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2010 Toyota Highlander



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I don't remember what year that the HL was introduced but I do seem to remember that for the first year,like the RX300, it had a VC, Viscous Clutch/coupling. But once TC was adopted having a VC became a needless manufacturing expense.

    At some level the fully functional VC in the 99 & 00 RX300's may be somewhat responsible for the unusual level of premature transaxle failures these vehicles endured, are still enduring.

    The RX330 was marketed for its entire production run as having a VC when in reality it did not. Up until the 2010 MY the RX350 was marketed as having the VC when all of the factory shop/repair manuals indicated otherwise.

    Even though my RX300 does have a VC, testing on a 4 wheel dyno indicated it to be pretty much non-functional. '01 was the first year for the RX300 having adopted VSC/TC so the VC was needless/useless. The part number for the 99 & 00 VC differs from the '01 and after RX300. I suspect these later VC's were simply filled with engine lubricating oil.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited April 2010
    I've heard from reliable sources that there will be significant changes in the 2011 highlander's exterior appearance along with several interior and safety changes, and available options (ie, new exterior front grill pkg; change in tail-light design; 6 speed vs 5 speed AT on the 6 cyl like the 4 cyl HL, Venza and new Sienna to improve MPG; new '4WD' like the F/AWD on the Venza and 2011 Sienna to improve MPG; upgrade in the rearview back-up camera system/image to 180 degree panoramic view like on the new Sienna to decrease the risk of injuring kiddos and pets; improved and larger rear entertainment pkg with 16.4 inch split screen monitor like the new Sienna---nice for the kiddos; greater availability of the smart key on/off ignition button on the sport trim line like the Venza trim pkgs and a safety design change in the off feature to improve controll of the vehicle in case of unintended acceleration problems, and more). I've heard Toyota will start building the 2011 HL in 1-2 months and they will start hitting the showrooms in 2-4 months from now. Is this true regarding the major/minor 2011 HL makeover, new exterior and interior changes and showroom availability? Also, any 2011 HL PICS?

    I like the current 2010 HL and am considering buying one, but if there are significant changes coming soon as those listed in the above, I will probably wait. Thanks!
  • Interesting. Maybe they could do the split third like the optional third row in the 4Runner. They could really seal it for me.

    Still sitting on the fence. Outback, Pilot, Highlander, 4Runner TE. Each one has 'objections'. Can't stand the look of 4Runner SR5 or Limited. Or just keep the 2002 Forester, that inner cheapskate says.

    Biggest problem is the second slot in the garage is too small for any but an Outback. I was working with a garage builder but they got under my skin. Then I figured if the garage is going to cost $20,000, maybe I should check out that girlie Angie's List, and some people had comments that cause concern. Had two other quotes but didn't like either of them. Time to get a fourth.

    wwest - duly noted again on HL AWD.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It has been difficult for me to understand why the HL wasn't a virtual clone of the Lexus RX series styling wise. Maybe the next version...??

    Have you seen the 2012 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner design...??

    I have little doubt that the hybrid versions of these will give the HL hybrid, and maybe even the RXh, a serious competitive "run", forward styling and FE.
  • I know this has been touched on in other areas but I was hoping to hear some testimonials from those that have driven the 2WD Highlander in Snow regions. I'm in Upper Midwest and we get our fair share of snow. But, I'm trying to justify the 4WD if I only need it 6-8 times a year from Dec-Mar. Does it also have improved traction in the rain?

    How has 2WD model managed in the snow? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The general rule for 4WD is that it is ALWAYS advantagous to distribute engine drive torque across a wider portion of CSA of the tires. For a base RWD that rule holes mostly true since the primary drive is to the rear leaving the majority of front tire traction coefficient for lateral, directional, control, just where it should be.

    The dilema results when you start with a base FWD vehicle and the front wheels remain, as most do, SOLIDLY coupled to the engine. Just when you need that traction dedicated to directional control the most you find yourself having lost control of your FWD or F/awd vehicle.

    Are you confused..?

    You're saying 2WD when in reality the base HL is a FWD vehicle, patently HAZARDOUS FWD on adverse, wintertime, roadbed conditions were it not for the various "nannies". TC being the most important of those, followed in short order by VSC. Without those these is NO FWD, and very few F/awd vehicles that would be considered safe to drive in wintertime conditions.

