getting it all legal tinting...unless that's too dark...i'll have to look into bring up a good point about getting into an accident....thanks for the response
  • thain66thain66 Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 VW Golf. Two weeks ago I had some routine maintenance done to it, it has 123,000 miles, and the VW dealership told me about an open recall having to do with the fuel line.

    Anyway, the took care of replacing the "nipple" on the fuel line and for the first time ever I've had three occassions where the car simply tries to turn over and doesn't.

    It the sort of situation where you'd think you were out of gas.

    Anyway, the last time it happened (last night) it took about 30 tries to get it started.

    Also, the check engine light stays on when it finally starts and it stays on until the car is restarted.

    The dealership called me this afternoon and can find nothing wrong with the car. They claim that the recall, regarding the fuel line, has nothing to do with this problem.

    Any advice!!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    If it is truly accurate that the starting problem began AFTER they messed with the car... then it is obvious they bumped somthing which exasperated the problem. If not the fuel-line nipple, then somthing else.

    This certainly does not mean they are "at fault" or shold pay for correcting it... but it should help them diagnose the problem.

    If your car has problems starting -- how can they say there is nothing wrong? I surmize the answer is that the computer diagnostics are telling them nothing so they are clueless beyond that.

    Unfortunately, many (most) of todays so-called "mechanics" are just boneheads that run diagnostics and replace parts. REAL mechanics actually know how to troubleshoot a problem to isolate the defect. People with those kind of skills usually work in other industries that pay them $40 - $60 per hour for their time.
  • thain66thain66 Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for your response and you are correct!

    The computer showed nothing so they didn't want to truly research the problem.

    They kept it overnight and finally I get a call stating that there is a crack in the Fuel Train which was causing a slight leak of gas and so forth and creating this problem.

    When I asked if it were possible that the repair of the fuel line and the crack in the fuel train were connected they said not at all.

    I will be without the car until Friday and need to find out more about the fuel train in connection to the recall from VW.

    My thoughts are to call VW and explain what has taken place. There is an 800# associated with the recall and perhaps someone at their headquarters could be of assistance but who knows.

    The entire reason for the recall is that the fuel line had too much tension on it and it even could affect the fuel pump.

    Let me know your thoughts and thanks again!
  • gargergarger Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my wife's car and am curious what else they might have told you.

    Our car won't start, we leave it for 30 minutes and then it goes. I am thinking a compression issue, but am not sure.

    Any better ideas. Of course the dealer couldn't "find" anything.
  • thain66thain66 Posts: 4
    Well, one of my posts shows my ignorance on definitions! The crack they found was on the fuel rail and when I asked for the part they didn't have it any longer. The repair was completed on a Saturday and I didn't pickup until Tuesday so I can understand that it was thrown away/disposed of.

    However, not one person in the service area could explain to me how a "small" crack appeared on the "Fuel Rail".

    Again, they replaced the plastic nipple on the fuel line but that was close to the fuel tank itself.

    We've had the car for 3 days and it continues to start but....that doesn't mean much based on past history.

    It still bothers me that they performed a recall and then this issue cropped up.

    The entire recall was based on too much tension on the fuel line causing cracks in the plastic nipple at the fuel tank and issues with the fuel pump.

    It has been an expensive experience as well! I'll let you know any updates as they occur.
  • i have been having a problem with my 00 golf it as 100k even and when it runs its flawless but it can cut of at any time and its been kind of agrivating me i can go when its cold turn it on and it will run fine start easy but after it gets warm im driving on the highway or sitting still and boom cuts off i have changer fuel pump fuel filter in rear new coil pack new fuel pump relay im all out of ideas someone please help me
  • Put a clutch in a golf now got no pedal, and no pressure on clutch lever. Any ideas about what I missed? :lemon:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    A wild guess -- Did you miss bleeding the clutch hydrolic system?
  • It's not hydrolic. It's works with a cable. I need to know if there is spacer or something on the push rod?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Whoops -- all the newer VWs are hydrolic...

    I know my 1979 Scirocco was cable as was my 1981 Rabbit-pickup truck.... but by 2001 they are all hydrolic. Since the clutch is SHARED with the brake-fluid, some folks forget that they are hydrolic.
  • sorry for a what is probably a stupid question but when i start my golf a light comes on near the miage that says, 'service inspect' it stays on for a minute or so and then turns off. does the car need a service? i have no booklet and don't know cars. thanks.
  • We got a 2001 VW Golf GLS and had a CD player installed before we brought it home. We moved out of state and I started noticing that the front console lighting would flicker on and off, very distracting at night! I mentioned this when I was taking the car into the dealerships for routine maintenance and no one could ever figure out the cause. I suggested a short in wiring from when the CD player was installed but no one listened.
    About a year and a half a go, one dealer mechanic said he knew what the problem was and could fix it, but because my car is no longer under warranty, it would cost me almost $1000.
    The past few weeks, I have been having my car not start. I get in, put the key in but when I turn to start the car, everything turns off. My first thought was the battery died, I live in AZ and batteries do not last long. But while I was waiting for someone to help me jump my car, I sit in the front seat and notice my clock is back on. I put the key in the ignition and it starts right up! This happened again a week later, and then happened again yesterday, 11 days from the last time.

