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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53
    I checked the engine and it says 2.2 litre so I guess it is non turbo according to you.
    No visible leakage, new tires, new cd player.
    The guy is selling bcaz he is moving to la from dallas so he is in kinda of urgency to just get rid of it.
    The car runs very good with no funny noise and got a clean carfax history.
    I really love the way manual was shifting.
    Let me see
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
  • I just sold my 91 Celica GT HB for $2500 with 191K. So a 2.2 Celica for 1600 with 135k sounds like a great deal if the car wasn't beat to death. Those Celicas will last a long time. However, all cars no matter what they are will eventually need some repairs and maintenance.

    My car had power everything, sunroof, 6-speaker radio, cruise control, fog lights, rear window wiper, and AC. This were the options on the car.

    I ended up replacing my car with a xB. I haven't got it yet. I have been driving my Mom's 90 GT-S.
  • As in previous chats with Nippononly, I want the 350Z but is it worth 30k$. Should I just get an 05 Celica GTS with the TRD supercharger as this type of boost wont affect my warranty? I would be getting automatic, how much boost would the supercharger give me hp wise /torque wise? The Celica has everything good except it could use just a little more torque. But the good thing about the Celica is when you dont feel like driving hard, it will hibernate like a corolla and give you a smooth ride and 26 mpg. Pretty good for a sporty car that gives that level of performance. Now the Z which still as of 05 models has a suspension problem that eats tires anywhere from 3-8 K miles,which some owners get warrantied and some dont is my other choice. Not to mention that in my opinion the celica has better fit and finish, might be more reliable, and will surely get better mpg's when just cruising.I need to get automatic because of my traffic situation or I would consider the RX-8 but with 197hp/165lbs trq, and 3000lbs I didn't feel the auto Rx getting up and running off the line or any other time like the Z does.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I have a 2000 GTS 6 speed. I like it but have always been a little disappointed with the lack of torque. On the highway it is very apparent. I have been comparing the 350Z and GTO and have been thinking of trading.

    I have noticed very few Red 6 SP GTS's for sale.

    It does seem as though the 350Z would be the perfect car -plenty of torque with the V6 and great handling. I have read about the tire, shifter, paint, problems and they are concerning.

    The paint on my Celica chips just as easily.
  • The Celica has plenty of hp and torque for its weight and it packs punch due to its light weight. I dont really feel any slumps in performance except when running againt a v-8 and even then when I do catch them they have to slow down due to the average cars handling and steering limitations.This is something I will miss if i get another car as I have not experienced another car with this kind of handling since my 94 RX-7 R2 Twin Turbo. 255hp and 2750 lbs of weight.That is what most cars have problems with they might have enough liters in engine size and maybe the right amount of cylinders but they are always too heavy and never have the right handling to drive the car the way the engine was made to run. What good is a high performance engine when as soon as you start pushing it you have to step on the brake because the frame of the car feels like it is 2 car lengths behind in the wrong direction.You know toyota has the right idea when the Lotus Elise is using a GTS engine with 190 hps.Weighs less than 2000lbs, heard one time it weighs 1777lbs but not sure,supercar performance with a Celica engine.Never mind waiting on a supra, just tune the Celica engine maybe to 2.0,2.2,2.4 liters get 250 hps and price it around 27,500 and that would fix everything. People will spend that money as they spend more with the Z and if 250 hps is sitting in a 2700lb celica I think it will beat the rx-8 and the Z
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    thought they didn't sell the GTS with an automatic any more? So if you are going to get an '05, it won't be auto. But you likely meant getting a GT with the S/C to net out at 200 hp or so? As light as this car is, that would be a ROCKET. I think you are onto something there. My only question would be: have you checked whether there are any durability issues related to putting the TRD engine in front of the automatic without upgrading the auto? And do the TRD engines get reflashed ECUs?

    zinger - have you sat in a 350Z and driven it? Not only does it feel huge and heavy to drive, but it is claustrophobic as all heck. The windows are at cheek level and there is barely space for two people in the front seats.