    Wait a year and the HL will likely get the same F/awd upgrade as the Venza, Sienna, and the RX350. Still not nearly as functional as the SH-AWD system.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited April 2010
    I have some input on comparing the 4WD/AWD rides of the 2010 Highlander, Pilot, 4Runner, and Outback and Venza. They all are nice rides in their own right and have strengths and weaknesses, but my overall favorite of the bunch is the Highlander. I have had 2 Pilots ('03 and currently own an '08) and have enjoyed them alot; my main complaint with the Pilots (including the 2010 model) is the intrusive road noise problem (and the ugly front end design of the current style '09-10)). The new 4Runner is very nice and since it is built on a truck chasis is the best of this lot for serious off-roading and ground clearance (9.6"), but as a daily commuter (which is what I use mine for 80% of the time) is a relatively rough ride with lots of wash-boarding; also the exterior design is not too appealing to me, and the design/placement of the power window controls is inexcusable/terrible! The new Outback is very nice, and next to the 4Runner has the next best ground clearance of this group (8.7"), although in order for you to get a back-up camera you have to spend ~ $2K to get the NAV, whereas with the Toyota products the back-up camera comes standard without the NAV if you get the Sprt HL or SR5 4R or Venza. I like the Venza 6cyl AWD also but prefer the Outback 3.6R to the VNZ.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    edited April 2010
    My 2004 2wd Highlander performs like any other FWD vehicle in snow (Eastern Massachusetts). The only advantage it has is higher ground clearance. My driveway is on a hill and I must dig it out before I can go up if snow is more than couple of inches deep. For me, I don't feel the need for it, as I don't go out before the plows in the morning. The biggest improvement was getting tires after the OEM tires wore out, they were terrible if there was more than a inch of snow. I would get AWD only if I regularly carried people in the back seat or heavy stuff in the trunk.
  • Has anyone in this forum successfully transferred contacts from an iPhone 3G to the hands free Bluetooth on their 2010 Highlander? I've searched high and low on the internet with no success. If you have, please provide the step-by-step procedure. I cannot figure out how to "send" contacts from the iPhone. There is no SEND (or similar) capability that I can find in the iPhone.

    My Blackberry Bold did it just fine...

    Thank you in advance!

    johnlindy :cry:
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    2nd and third row seats, do they fold flat? when i was at the dealership i failed to take notice. thank you
  • knwpskknwpsk Posts: 8
    We have a 2008 HL Limited Edition. Has 3rd row seats. Yes, they fold flat very nicely, one of the reasons we liked the car initially. This gives you ample cargo room.

    The third row seats are also quite reasonable for medium-sized people to ride in (but mostly used for kids, of course).
  • smitbradsmitbrad Posts: 8
    edited May 2010
    I just installed the Toyota hood protector (PT427-48080) on my 2010 Highlander and was surprised how far away from the hood it sits. At first I thought I must have installed the brackets wrong but they can really only go one way. Standing by the drivers door all the mounting brackets are clearly visible and the bottom lip of the protector is inches away from the hood.

    Does anyone else have the hood protector installed? If so is it mounted away from the hood? If someone had a picture that would be great.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    I do not have a hood protector on my 2010 Highlander, but I have seen other 2010s on the road with it and it does sit away from the hood as you described.

    So, unless all of you are installing it incorrectly I think you are OK.
  • waynenavwaynenav Posts: 5
    I just purchased a new 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited and already wished I hadn't. I love everything about the car except the drivers seat. It is hard as a rock and my butt and back aches from driving the car. Did I make a 39.000 dollar mistake or is there help out there on this seat? :mad:
  • bearloverbearlover Posts: 12
    We purchased a Venza first and my wife had terrible back pain (no problem in any other car before and no pre-existing back problems), so we bite the bullet and traded it in on a new Highlander and took the substantial financial hit. Good move since its seats are far better but still inferior to most rental cars that I have experienced. Seats are not Toyota's high points.

    On a related subject, I hope you didn't opt for the navigation package as I did. My $200 Garmin beats the pants off of it. Terrible investment but the back up camera is nice, but not worth the cost of the entire nav package.

    While there are several good features to our Highlander Limited, it will be my last Toyota.
  • waynenavwaynenav Posts: 5
    As a matter of fact I did opt for the Nav system. I too have a Garmin which I like but the HL system is far easier to see, the voice is better and it seems to have far more POIs than the Garmin. And the backup camera is superb. The one thing I liked about the Garmin that's not on the HL is the listing of speed limits for each road. That's a big help when there are no posted signs. Or is there a way to display that info on the HL system?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Did you test drive it? I'm not trying to sound like an a**, but I've always taken 45-60 minutes for a drive before buying. If the dealer doesn't like me being gone that long, he doesn't get my business.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    Since you have the Limited, I assume you have the seats with the extra options. 1 of those options is a seat extender to give you better thigh support which should improve the comfort if you have not yet used it.

