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2010 Toyota Highlander



  • my husband has always changed the oil in our camry;s... and it was a snap!!! however we have now purchased a 2010 highlander and yikes... it looks harder to do? our question is this??? is there any place on the internet that shows step by step directions on how to do this ? thanks in advance. janeyjan
  • Here is a link to a video for changing oil in a 2008 Highlander.
    I assume 2010 would be the same?
  • tdivertdiver MinnesotaPosts: 18
    Purchased 2010 Highlander Limited on 7/21/10. So far so good. I really like the car for the most part. It ride's well, is quite, and does what I bought it for. I doubt that the 4 wheel drive well be equal to my 04 Forester XT but I new that going in. I really only have couple of complaint's I think at this price it should have memory driver seats and the interior is a bit low rent. Also I don't need the third row seat that the Limited comes with and I really don't like the spare under the car. I would really like the spare under the floor and remove the third row seat. They where able to do that in my Forester and that is a smaller car. On the up side I am getting 22 mpg in town and 25.5 on the highway on regular gas compared to 20mpg on premium with the Forester. Oh and that is with the V6 AWD.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    edited September 2010
    My 2010 Limited was purchased 12-23-09 & is only a 2 Wheel drive (FWD).

    I am only getting approx 20 MPG in town (very shor trips) but just got 26.7 MPG Highway on a 14 hour round trip (including less than 15 miles being intown driving).

    I agree with the memory seat suggestion & would add turn signals in the outside side mirrors. Interior (especially ceiling) is 'low rent" - but the Limited's other interior features (leather seats, accent, controls, etc.) help out a little.

    I like the spare tire under the car & out of the way since I will never have to access it. Only the dealer will have to access it for 5 tire rotations and AAA if the need ever arises.

    I also have no use for the 3rd row seat - but you could not exclude it in the Limited even though you could exclude it in the base model. My 3rd row seat stays folded down all of the time to make more space in the rear interior.
  • Like the OP, I traded my 07 Highlander in on a new car. But I bought the 2010 RAV4 and had the exact same problem. I drove it for 6 months and it got more and more uncomfortable on trips of any distance. So I bit the bullet and traded it in on the 2010 Highlander. The 2010 HL is much more comfortable than the RAV4, but neither one is as comfortable at my 07 HL was. I am very pleased overall with the 2010 HL, though. It is a nice drive.
  • smitbradsmitbrad Posts: 8
    I have a 2010 Limited and there is a creaking noise (like tapping sound) in the dashboard, seems like it is coming from behind the radio, center A/C vents and by the speaker on the drivers side. The noise has become more noticeable this winter and it's starting to drive me crazy! The HL rattles more than the 10 year old Pathfinder that I traded it!!

    I've read under the 2008 posts that some owners have the exact problem but I have not seen any posts saying that they got the problem resolved. Are other 2010 owners experiencing the same problem? Has anyone successfully gotten the problem fixed? I hate to drop it off at the dealer just for them to tell me that this is normal or they could hear the problem.
  • jsmgtjsmgt Posts: 1
    i have a 2011 hylander.. have the same issue with the "creaking" dealer said they couldnt hear it.. was your issue ever resolved??
  • smitbradsmitbrad Posts: 8
    The dealer gave me the same line...they couldn't hear it so there was nothing they could do. So I went there one cold morning and the service manager went on a ride with me and he heard it. They put foam around the speaker grill and that solved one of the clicking noises that I heard. But one cold morning I heard the creaking noise again. I still think it is coming from where the windshield meets the dash.

    It has gotten warm so I haven't heard any noises. Will see what happens this winter.
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    I bought 3/4" grey pipe insulating foam from Home Depot, cut it in half along the length ant tucked it between the windshield and the dash. Looks like it cured most of the creaks. Cost is a about $1
  • jopojojopojo Posts: 1
    I just wanted to add that I own a 2011 Highlander (bought Sept of 2010) and am now selling it because the ROCK HARD seats have messed up my back. Can't drive it longer than an hour a day and have issues. Took it on a long trip all the way to Florida and even though we had 4 different drivers, I drove about 7 hrs myself and was miserable. Toyota needs to "open their eyes and ears" and look at these rock hard seats and listen to the public and put some darn comfortable seats in there!!!! Because the vehicle is such a nice riding SUV, but the seats are by far the hardest seats I've ever sat on in a car and I've owned 8 cars in my lifetime so far!
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited August 2011
    There are very few people who's not happy with Highlander seats and even than it is easy to understand that it is impossible to design a seat to please every single person. If you happy with the rest of the vehicle you might want to explore a possibility to customize the seat(s) to your liking. Also see if your tires inflated to the factory recommended pressure, I believe it is 30 PSI. What HL model do you have? Is it leather or fabric? I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling a HL but explore your options first.
  • Our extreme dislike for our 2010 Ltd Highlander also rests with its seats. Otherwise, not a bad vehicle but the seats are killers after about an hour. You cannot customize the seats without changing the safety parameters (we checked on this). Tire inflation is to the 30 psi spec and has no bearing on the seat comfort. We cannot justify trading it off and we take longer trips in our Ford F350 truck which has great seats but cost far more to drive. That's the price we pay for owning the HL. Too bad for all that find this out after a longer trip than the test drive that typically is not long enough for the misery to begin.
  • fun4mefun4me Posts: 2
    I don't know if what I've done is a safety issue, but in my last several cars/trucks/suv's, I made a seat cushion (s) from foam rubber as ALL of these last vehicles had seats that felt like wooden planks. After cutting and fitting it to my seat, my wife created a cover and I've never had issue with hard seats again. I also have back problems, and some of the vehicles have had issues with the lumbar support sticking out too far, even fully retracted. I have had to use foam pieces to "even out" the back of the seat on those that I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. If what I've suggested creates a safety problem with the seat, please disregard this message...LOL
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