    I would LOVE to see Toyota continue this model, using a reprogrammed and beefed up version of the Camry's engine. Heck, Honda gets 200 hp out of their 2.4L Accord engine in the TSX, why couldn't Toyota one-up them and pull 225, 240 hp out of its own? Of course, it would probably require lengthening the Celica's hood, so it would get bigger and we don't want it to get too big. But I think they could hold any increase in size to a minimum.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I think if you arder them you will be able to get an automatic GTS. Dont know about the reflashing of the ecu but i would assume that kind of adjustment would be done by the tech at the time of install.Also the TRD charger is warrantied with the bumper to bumper so i would not worry about durability.For sure a new Supra is coming but I dont think until Sept 2007 at the earliest. At that point,maybe a year afer the bugs are worked out i will change the Z for it.That saying I end up in the Nissan. There is a new eclipse GT with 260hp/260trq coming out this year that is suppose to be close to the Z but it will weigh to much and just be a little too low in power to catch the Z. The only thing that will make the big difference in these two cars is the transmission gearing. But anyway I dont like the way mitsu looks or drives and the fit and finish is bad. The old eclipse gt had 200 hp but was too heavy so you would hit the gas and the frame would drad behind, did have cool exhuast note.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    the new Eclipse will be as big as a two-door Galant and weigh a whopping 3500 pounds!!!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I have driven it. To me the windows are at the same height as the Celica. Of course the windshield is much better in the Celica. Honestly it didnt seem any more claustrophobic. The clutch is more forgiving and you dont have to shift as much to avoid driveline shutter.

    It will still be very difficult to give up my GTS if I ever do.
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    I had a 1982 Celica with "22R engine" and 5 spd manual that I enjoyed very much. I've never driven a Celica with the 6 spd manual. Is it better than the 5 spd manual? Someone posted on this form that they have the 6 spd but wish they had the 5 spd -- is there a problem with the 6 spd or is it just tricky to find the right gear? does the 6 spd get better mileage than the 5 spd?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    The six speed takes a little while to get used to. Once used to it, the feel is very smooth, very cool.

    In my GTS I get about 30 mpg, no matter how I drive.

    The six speed requires a little too much shifting. I do minimize my shifting greatly (which I've done with all manuals I've driven), by going from first to fifth when going down hills, skipping gears when coasting on level roads, etc. But the six itself would be much more useful with a high-torque engine (aka the Legend inline 6) then a "puny" 4. Lastly, it does feels kind of cool to have a model that I rarely see on the road.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I had an '83 for many years with a 5 speed - that shifter is like a truck shifter compared to the super-close ratios and gates of the current model's 6-speed.

    Someone around here recently posted that Toyota has just shipped its last Celicas to the land of the free and the brave. Bye bye Celica...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I had my GTS 6SP out over the weekend. It has been awhile because I dont drive it in the winter. Man, that car is a blast to whip around in.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I remember when I test drove the GTS, and the salesman was in the passenger seat. When we would do street corner turns, he would be jumping up and down in his seat and yelling at me to step on the gas as I entered the turn. I did, going through 90 degree turns at HIGHLY excessive speeds, and the Celica was completely unflappable.

    I know you should never say never, but I honestly think the '00-05 Celica GTS may represent the zenith of handling for all Toyota vehicles ever, in the past and future. After all, Toyota USA has come right out this week and said its future is in trucks, especially large trucks. Sporty Toyotas will become icons of the distant past, and these Celicas will not be topped...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    Trucks are where the profit is now. One new environmental regulation, and *POOF*, back to tiny little sportsmobiles. They'll be back!

