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Dash Panel and gauge issue

szymasszymas Member Posts: 8
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
I own a 2000 Silverado 1500Ext it has 130K mile on it.. out of nowhere the following happens:

The low fuel, battery, security alternate on the console, my temp and fuel gauges drop dead to 0, my abs and seat belt lights on the dash light up. I do hear a clicking (like the signal light relay) under the dash to the left side. It happens erratically no pattern to when it happens (no reason if damp, dry, hit a bump.. it just happens out of the blue). But when it does, the battery will be dead within 8-10 hours, but jumps fine.

I have seen other posts, nothing conclusive.. anyone have some suggestions..

FYI, dealer states that they cannot find the problem, the computer reports nothing physically wrong...


  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    I've searched thru all the TSBs and recalls for your vehicle and not discovered anything related to your issue. I've read here that some had them replaced under warranty after the 3/36 period but I believe that is dealer specific.

    You could try a couple of other dealerships for their opinion, however, your cluster panel is defective. Another option, one that I had done on my 2000 Silverado is install an Escalade cluster that will give you a free trans temp gauge.

    The other option of course is to replace your cluster with an identical one. The part number for that is 15055362. Take the number to any dealer and they can order one for you. The price is about $225.00. It comes with a sticker enclosed that the dealer will fill out to identify the cluster as a replacement and log the mileage both on the car and with GM. If it's a competant dealer he will reprogram the mileage from the old to the new.
  • szymasszymas Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply, so there's no chance it could just be a faulty ground wire or a shorted wire? geez..I'm sure I cannot replace that cluster panel myself it looks like a very difficult removal process..
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    If you can change a video card in a computer you can change the cluster. You need to pull the dash trim around the cluster. Then two screws that hold the cluster and unplug from behind. Shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to remove and replace, faster once you do it the first time.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    No....I got a recall card for this......I will try to find it. Does anyone know any good "recall" websites? Obyone? I swear I remember getting a notice for the gauge panel recall...
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    i know this sounds dum...but try removing and replacing the fuse for the gauges..the same one...if it looks bad, put a new one in
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    I found's not a recall notice but a class action lawsuit claim.

    2003-2005 GMT800 platforms.
    Extends warranty on dash panel
    within 7 years when vehicle was placed in service or 70,000 miles,whicever first,
    condition will be repaired at no charge.

    If you paid to have fixed, you can get reimbursed for parts and labor.
    Between 70k and 80k miles, reimbursement for parts only.

    Over 80k, you're screwed.

    Reimbursement number 1-800-204-0261 have your VIN

    Multi District Litigation number 1896.....and I guess it's in a Detroit court.

    Hope this helps
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Class action lawsuit. Now it makes sense as I couldn't find it listed anywhere.
  • szymasszymas Member Posts: 8
    I have it at the dealer today miles are 130K.. They beleive it is the ignition switch.. i'll post when I know more..

  • szymasszymas Member Posts: 8
    Well, that worked out well :confuse: They wanted me to hand out 3 hours of labor to look into the issue at$91.00 a hour.. sorry, I told them to correct the recalls and pack it up I am not going to give away 300.00 and not even know if it could be fixed..
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    $91.00 isn't that bad our local Chevy dealer charges $130.00 an hour for factory certified technicians. Course the labor comes way down if you do the diagnoses for them. ;)
  • szymasszymas Member Posts: 8
    The problem is that there is no guarantee that they find the problem ans you still pay the fees.. I just hesitate to hand out $$$ and then they replace something like the cluster (which I heard is about 300.00 itself). so I was looking at a $600.00 charge.. :( I'll wait until I hear a good solution or maybe find someone who could just replace it aftermarket so I get charged a lower fee.
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