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Saturn VUE AC and Heat Problems



  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    @tzmom2 said:
    I have a 2008 Saturn Vue with 50,000 miles. I noticed the a/c was only blowing hot air this past summer. I took it to the GMC dealer. I paid $150 for them to replenished the fluids. The air then worked for 1 month. This winter I have now found that the heat doesn't work either unless I am on the highway. I have been driving my kids around in a car with no heat in -30 degree weather. Is there a recall we have not been informed of?

    I had same problem where the AC would out of the blue suddenly start blowing hot air in 100 degree weather. Tried to have it repaired , but unsuccessful. Personally I believe it is the actuator in the the dash the controls some kind of flapper or door to divert either cold or hot air. The problem in my Saturn XR Vue 2008 is especially when the AC is set on automatic, but just recently it does it in any mode. There is also a lot of clicking and popping sound that is not normal. I've own 6 GM in past without this problem. This issue should be recalled as defective and paid repair by GM!

  • Hi - I am in the same boat as all of you with the a/c clutch gone missing. My Saturn Vue Hybrid lost cooling last summer and I've now learned the clutch is missing and the whole compressor needs to be replaced because of it. Has anyone had any success with GM customer service? Any acknowledgment that it's a manufacturer defect? Please inform. I've also read that a class action may be brought forth - anyone else know of this? thx!

  • Good evening fellow Saturn VUE owners. I figured I would come back here to share some promising news for those like me who suffer from no a/c at idle or below 2,000 rpm. It appears a member over at has found a solution to address the issue. There is a scroll compressor control valve that can be purchased for $35 here that addresses the issue. The part is only listed for the 3.5L V6 on the site, but they confirmed it also works on the 2.2 L L4. The replacement is pretty simple. The hardest part is you have to completely evacuate all of the refrigerant from the system before the part can be removed and replaced. You then must recharge the system. Here is a link to the message thread Here is another link to a YouTube video discussing this as well I hope this is able to help some of you that have been frustrated like me. I have the part on order and plan to replace it next week. Pretty sad that GM/Saturn didn't know of this inexpensive solution to this issue. Instead they are having owners replace the entire compressor and drier assemblies for a lot of money. Good luck!

  • yard_apeyard_ape Posts: 1
    2003 Saturn Vue with 2.2 L engine. My A/C compressor is always on, whether the button is activated or not. The air blows icy cold, I just can't turn it off. When the temp control knob is set to heat, I get heat, but the A/C compressor still runs. Any ideas?
  • justice82justice82 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Saturn Vue, non hybrid 4cyl. The compressor went out, we live in Tx, not good! Before we took it in the air blew hot, and would only sometimes cool. So we took it in to a Firestone, with all the parts and labor, not to mention we didn't find out until after all the parts arrived that it would need new hoses and connections because of a service bulletin. It will cost us about $2,000 total to fix it. Come on, really?
  • I drive a 2004 Saturn Vue. I have the same AC problem people in this forum have complained about. My Vue was taken to the auto shop last summer in which the mechanic couldnt resolve the issue but just temporarliy. It seems to cool immediatley freon is put in car once it all leaks out you are back to square one. Now its 2016 summer, I took it to the shop AGAIN and it was blowing cold air for a couple of hours and it stopped. My compressor has been replaced but i AM still having issues. This defective AC has been a problem for years. But GM hasnt done anything about it. What is everyone doing? Can we join hands and sue the company? I dont know if thats even possible. I dont want to die from a heat stroke in this horrible heat Texas has to offer. GM WHY NOT HELP OUT YOUR DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS :disappointed:
  • I have a 2008 Saturn Vue whose A/C works intermittently. This has been going on for two years. Every time I thought about going to a mechanic it would work again. Sometimes turning the car off and restarting it would cause it blow cold again. It would also blow warm air while idling (and this was five years ago!) and blow cold once we started driving. At the beginning of this month, we couldn't make the A/Co blow air cold with our regular tricks, so we finally took it to a mechanic. He said that it was a lucky thing we came in and he replaced our evaporator expansion valve at the cost of $700, because if he hadn't, the whole system would be destroyed costing us a small fortune.We picked up our car and the A/C worked again! We were so happy! Went out to dinner that night, and after dinner, the A/C stopped working again, only blowing warm air.Over the next 10 days, we took the car back twice to the mechanic and the A/C always worked for him (though he refused to look at the while it was actually blowing hot air, because he was too busy). His last comment to my husband was maybe it is the compressor and that will cost $1000! Well, we are not taking the car back to that mechanic anymore and the car continues with its intermittent A/C. It didn't work for a couple of days and now it is working again......I am very discouraged to find that no one knows what is wrong.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 61,442
    You should go to an AC specialist. They should be able to conduct some tests to determine the cause pretty quickly. If the pressures are right, then they should determine if the AC compressor clutching is cutting out--which would cause the system to blow warm. If it is cutting out, then they have to determine why.

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