    I have had my 2010 Limited since 12-23-09 and it has 6,000 miles on it which includes several 1 1/2 hour trips each way. In addition, I have taken it on an 8 hour trip each way in mid May. This is my opinion only & since you have already formed your opinion, I am not trying to convince you otherwise.

    "I" find the Limited seats to be very comfortable.
    In fact, 1 of the reasons (there were others) I went with the Limited was because of its better seats & numerous settings that you do not get in the base model.
  • waynenavwaynenav Posts: 5
    I'm inclind to believe you on the seats. They just don't seem to be that comfortable for me. I did try the seat extender which helps with thigh support somewhat. The main problem seems to be my lower back, especially on the left side. I have tried adjusting the lumbar support which doesn't seem to make much difference. I'm confident I can get it straightened out in time but it's frustrating right now.
  • waynenavwaynenav Posts: 5
    Well, you are right of course. In hundsight I probably should have done a longer test drive, but I did test it twice and the seat seemed fine to me. Granted they were short test drives. However, this is my third Toyota and since all the seats in the previous two were fine I wasn't concerned. I'm sure I'll get it sorted out soon.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,727
    Well, at least the HL has pretty good resale. Maybe he can check out the 11 Explorer when it comes out this fall. I've found that Ford's usually have pretty comfortable seating, but you're right, it's a very individual thing. I've ridden a long distance in a friend's Nissan Murano and it seemed pretty comfortable as well.
  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 130
    What did you own before the HL? Hard uncomfortbale seats are not at all what I experience with mine. Tell your service dept and they should be able to suggest some type of cushion to put on top of your seat. Or check on EBay
  • waynenavwaynenav Posts: 5
    Re: previous Toyotas. I traded in an 07 Highlander on the 2010. It had cloth seats and they never gave me any discomfort in the three years I owned the car. I still own a 2000 Avalon which is very comfortable. I mentioned the uncomfortable seat to the Sales Manager and the best he could come up with is, "If you've got an issue, get a tissue". Joking of course, but he might have been more helpful. I will check with the service dept but I'm generally against seat cushions because they are usually a big pain when getting in and out of the car. I did check with the accessories store but they have no cushions custom made for the Highlander. : :cry:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Seats of all kinds and flavors can be purchased on Ebay. Lot less expensive than trading cars to get more comfortable or memory seats.
  • bethfizzbethfizz Posts: 1
    Unfortunately, it won't support sending contacts.
    It really pissed me off, because the salesperson had a iPhone and was able to use her older phone to upload her contacts, but after I bought the vehicle, I tried to do it and was greeting by that inane "send your contacts" screen too. When I asked their techs what the issue was, they sent me to this page: serviceCorpId=0&filterCorpId=697&passedPaIds=

    Note it says that you can't sync contacts on a 3GS - not supported.
    Worthless feature - can't use the voice recognition if the contacts aren't in the system, and I ain't rekeying my 300+ contacts.
    When I complained to the tech about it, he said, "Toyota didn't build that part, so we're stuck with what they support."
  • Steven:

    I had my Toyota hood protector painted blizzard white. I noticed how far away it sits from the hood. I had it in my Highlander for a few weeks and did not like how it looked. Did some net surfing and found the Stampede hood protector chrome. It fits better than the Toyota hood protector. Fits snugly to the hood and also looks great!

    I highly recommend it. :)
  • auyomanauyoman Posts: 5
    having had a couple of seinnas and a couple of tundras, i tell people i am a toyota man. when it was time to move from a mini van to an SUV, i went looking at the highlander. i noticed that the 2011 seinna came out in feb 2010 with a 3.5 engine and a 6 speed. highlander uses the same power train and i assume that will happen on the 2011 HL. i could not wait so i found a SUV that was $3000 less, gets 26mpg instead of HL 24mpg, a third seat that two adults can sit in, and a 5 yr 60,000 mi 10 yr 100,000mile warrenty instead of the HL 3 yr 36,000mile. I BOUGHT A 2011 KIA SORENTO. toyota needs to keep up or lose out.
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    "toyota needs to keep up or lose out."

    You really like it better than the Highlander? I didn't, the test drive didn't do a thing for me. I am completely enjoying the 2010 Highlander Limited I bought in January. It certainly was a hefty check to write though. I'm starting to sound like my grandparents who were all born in the 1890s... "It cost how much?" It's not like you can buy a new '65 VW bug for $1600 anymore.

  • Do you have a link to their website?
  • The following is the link to their website: Here you can check to see if you have a dealer nearby. Its easy to install.

    I bought my Highlander Limited on June 15, 2010. It's the first time I've had leather interior. The seats are very comfortable. It's really good to drive as a daily driver. :)
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