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2009 Lincoln MKX Sirius Signal Problems

walmewalme Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Lincoln
Took delivery on my 09 MKX six weeks ago. Everything is great except constant signal loss (of a few seconds, sometimes more) on some Sirius satellite channels, specifically 77 (Broadway) and 79 (Classical Pops). Dealer says it's Sirius; Sirius says it must be the equipment. The dealer has had it back and checked it out twice. The last time (last week) the dealer had technical assistance from FoMoCo; one of their strategies was to test the Sirius on two other new Lincoln vehicles on the lot - same signal loss on the same channels. Anyone experiencing something similar?


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    robinhswrobinhsw Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. i spoke to Sirius and they told me that their signal strength isn't as good as XM, and it is what it is. I never listen to the channels you do, so I guess it's a system wide issue. BTW, I also think that their Traffic Updates are useless. Sirius sent me a new link, biut it didn't help. All in all, after having XM for the past 3 years, I am totally dissatisfied with Sirius.
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    walmewalme Member Posts: 3
    Keep pushing. My issue was finally resolved when FoMoCo got tough with Sirius. Instead of dealing with the lower-level Sirius techs, the problem was escalated at Sirius and the result was a re-programming of my unit (accomplished remotely). Up to that time, the lower-level Sirius techs had "re-sent" the signal to my unit five times. That never worked; the re-programming did. So keep at it. My unit works perfectly now.
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