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Getting the RAV4 I want vs. regional option packages

tee_el_ceetee_el_cee Member Posts: 20
edited May 2014 in Toyota
I'm too tall for the moonroof. In NJ, the only model without the moonroof is the base model. I'd rather have a decked out Limited with leather, climate control, fog lights, big radio, power seat, etc. -- everything but the moonroof and nav.

Plugging various zip codes into the web site, I found that the Gulf States region is the nearest one that lets me configure what I want.

How can I get the variation that I want? Will dealers make a special order? All dealers, or will I have to hunt for a willing one? How long will it take? Will dealers trade cars that far? Will I have to pay MSRP to make this happen?

Thanks for any advice,


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    greytautumngreytautumn Member Posts: 38
    Honestly, If you want a gulf states car, you probably need to go through a Gulf States dealer. They are not purchasing their cars form Toyota USA directly, but through the Southern Distributor (And paying higher prices as a result.)

    It's the same with Subaru here in New England.

    Each dealership is different as well. Some are more willing to play ball than others. Here in the Boston area, there is a wealth of riches in the number of Toyota dealers, so competition between them is pretty fierce. There's some I won't deal with at all, and more than one has been great in my search for a Highlander and now a Rav4.

    My Mom lives less than an hour for the Georgetown, KY plant and hates the Toyota dealers there (she drives an Avalon).

    Bottom line, you don't know unless you ask. I can suggest that you may be better off in a lesser equipped Highlander. Even the base ones are really sweet rides with plenty of headroom.
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    tee_el_ceetee_el_cee Member Posts: 20
    I haven't been in a Highlander lately. I will probably check it out. But sweet ride aside, I have the same configuration issues. I want the lux touches from the Sport or Limited, but in my region, they only come with moonroofs that blow my headroom.

    When you say "go through a Gulf States dealer", do you mean deal with one directly? How would I take delivery? What are the tax & registration implications?

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