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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part XIV



  • I have observed that a broad range of people like this car. It is not in my opinion a car for a certain group of people. I think the Focus has such a great design that it appeals to all sexes and ages.

    A girl car generally has a small interior (girls are smaller than guys!), is affordable and durable. Girls are very sensible when they buy a car. (Bug is an exception). Who would someone buy a car that is too expensive to own? Answer: A guy.

    The Focus meets the needs of many groups of people because of its superior interior space, its decent handling and braking, it is attractive and its affordable. That's its appeal. To me, that is what a car should be...and that is why I bought the Focus.

    Let's hope it is reliable. And I can add to my list.

  • Funny you bring this up. First, how many foci has he seen in his shop. Seems like I see guys driving ZX3s and girls driving sedans and wagons. Just a personal observation for the Western New York State Area only. Oh, when I owned a Sentra, I watched Sentras and only saw young, good looking, women driving Sentras.

  • Can Ford change to the company we want them to be? Don't think so under the current CEO and stock holders. To them, the bottom line is the money. Now if we were all to go out and buy as much Ford Stock as possible, could we change it. Don't think we could put a dent in the system. But if we all attended the stock holder meetings instead of sending proxeys. Just thinking out loud.
  • Think I hear somebody out there laughing at my last post. Somebody in Detroit. He who laughs last-----
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    I posted a comment a while back which didn't get a response. Maybe no one know the answer or perhaps didn't see the post so I'll post again.

    Why did ford choose to line the rear wheel wells w/ felt? For sound deadening? Won't the felt collect and keep more moisture which will contribute to corrosion? TIA
  • maikimaiki Posts: 27
    Sounds like you are having an identity crisis!

    Are you afraid if you drive a ZX3 you will turn into a woman? Or people will think you are one?
  • In EUROPE the car has 4 wheel disc brakes. In the US it is front disc rear drum...even with advance trac. I HAVE ONE!
  • silyboysilyboy Posts: 90
    in the USA- the 2001 with AdvanceTrac do have the 4 wheel disc. I was out "shopping" yesterday at multiple area dealers and saw a number of ZTS and ZX3s with AdvanceTrac, all having 4 wheel disc. The rear disc is not as thick as the front, but you can see the calipers nicely through the wheels. I did not take the time to drive one, but it looks awesome with 4 discs!
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    Has anyone purchased a car cover for their zx3?
    I've done some online research but it's all rather confusing.
    IYO, what's the best cover you can buy? TIA
  • All confirmed; the new line of engines (lighter, smoother, more economical,and zippier than "zetec")
    The series of engines is called "Duratec HE", for now those engines arer used in all new Ford Mondeo (excellent car, great value, quite like our focus)
    New engines will be:
    1. 1.8l. 125hp
    2. 2.0l. 145hp (hopefully will get it in Focus)

    That second engine 2.0l/145hp. in Mondeo(2900 lbs)
    will accelerate 0-60 in 9.8 sec.
    I heard it somewhere that this engine will be a standard engine in our American 2002 Focus.
    Sounds like a perfect fit.
    This engine is 35 lbs. lighter than 2.0 zetec!
    Finishing with Mondeo, it's size and finish quality are very very similar to... Audi A6!
  • kkankkan Posts: 18
    Well I took delivery of my ZX3. I really enjoy driving the car and everything is fine. The Manual Moon roof is a crank between the moon roof window and the windshield. If cranked one direction it will pop up the moon roof, in the opposite direction it will slide the window back into the roof. I operation of it is quite good. The armrest took some getting use to but I am now accustomed when shifting. But like everyone has mention the wheels already have a thick lining of brake dust on them, but hay I expected that becous of the info you guys already told me. See you on the roads.
  • We've been thru this all before. You can go back and research if you wish. Don't think anyone came up with a answer. It's a Firestone or Goodyear product, can't remember which. Seems to be holding up well for over 21,000 miles on my ZX3, which included some winter weather last February and early March. I expect it to do well for at least the 36,000 mile warranty period, then who knows.

  • someone found some nice ones for the ZX3. It was posted here or on the Focus aftermarket topic. You should be able to use Townhall search to find it. Just type in car covers and hit go.
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    thanks for the update on the sunroof. Does the sunroof slide INTO the roof or UP and OVER the roof? TIA
  • I use a custom fitted cover in Kimberly-Clark's NOAH barrier fabric - a great material for all weather conditions. The nice folks at Big Sky Car Cover Co. in MT even modified the pattern to make mine without the goofy pocket for the roof antenna! It take about 3 seconds to unscrew the antenna, then I just put the antenna in the cargo hold and cover the car.
  • Ok, it looks like I opened up a can of worms with my post. No, maiki - I don't care too much. I'm just relaying to the board the kinds of comments I heard. I'm still seriously looking at the ZX3.