    Anybody have any suggestions? I called VW customer care and the employee documented everything but because my warranty is expired they cannot do anything, THOUGH I have the option of taking it to a dealer and having it diagnosed (but paying for it myself!) I am concerned that there will be a problem when I am driving and it could cause an accident hurting myself and other innocent people.

    I am ready for a new car, but I owe so much still because of a stupid ex-husband who thought it was a good idea to lease and then separates from me when the lease is up, and since he didn't pay the alimony he was supposed to left me no option but finance and buy the stupid thing.
    I need a safe ride but cannot afford to pay for repairs when I don't feel I've done anything wrong. I just wish VW would diagnose the thing and if they believe the problem is unrelated to the CD player installation then I will pay for repairs or get rid of the car. It's just frustrating that they aren't willing to do anything but "document my concerns!" :mad: :lemon:
  • hey, I bought a 99 VW golf in October it ran great had no problems until the winter hit. My car will start perfectly fine and run great in ideal conditions, but if the roads are wet either because of snow and rain or melting snow, the engine will cut out, usually when going from stop to first gear, like at a red light. I am able sometimes to get it to start again but only in neutral the moment i give it gas the engine cuts out again. I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem of knows how i can fix this, I suspect it may be the starter coil or the fuel filter but i could be wrong. :confuse:

    thanks :)
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Sure sounds like a problem with ignition to me. If your sparkplug wires are original... they are probubly shot.

    If new sparkplug wires dont fix it. Suspect the coil itself.
  • I bought a 99 golf in november and it is giving me the exact same problems. I have checked everything and had tons of work done. It would leave me stranded an the turnpike during swow storms and i would have to get towed (4 times since december.) :sick: I just replaced the coil yesterday and now it starts everytime but now when i start the car it idles great for 10 seconds and then starts ideling irradically and when i try to give it gas it doesnt seem to want to take it, it just bogs out and wants to die. This car is a 2.0 with 58,000 miles and its about to get pushed off a bridge.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Your description sure sounds like it is in "limp mode" Is your CEL on?
  • no cel is on, and it keeps telling me no codes
  • i am having problems getting my aftermarket radio to work in my car. i cact figure out how to wire it up because the male adapters in the car were cut out someone please help me.
  • warcholjwarcholj Posts: 2
    I have the EXACT same problem! Have seen this issue appear on the VW forum as well. My '97 Golf doesn't start in the rain, and even with a little moisture, it may start but then idles so low it quits on its own or when I give it a little gas. Replaced the dist. cap, spark plug, and wires about 6 months ago, but still have the issue. Any advice?
  • Hey,
    We replaced the starter coil, worked fine after that. try that. go for a good quality one though the one that was in my car was unprotected and cracked all over, the new one has a metal case around it, much better at keeping the water out. hope that helps :shades:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    In my 30+ years of working on cars... I have never heard of a "starter coil".

    Perhaps you mean the IGNITION coil ?

    (I just dont want other folks to get confused and start looking for a "starter coil" under the hood)
  • warcholjwarcholj Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm making an appointment to get it looked at this week. Have called some VW service centers and inquired... they all mentioned the coil. Seems to be quite common in the older VWs. Thanks again! :shades:
  • bruno89bruno89 Posts: 1
    the alarms pretty much gone haywire, and the power locks have gone out, it popped the interior lights fuse repeadetly, and we replaced it with a 30a, but that didnt help anything

    the alarm will not disarm at all, i can stop the alarm from going off, but it instantly re-arms itself if i try to disarm it, i also obviously cannot start the golf either

    and i also dont have power locks anymore, no idea why, it just did this all randomly in the middle of the day

    only thing i can think is a bad relay
  • sroundssrounds Posts: 5
    Just read your comments about the alarm issue and thought I'd tell you about last week when I got done changing the rear brakes, I started the car up and ran it down the road. As soon as I got into the driveway, I shut the car off before it stoped moving, and the alarm started going off. I could not shut it off by turning the key in the door so I pulled out a fuse and it stoped but a minute later it started up again so I disconected the battery. As soon as I tried putting the battery back in, the alarm would go off. This went on for several hours. I then realized that I had a fuse in the #4 spot and as soon as I pulled that one out ( the book tells you that you should not have a fuse there) I was able to start the car without the alarm going off. It has worked great ever since that day. Hope this might help you out.
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