    Hairpin turns are unbelievable. Yes, yes, yes.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    If you are a regular reader of this board you will note I have been considering trading my GTS for either the GTO or 350Z. While the Celica will not blow anybody away - do you really get the opportunity to really light em up that often anyway? You can always have fun taking turns at 35 mph without even touching the brake. The Z would probably be great too but they do seem to be having some qualty issues. So for now I am keeping it.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Yeah, I've been following some of your discussions in the GTO thread. As the fellow owner of a GTS 6-speed, I can certainly understand the allure of the available torque in that thing.

    But, from everything I understand about the GTO, it drives 'big'; exactly the opposite of the Celica. When it comes time to finally sell my '00 GTS (hey, it's only got 130k miles on it, it's just starting to break-in!), I'll probably upgrade to a RX-8. I think this would be the closest in feel to my Celica (high rpm fun, razor sharp steering/brake response, and room for 4 real human!).

    On a side note, I test drove a new Scion tC. This is supposed to be the replacement for the Celica? Ummmmmm, no. Not in my book.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Wow - I have 42K miles on mine. I am not quite sure what I am saving it for. I guess I just hate driving it in the winter in the salt and snow.

    Any thoughts on the 350Z?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    Zinger, it all depends on my mood. If I feel like having fun, I'll nail it getting on the freeway every single time. Those complete turn-arounds at the entrances and exits are just perfect for pushing this car. I'll be in that mood as soon as I put the sports tires back on the car. With enough pressure, I fear I could compress and blow one of these snow tires in a tight turn :)

    There is a spectacular roadway out here in the park with three hairpin turns, all kinds of twisties and hills. I swear it is right out of a car commercial. Call me a nut, but when it is sunny and warm out on a Saturday, sometimes I just go there to drive it back and forth 2 or three times.

    Use your car to the extent that you want. If you're happy hanging out at McDonalds on Friday night eating fries, playing Deep Purple on the radio, then being happy while still is just as powerful as racing around.

    I feel people should buy what makes their heart happy. You don't need the best performer. You DO need a COOL car. Any of these will do that :)
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    Hey, how good are you guys working the 6-spd?

    To be honest, after four years, I still don't shift completely smoothly unless I concentrate on it. Is it even possible to shift smoothly when attempting to go WOT? Maybe I'm just a sucky shifter (I learned on the GT-S).

    Seems like 1 and 2 are so far apart that you pretty much have to let the car coast for about .5-1 second to nail a smooth shift.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Honestly, the 6-spd does require a bit more attention/concentration. I'm not really sure if this is due to the nature of the powerband, the shifter, or the transmission itself. For me, the clutch takeup is nearly perfect but I've heard others say the clutch is too grabby.

    I do know that my 4th gear synchros are about shot; I don't think a hard day at Texas World Speedway did them any good. I can do the 3-4 upshift great, but the 5-4 downshift grounches EVERY time. But the 5-3 downshift is great!

    zinger/guitarzan - snow....snow....oh, yeah, that's that funny white stuff you guys up north have to deal with during.....what was it called again.....winter?
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    After 3 years of driving this car I think I have finally got the hang of it. From a stop it always seems to be a problem of how much gas to give. Too little it bogs - too much and you over rev it. So that part has always been a problem. Try to rev it up and then pop the clutch and get that nice chirp sound which doesnt happen often enough.
    Winters in Chicago kinda suck but where else is better to live when you have a family?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    I'm with you guys-I am echoing your comments in my head. It is a combination of extra physical motion to shift this thing, and mental concentration. Yes, on full-throttle shifts, I can feel sometimes like I'm drop kicking this thing.

    Maybe it is the nature of the powerband. You have to throttle it after shifting to get it back up to speed.

    Thirty more lbs of torque and a change of ratios would eliminate this.

    Or a supercharger, and the skipping of 1st and 3rd gears. Ha!

    Rorr's post reminded me of something-if any upshifts grind or are awkward, have the shifter checked out for adjustment. If it does operate smoothly from 1 to 2, 3-4, it is just this particular tranny.