    On to other matters: Anyone have extensive experience driving things like the Chevy Cav Z24 or the Sentra SE? These cars are supposed to get better horsepower and torque than the ZX3, but my ZX3 test drive went pretty well. The acceleration was pretty decent (under automatic.)

    I had short test drives with the Z24 and SE, but it was hard to tell the difference with the ZX3. Shouldn't these two cars beat the pants off the ZX3's 130 hp?

    Also, worth it to pay less for a 2000 ZX3 (ie. is the Advancetrack and 4 disc brakes on the 2001 worth it.)
  • The Cavalier is a piece of junk other than the faster 0-60 time. Sentras a very good car, if you can get past the bored Exterior (is it me, or has the Sentra gotten LESS sporty over the years?) and is one of the faster cars in this class for under $20k.
    BUT, the ZX3 can beat ALL of them, even VW's in terms of Handling, especially with the larger/wider Premium package wheels in the 2001. If you plan on doing some stoplight racing, you can always modify :)
  • kkankkan Posts: 18
    The Moon roof slides into the roof behind it. I test drove a Z24 before buying and what I found that the car looks sharp on the out side handled decent but bored me to tears on the inside. The look and feel of the Z24 interere is just as my wife even stated "Plane Jane", but if horse power is all your after and at a Higher price go with the Z24. For me the hardest part was buying a Ford, but the styling of the car was to nice to dismiss on that alone.
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    I'll respond to your questions regarding satisfaction on the car SO FAR after 10,000 miles, 7 months.

    Over all Satisfaction: 9
    Fun to Drive: 8
    Quality of Build: 8
    DesigN: 10
    Engine/Transmission: 8
    Value: 10 (partially due to me getting a really good deal)

    These are all based on my current feelings, and are of course very subjective and depend on what a person finds important about a car. Fun to drive? Hell, I don't know. It gets me where I want to go but I'm not trying to drag race or slalom or anything. I must say I just love this car but nothing's perfect. Those of you who have ahd problems, I'm definitely not trying to diminish you at all, I'm just saying that mine has been great so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I was wondering if people would give a satisfaction poll of their zx-3?

    With just over 5,200 miles on it...

    Fun to Drive: 1-10 10
    Quality of Build: 1-10 09.5
    Design: 1-10 09.5
    Engine/Transmission: 1-10 08.5
    Value: 1-10 10
    Over all Satisfaction: 1-10 10

    I was thinking about build quality the other day. Of all the new cars I've owned since my first in 1976, this is the first I haven't had to bring back to the dealer right away to get something fixed. In fact since I picked the car up in August I've yet to visit the dealer.

    With previous new cars I've encountered screws falling out, rattles and buzzes, transmission failures, oil leaks, poor mileage, premature part failures, paint problems, and other more minor issues.

    Perhaps Ford needs to do more to make everyone happy, but at least some samples of the car get out of Mexico in pretty good shape.

    I knock off points for design more because of the common failures I keep reading about on the boards then my own experience. The surge/hesitation (which I do have) and gas gauge issues are in my mind the biggest of these. In my case I keep getting my foot caught on the accelerator pedal. I never had that happen on other cars, so I attribute this to a design issue. I suppose I'll train myself to avoid this eventually.

    Engine and transmission I knock down again more for other people's complaints then my own. I do have the slight surge, which is a bit annoying at slow speeds but not a showstopper by any means. The poor fuel mileage some are reporting may be an issue as well, but perhaps that's more due to driving habits. I don't know enough to include this since I typically get around 30 Mpg with the A/C running and that's fine to me.

    Over all I rate the sum of the parts higher then the average of the individual components because of the value part of the equation. The simple fact is I know other cars may be better designed and built then the Focus, but if I can't afford them I really don't much care. The Focus walks that fine line between quality and affordability and does it quite well. My choice was a used car or a new Focus. So far I don't regret the decision.
  • Fun to Drive: 1-10 10
    Quality of Build: 1-10 9
    Design: 1-10 9
    Engine/Transmission: 1-10 9
    Value: 1-10 10
    Over all Satisfaction: 1-10 9

    eight months, ten thousand miles
    in for second recall today (wheel bearing)

    My brother and niece both have ZX3s
    Both love their cars. My brother had the air conditioner leak, seat belt problem. Both fixed, dealer provided a loaner.
    My niece has a stick, no problems over 13,000 miles.

