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Town & Country 2009 4.0L gear & engine feeling

chracatoachracatoa Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Chrysler
I have a 2009 Town & Country w/ 4.0L engine and many times I can feel bumps when gear changes at low speeds. Sometimes I think it won't make it (like if it were a manual gear) :)

Also when I'm completely stopped (say waiting for green light) I can feel the car vibrate a little bit then the vibration is gone, then it comes back. Feels weird.

Is it normal? Did anybody else feel something similar? Thanks.


  • We have a 2009 25th Anniversary Touring 4.0L with 6000 miles.

    If we're accelerating verrry slowly, with little pressure on the gas pedal, then the transmission can shift a little abruptly. This mainly happens when the transmission is cold. Also, if you happen to lift off the gas right at the exact moment the transmission is shifting, the shift can feel abrupt. You can certainly argue that it should be smooth no matter what, but there ya go. With moderate acceleration, though, the gear changes always are smooth.

    For a vibration that comes and goes, if you turn the air conditioner completely off, do you notice any vibration at all? It could just be a little engine vibration that's varying slightly with rpm, most likely as the AC compressor engages and disengages? But I do notice a very slight engine miss at idle sometimes.
  • Yeah, I also have the 25th anniversary. So you basically feel the same thing - also when the engine is cold.

    I still feel the vibration with the AC off, that's what worried me. I think I will wait until its check up on a month or so when I can ask them about it.
  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    Yes I have the same problem. The gear shifts rough sometimes when in low gear and when I take my foot off the gas. I also noticed that sometimes when I come to a full stop and change gears from D to R or from R to D, the gear shifts rough too. I noticed that if you come to a full stop and move the the gear from D to N, wait a second, then to R or backwards, the shifting is smooth.
    Now I know why this is my first and maybe last American car.
    My 15 year old Audi NEVER dared doing this.
  • mido24mido24 Posts: 1

    I was wondering if your dealership told you anything about the shifting from P to other gears before moving, the rough shifting while moving and the rough idling. We have been loyal to Chrysler for 11 years with the previous minivan and this one, also a 25th anniv van has been doing all you complain of. Any insight on what your dealership has said would be great. Thanks!
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