    Yep SNOW-the worst 4-letter word I know. Lived here for a long time, and still hate it. If anyone cares, adding Blizzeks 15", slightly off-size, to this car, felt like I added 4-wheel drive. Literally amazing grip right through snow and ice. The soft material is GONE up front though. But I'll have some ice-sticking power next year after putting the rear tires up front. These tires reduced my stress 5 bazillion percent (no exaggeration) this winter.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    Zinger - One problem I've had along these lines with these newer cars in general-the mushy gas pedals. It's not that I don't know how much gas to give. But, if I wear a certain shoe, my driving is stellar, as I can feel the gas pedal. If I wear a dress shoe with a rock-hard sole, I have no idea what the pedal position is. If the radio is blaring, I can't hear the engine. Mental-note: Must use tach. A better pedal feel would make driving better all around though.

    One might practice in neutral, revving it to 2500, release, again, release, until a moderate gas pedal position becomes second nature.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    as drive-by-wire becomes more pervasive in the years to come, this problem will only get worse. :-(

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 759
    Dumb engineers. How hard would it be to simulate a mechanical throttle feel? Some springs, padding material, blah, blah.

    BTW, my background is engineering, so it's a little self-deprecating. But it is also pointing out myopic thinking when I see it.
  • sandydebsandydeb Posts: 19
    I have a 2003 gts 6sp and it is a blast.. i LOVE this car.. revving the engine to the redline even while getting away from traffic stops and the go-kart like steering are simply awesome and highly addictive :) the best streches i like are the 25mph exits from the freeway.. i can rapidly approach and tailgate the guy in front (definitely sccaring him) and then downshift and zip ahead the moment we are out of the exit... another favorite routine of mine is on the 2 lane exit that we have on my way to work.. i typically have these suvs and trucks zipping by me on the straights at 85mph+ (i try not to overspeed too much).. but the moment they hit the exit they have to slow down and i LOVE to weave in and out past them at speeds at which they would go tumbling out of the road :D

    I have this minor issue tho.. i do not even know whether this is a problem or not.. if i shift up to the 5th or 6th gear and leave the engine at low rpm (~2.5 k) and then step on the gas, there is this slight rattling kind of sound from the engine.. the pickup is smooth and all but there is this additional rattle.. the same also happen if i use compression braking at low revs (that is accelerate and then leave the gas alone but not step on the clutch).. does this happen with other people too or do i need to get this checkd.. my car has only 16k miles on it...

    the only major gripe i have with this car is the touchy clutch.. i have had no probs with the shifter.. i have driven worse manual for 8 years now and this one feels perfect.. however, the clutch engagement is very sudden.. i typically have some trouble getting away smoothly from a stop lights.. too little gas and the car stalls.. too much and there is tirespin.. tho that is fun sometimes, i do not like to do tht everyday as it will grate my tires in no time.. any mods that i can make?? Thanks!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    in my '02 GT I used to break the front tires loose all the time starting away from stoplights. It must be worse in a GTS, with the shorter clutch.

    It sounds like maybe the "rattling sound" you are hearing from the engine when trying to accelerate at low speeds in high gears is pinging, which is a natural result of lugging the engine a bit. I bet you will find this never happens again if you just go a gear or two lower. And you will also find this doesn't happen in low gears like second, even if you step on the gas in the same hearty fashion at the same rpm.

    HOWEVER, that does not explain the "rattling" when you are coasting in gear. Maybe it is just a harmonic frequency buzz of something in the cabin at certain engine speeds?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sandydebsandydeb Posts: 19
    Thanks 'nippononly'. I guess it must be the pinging thing (never heard of this before, so will do some research on the net!) coz the sound does go away when I downshift.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Don't forget this is an engine designed to rev and rev, and does not have a lot of power at low speeds. So in high gears like 4, 5, 6, stomping the gas at 2000-2500 rpm could easily be expected to cause this problem.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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