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2010 Lexus RX 350 USB iPod Aux Problems



  • My 450h is an early 2010 model, from Fall, 2009. I've had problems since the start with with all model iPods and 3G iPhone. Lost connection, jumping back to start of the selection [audiobook podcasts most annoying], and sometimes jumping to another item.

    It is in the shop this week, allegedly getting a new circuit board/firmware that allegedly fixes the problem. Was told it's been available since Fall, 2010. If I knew of a service bulletin, it's pass it on, but I don't, yet.
  • Hi
    Can you report if the new circuit board firmware fix the problem?

    I'm frustrated that I can't listen to audiobooks. Every time I restart it goes back to the beginning of the book...
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    I recently connected my wife's iPhone 4 in our 2010 RX350. I was pleasantly surprised by the controls available -- by Artist, Genre, playlists, random, and so forth. Almost too distracting to deal with while driving ... but definitely fun.


    Bob in the Mile Hi City
  • Hi
    It's April 24, 2011. Had new firmware installed Friday...service didn't know anything about the problem.

    New firmware DID NOT books still return to the beginning after turning off engine.

    this is ridiculous...How much did we spend for this car that a car half the price (Suburu Outback) can do so easily...

  • At last, I got my 2010 RX 350 to read iPod audiobooks properly without it restarting at the beginning every time I turned off the engine.

    After reading all the posts, I took my car in and got the firmware updated but that didn't solve the problem. Perhaps the firmware helped but after the upgrade my first generation iPhone and old iPod touch still didn't read audiobooks or music properly. It still started at the beginning everytime I turned it on. The fix was I purchased a brand new iPod nano 6th generation and it works perfectly. So, my guess is that it was partly the firmware and partly older software in the "i" products that didn't play well together.

    I'm finally able to listen to audiobooks without frustration.

  • bl8ant1bl8ant1 Posts: 4
    I recently had my car in for normal repairs and asked again about any updates to the firmware. They did have an update that included iPod and Nav system changes. I asked them to update it and it actually fixed all the issues I originally described.

    If you are scrolling through a list, it doesn't automatically start playing the first choice on that next screen. It waits for you to make a choice. I am not experiencing the disconnects anymore.

    I have called my rep so I can post the ticket # for that change. Stay tuned...
  • bl8ant1bl8ant1 Posts: 4
    The other nice thing is the ability to connect with your BT audio. Then you can choose the songs, artists, play lists, etc. directly from you iPhone. The only downside is you cannot see it on your screen. You can also control next/previous song and volume from your steering wheel. The upside is you dont need wires.
  • fernsferns Posts: 4
    I have a 2010 RX 350 with GPS, 19" wheels etc and I am unable to add phone numbers on to the vehicle. I have a Nokia G3 and am aware I will not be able to transfer the phone numbers into the vehicle. But when I started entering each number it does not accept. I have tried connecting a iphone too and tried adding numbers but unsuccessful. My IPod too does not work on the vehicle.
    Contacted Lexus Customer service and they are unable to resolve the issue since a few months now.
    Does anyone else have this same problem?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Are you entering your phone contacts manually? My saleslady wrote down the various steps on how to enter the phone contacts manually. It can be time-consuming though.
  • fernsferns Posts: 4
    Yes. That is the only way to enter names/phone numbers if you are not able to transfer them from the cell phone. It has a capacity of 1000 numbers. After entering the first one it still reads as 1000 available. It does not get saved.
  • hdieters,
    i have a 2010 awd rx350 with nav. I have synced 4 iphones two of which were the 3g phones and now have synced 2 newer 4g models. I could only speak of how to sync with bt on the iphone. I did this by first by turning on car then click on phone icon and selecting one of the 4 slots. Make sure your bt is on on you phone. on the iphone select general then bluetooth then on. The screen should ask to connect phone and also gives you a code to enter on you iphone. You should see on your iphone "multicar" or something like that click on that and it should ask for the code that your car screen shows. after they connect it will ask if you want to transfer all your contacts. hopes that help
  • lpearsonlpearson Posts: 1
    Thank you for documenting this. I, too, recently traded up my Rx 2001 to a 2010 and am having the same difficulty with listening to an audiobook - I can stop trying new things thanks to you.
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