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Chevrolet Uplander Bodywork & Exterior Questions



  • :confuse: How do I remove the bowtie from my 2007 Uplander? :confuse:
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sledge hammer?

    Sorry... :blush:

    I've never removed mine but I'm pretty sure they're glued on... you may want to try working a very fine filament line (fishing line) back down behind it to break the glue - Once you've worked your way all the way to the bottom it should fall off.
  • Got rid of my Uplander a week ago. Dealt on a Honda.
    Too may issues developing . They recently spent over $2000.00 on a couple little modules and 4 hours to replace and it still isn't fixed . Of course it was warranty but I was concerned about things like this after warranty runs out.
    4 bowties was peanuts compared to other things that satared happening after 40K km.
    Had 44K km when I dealt it on a Honda CR-V which has WAY better mileage and is reported to be one of the most reliable vehichles on the road with highest resale value.
  • druffdruff Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    I would be very interested if you could let me know how you corrected the problem with your wiper. I have a 2007 Uplander and am now having the same issue. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to fix it.
    thank you
  • williamyoungwilliamyoung Posts: 21
    edited December 2010
  • This site keeps dumping my message every time I try to reply
  • Our rear windshield wiper on our 2005 Uplander recently stopped working & we need assistance! My mechanic told us we needed to replace the motor, which we did & it still didn't work. Then, he said that it must be the switch, so we replaced the switch & it still didn't work! We're now at a loss of words & money at this point. My mechanic is now stating that it must be a wiring issue & he can't seem to pin point the problem. He's verified that the fuse is fine - so basically we're stuck unless we agree to pay him more money to 'look into' the wiring issue. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, would you mind sharing your solution? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    royboy331 ,
    What is the name of the dealer you have been working with?
    GM Customer Service
  • We're not dealing directly with a dealer. We personally know a mechanic who owns his his own shop that we deal with.
  • williamyoungwilliamyoung Posts: 21
    edited January 2011
    Early in this thread I was saying about the good service from GM with them fixing the door rattle after three times, Guess what . It came back with avengence and they said it is a summer/winter thing and live with it.
    But that was the very tip of the iceberg with that 2008 vehicle .
    Started making a hell of a noise on left hand turns . They said there were a couple modules that had to be replaced . Removed just about everything on top of the engine to get down to where they were. Took a whole day . They billed GM two thousand dollars for that. A month later the same problem came back so like the back door rattle I lived with it.
    The glove box handle broke and came off in my hand . Cheap little piece of plastic held on with two screws. $100.00 for the part and $50.00 to replace it in five mintes . Warranty again.
    Heater control knob broke off just by looking at it crossways I guess . Tiny pastic shaft inside it . Another warranty bill to GM.
    I change my own oil and always WAY sooner than what they recommended. Last time I changed it I noticed oil was leaking from the engine seals . That was the last straw . I didn't even tell the dealer about that . I dealt it off on a Honda CR-V . What a huge difference in quality.
    The guy that bought my used van with less than 50K km on it can spend his time in the repair shop. I wasted enough time doing that . :mad:.

    There is no way I was going to keep that Uplander past it's warranty or it would have cost me a fortune .
  • I just took mine off and painted it black, i have always thought that the gold was a bit ostentatious, now it looks great and the gold can do all the pealing it wants behind the paint.
  • drjpb3drjpb3 Posts: 1
    try another motor my first one worked one day and the next one lasted a month. I gave up and rain xed it.
  • justanrnjustanrn Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Uplander ,I purchased new in June 2007. I was totally in love with the vehicle that i took it off the showroom floor. This year it has something wrong every month. There is only 42,000 miles on the car.
    This car is falling apart, every month its something new. I have to pick and choose what is important to fix. Be cause of course it brakes down right when the warranty ends.
    Rear Winshield Wiper not working, not sure if motor or fuse. I was told the fuse was fine, but the rear power outlet went out to. Is it electrical? what is going to be the cost.
  • Please tell me the wiper fix you mention. Thanks
  • take the motor out and take it apart ....the shaft goes through a white metal housing to the outside ...the white metal corrodes and deposits an ever thicker layer of white crude on the shaft and eeventually the motor cannot overcome this and stope ...usually the motor is fine ...there is a small bronze sleeve bearing on the shaft but mine broke first time out (lose it )...filled the shaft housing with grease...everyday stuff ....put it back together as before and remount ....note ...make a mark on the gear cam and an offsetting mark on the shaft cam so that you can get them back together in the right spot ...otherwise the wiper overshoots the window a bit ....i have done this twice in the last 4 years on my 2005 ...and oxccasionally with the lift gate up i stand on a ladder and squirt liquid wrench down the shaft from the outside ...i have not had the wiper fail since i have been doing this ...
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