Isuzu Axiom Communication Screen Problems

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My communication screen isn't coming on when I start the car preventing me from seing radio, A/C and other settings. If I take the fuse out and put it back, it works. But everytime I shut the car off it doesn't come back on unless I take the fuse out and replace again. The fuse is brand new and I'm just tired of having to take it in and out everytime I go somewhere. Please help!


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    You can purchase a PDF copy of the 2002 Axiom US Service Manual online for less than $20, and it is well worth it. I have a copy and use it all the time.

    In that Service Manual, there is a section on the MID, as it is called and it explains how to troubleshoot it. I am enclosing links to 4 pertinent pages, that may help you.

    The troubleshooting chart explains a step-by-step process you can use, with a digital voltmeter in hand, to figure out why your MID is not working or if it is non-functional and needs to be replaced. It details voltages that should be present at specific pins on the connector when you do certain tests. IF THE CONTROL UNIT IS NO GOOD, then you can probably get a replacement from a local junkyard (or online junkyard website) with a 30 day guarantee for a lot less than a new one would cost at a dealer.

    The MID control unit appears to be mounted directly behind the MID display unit, attached on a bracket.

    The links below are to 1) the troubleshooting chart for the MID Display Not Appearing on page 1830 of the manual, 2) illustrations of the connector pinouts on page 1835, and 3) page 1821 with an illustration of the MID control unit removal, which appears to show the MID control unit being located directly behind the MID Display, and 4) page 1820 which shows how to remove the MID display, which is really the first step in the process of troubleshooting this whole thing.

    PLEASE DOWNLOAD these 4 pages right away and then send me a message, so i can remove them, to keep my webmaster happy!

    I have personally removed the the entire center cluster section of the dash before and it is not that difficult, but there are some snap-on pieces and it is a little tricky, so take your time and don't break any tabs off. The MID Display is removed pretty easily, (see link to page 1820 below) and after that you should be able to access the MID control unit connectors described in the troubleshooting chart. IF this is not something you are good at, get a friend who installs stereos or knows electronics and has a digital voltmeter to help you. Whatever you do, don't short out anything back there as that could get expensive real quick!


    Hope this helps. Hit me back when you are done.
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    Thanks so much for the response and .pdf files. It seems a bit overwhelming but I'm tired enough of taking the fuse in and out that I'll give it a try. Before I do though, could it be possible that the fuse connection is bad? I read a post that suggested adding dielectric grease to the fuse connection. What are your thoughts on that?
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    Good idea. While my fuse holder slots are so tight I cant even use the plastic fuse remover tool to get fuses out, if yours is loose or has a bad connection your idea should work.

    Here's a variation: get a Bussman fuse tap from Advance Auto Parts or your auto parts store. Then, with your handy voltmeter, you will be able to check the outbound side for +12VDC anytime you like. I use these fuse taps for adding a 3 Amp 12V line to supply a separate satellite radio or GPS unit, and they work great. It has two prongs and fits in the same slot as your mini-fuse, then provides a piggyback slot and pigtail to use for another circuit. You can use that 2nd tap for test purposes to determine if you have a supply voltage or not.

    The item I am describing is Busmann part no: BP/HHH, and can be seen on this webpage, ion the top of page 2:

    Your parts store should have something similar, if not this same item.

    Good luck!
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