    They obviously purchased from a good dealer (service) Ashley Ford, New Bedford, Ma.

    I've yet to really test the service at my dealer Century Ford, Rockville, MD. So far, so good, considering their high volume sales and long lines at the service bays. I've had to leave it on the recalls. Short wait on oil changes.

  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    I'd like to thank everybody for your responses to my problem.
    Will stay away from this board for a while. (you know - less pollution will never hurt this forum).
    Just one more thing.
    Yesterday I was cleaning the interior.
    Used the Lexol Vinylex with good results.
    It doesn't leave as greasy or shiny finish as some other brands.
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Posts: 147
    How was the trip? You didnt park your Z on the strip did you? Heard on the news this morning 78 arrests and 5 businesses cleaning up glass from all the "fun"
  • Vadp is correct - Vinylex is a superior product. It does a super job on tires as well, and contains a very strong UV shield to protect vinyl and rubber from sun damage. Best of all - no formaldehyde, like some other brands I could name. Buffed lightly after letting it sit for a few minutes, you'll end up with a natural, low gloss sheen.
  • Today I was scheduled to bring in my Zx3 for the recall fix (got a call from my dealer last week stating that they JUST (I had enquired before) received the parts and inviting me to come in not earlier than 30 October), So we agreed that I would come in. After a warm greeting they took the car away and said that I could wait if I wished - the repair would take about an hour. OK. In two hours I was called to the desk where they handed me my keys and a receipt. I glanced into the receipt just to see what was in there and to my surprise it stated that no parts were available. Assuming there was some mistake I asked the service assistant to clarify it and she confirmed that THEY ARE JUST OUT OF PARTS (!!! and that they have special ordered them for me :))))). Well, this raises a few questions, not least - what they were doing with my car for those 2 hours???
    Well, I am a working person and do not really enjoy my trips to dealership. I have not made up my mind yet whether I should laugh or be mad but I know that Ford (Academy Ford at Laurel, MD specifically)deserves something for this.(can you, guys, suggest anything?)
    I live in USA temporarily and I am from Eastern Europe (Latvia). This means I have experienced socialism and in theory I am ready for anything that state or a company can do to you. But this is over the top by any standards!!!!
    I have tried to justify Ford on these pages (recalls are unfortunately "normal" in contemporary car manufacturing for any brand) and I still think that Focus is a great car ( a deservedly big hit all over Europe as we all know). Unfortunately it has not been taken seriously enough by Ford of North America and may reflect the overall flaws within Ford I was unaware of before I decided about my choice. Too bad.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    In investating which type of car cover to buy (probably noah) I noticed that for custom fit covers there will be a a sleeve for the roof antenna.
    Can I not opt for this sleeve (it makes putting the cover on and off easier) and just let the pressure of the cover fold the antenna back? The antenna seems plenty flexible and non abrasive.
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    cobie, somebody stated just a few posts back that the people they dealt with left the sleeve off for them. Up to you if you want to chance leaving the thing on under there but I'd unscrew it.

    Vadp, don't go away mad (maybe you aren't) but I hope you know that most people on here do feel that your problems are valid, despite whether they themselves have had any problems. Good luck all.
  • Don't put a cover on the car with the antenna in place. The antenna isn't designed to be held flat against the roof for any period of time. As I posted earlier, Covercraft kindly made my cover using the approved ZX3 pattern, but omitted the dorky antenna pocket. I ordered the cover through Big Sky Car Cover in MT, but you may have to contact Covercraft directly to get a modified cover like mine.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    I'm not mad at anybody (except at myself).
    I just need some time to polish my social skills.
    I'll be back soon.
    Thanks for caring.
    Have fun! This board rocks!!! image
  • Well I decided to stay here for the weekend and go to some parties around the area. I've noticed alot more zx3 around the area now. I saw a yellow one in Oak Park with a ticket for overnight parking, (luckily I park mine in my girlfriend's garage.) Also seen some in the midnight blue and malibu blue. They all look great but I'm glad that I stayed with the green. So far so good, no problems and the squeeky chair noise went away. Still on the lookout for a shop around here which carries the 3M stoneguard film.
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