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Subaru B9 Tribeca Paint Gold Paint Problems



  • good job, dont let them control you. If you have problems with the dealer call SOA and complain and complain and complain! and i think the job is about $5,000..SOA covers the cost once they approve, i guess it depends on the how much the shop charges but i would make them go for the shop you want b/c its your car and you want it done right ofcourse.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Just picked up my Tribeca . . . the results far exceeded my fondest expectation: the paint job is absolutely perfect, all dents, dings and normal wear and tear on the bumpers were taken care of, tires and black moldings were all detailed. In addtion interior was also detailed, carpet shampooed ( 5 years of coffee stains gone ), mats cleaned. The beige leather was cleaned and looks new (but I will never get beige leather again) In short Tribeca looks as good as the day I picked it up in July 05.

    My dealer , Bertera Subaru West Springfield MA has its own body shop, which also services several other Bertera Dealerships. It is first class in every respect (as is its manager Mr. Rui Mendes).

    I recommend that you work with a dealer that has its own body shop and one that is sympathic to your problem. It is apparent that SOA wants this matter resolved to the consumers satisfaction if you can not find a dealer that will work with you go directly to SOA for body shop referral.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Shirley don't have any idea of cost but I would guess it to be in the $5000 range. If you are anywhere near West Springfield tell SOA that you would like Bertera to do the job. They may agree and you would not have to be concerned with the price.

    Good luck with your Tribeca, I love mine.

  • great to here Jerry! hope everything is well, alot of people said the paint looks great even tho people say its not like factory. hopefully my transaction will go smoothly
  • jeff162jeff162 Posts: 1
    Hi- I apparently have the same problem as everyone else and have been reading the various messages. Can you help? What is SOA everyone refers to? What is the trick to get dealer to fix? Thanks!
  • tribeca_06tribeca_06 Posts: 31
    Hey i havent been on this forum.. how did everyones transaction go? ive yet to do it but i plan on soon, still learning a lot of info.. get back to me please!

    SOA ( subaru of america)

    new guy - Hi, its a common issue on 2006 gold tribeca's. most were affected. first you should go to your dealer and explain you know about the paint issue and that its on almost all 2006 becas. ( they may play dumb) but ive talked to MANY people and they have had subaru pay in full for the repaint. so dealers play hard ball and some others are accepting. what they do is take photos and send to SOA and then SOA will pay and have the job done. most people say the paint looks good but ofcourse its not the same but its better then whats on now ofcourse lol. so deff go to your dealer first and see what happens. and dont back down is also very important b/c they will pay. you may need to play the betrayed customer cry but hey, if it works.. also people who bought them used have gotten SOA to pay for the paint job, they are however less bothersome if you put the car new and service it at the dealer you go to... good luck and let us know how it goes. a good site you can join is , which is a Subaru B9 Tribeca site and post your story their. I am on their and my name is Tribeca-06... GOOD LUCK!
  • did you contact your dealer or anything? Best of Luck!
  • Yes, I did contact the dealer after I first called SOA. No problem, they painted the car, free.
  • great to hear!! where are you from? Also when you called SOA how did you get the right person to handle this? glad everything worked good and quikly lol
  • amyjothamyjoth Posts: 1
    Hubs and I are seriously looking to purchase a used 06 Tibeca Limited Base(7 passenger).
    Of course its the gold, and the paint is ghosting on the upper rear panels. When I asked the salesman about it it, he said it was a problem with the 06's but didnt offer to fix it.
    I really like everything else about the car(except the low wattage headlights, and just so-so gas mileage-we are replacing a Mini-van which gets the same)
    Should we continue our hunt? They are asking 13,900 with 67K miles on it. Maybe buy an extended warranty?
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