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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • vibration upon braking, it started after 70000 miles. i don't remember if it started after i had the front tires replaced. i checked the pads and wheel bearings, everything seemed ok. i will replace the rotor upon the next brake job. but here is an idea, i have bought ne rotors they were warped. so even if you buy new rotors have them put them on the lathe and check them. or have them check the ones you have.
  • bunk1bunk1 Posts: 1
    i have a 1997 gmc safari..i have had all the same problems and fixed all that but never if you take it to AUTOZONE thay have a code finder you can hook up to your van ita all electronic and it pinpoints it perfectly except the fuel pump but when i did mine it came back Camshaft Sensor a $35 part relativly easy to fix and i havent had a problem since
  • emo3emo3 Posts: 2
    In my 1995 Astro, my headlights quit last night. Everything else works. Does the van have a headlights fuse and, if so, where is it? I looked at the fuse block under driver and couldn't find anything that said headlights.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Look under the hood there is a fuse box between the battery and the fire wall.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I just bought a 95 astro loaded with 105,000 miles from a freind of mine. Next day I could not opean the hatch. The left side would not release. I looked it up on this forum and corrected my problem.
  • I bought my extremely low miles 1993 Chevy Astro from the Air Force. Ever since I bought it it has belched white smoke, not when I first start it, but after a short trip. I assumed that the valve seals were leaking from lack of use, so I just finished replacing all the intake and exhaust valve seals. Did not (ouch) fix the problem. The big question, is the white smoke from water or oil in the exhaust? And how is it getting in there? The van has full power, so even though I have not done a compression check, I doubt it has a head gasket leak.
  • my 2000 astro vibration was at 45-50mph, stepping on brake made it worse and pedal and steering affected, after several other attempts, dealer found front brake hose had colapsing inside liner, caused brake on one side to hang up
  • 2000 awd astro, after cruise control use, braking or turning off CC, the engine idles at 30-35mph, makes braking at off ramp or toll booth very dangerous :surprise: after turning engine off; back to normal after restart.???
  • Check out
    They have what you are looking for. 2”-12 lift for astro and savanna.
  • vstechvstech Posts: 1
    you should verify the firing order on this motor. there is a misprint in the astro van engine in the haynes manual. this is exactly what you will get if the firing order in the manual is followed.
  • how do you fix this, i bigger fuse, but then the wiring will probably fry, anybody know where to get a free on line auto manual? thanks
  • shale1shale1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Astro LT passenger. The rear defogger doesn't work any more. I checked the fuse, which looks OK. The defogger doesn't work, and the light in the switch doesn't go on. The Haynes manual doesn't cover the defogger at all. Any suggestions?
  • jahnsenjahnsen Posts: 1
    I'v got a 94 Safari AWD with 150k miles that has begun to bleed gear oil pretty good when going down the road. It appears to be leaking on the driver's side where the spindle or driver's side wheel shaft meets or goes into the differential. Given that I know next to nothing about differentials or transmissions, is this leaking seal anything I could tackle myself or would I be looking at taking out the entire differential in order to fix the leak? Also if anyone else has had any experience with having this fixed.........what kind of money am I looking at to have repaired?
  • I am interested in improving engine performance in my 1995 Safari conversion van. The V6 engine is a little under-powered in the mountains. I researched exhaust systems and found a Gibson Swept Side Exhaust Stainless Steel T-304 Superflow Muffler system for about $400, without installation. I want to know whether a high-performance exhaust system, as a single improvement, is a reasonable expenditure to increase horsepower. :confuse:
  • Well, now that i have some time to sit & realx, ( work has been crazy busy this summer ),,,,,, I have to say i still love my van ,,,,,
    I have recently done a tuneup on it, plugs, wires,cap, roter, wires ,,,,,, & had several diagnostic tests done on it, which all passed, replaced an egr valve, & the ignition module, ( it was corroded green ) & yet still, since the day i purchased it, there is still a very heavy exhaust smell coming out of the tail pipe. It smells like unburnt fuel to me ,,,,, :P no "rotten egg smell" , just very heavy fumes all the time ,,,, i can smell it when the windows are open, its really bugging me as i want it to run as efficiantly as poss, not only for my pocketbook , but for the enviroment as well. It seems to have plantly of power, however i have yet to do a mpg test,,
    Any insight to this problem would be really appreciated ,,,,,,,,,
    Hope you all cruise smoothly,.
    cheers ,,,,,,
    ps ,,,,
    i did put in a sweet sound system in a few weeks ago , sounds quite good , nothing too extreme , Clarion 200 wt, deck with usb, 4 - 6.5 coaxial Pheonix Gold SD radial speakers, front & rear doors, Pheonix Gold 400 wt 4 channel amp, powering the rear speakers & 10 Clarion sub, ( behind my seat , where i can feel the bass, but not so much as to enetertain the nighbourhood when cruising :)... good tunes sure helps with bad traffic, lol
    cheers :shades:
  • Intrested in finding out what knocking & clicking sound could possibly mean, any ideas besides, Transmission. It feels sluggish, it knocks when just idling, could there be a safety feature, regarding the braking system that would make this sound, any ideas, feel free to share....just wondering if fixing it would be worth it.

  • my 98' astro power door locks are all dead. I have checked the fuses and tried disconnecting the rear switch and the front door switches, I also disconnected the relay which is located in the compartment with the jack. any ideas? kinda pointless to have a van if I can't even open the rear door. thanks
  • My 1990 Astro gave me alot of trouble. The speedometer messed up on it,my Drivers door handle broke off.My rear sliding door wasnt opening from the inside.My back doors were jammed shut.I purchased it in 98 so maybe time made everything mess up.But Ive counted 20 plus Astro/GMC vans with broken handles why is this?And to top it off i now own a 95 astro and my a/c compressor seized up.Does every Chevy Astro owner have these problems? :confuse:
  • I'm having a similar problem with my Astro van. Did you ever get a reply or figure this out?
  • 99 chev Astro van oil pressure gauge flutters. Can some one tell me where to look for the oil-sending unit on the engine?
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I never got a reply or a fix. The problem went away as soon as the weather warmed here in Michigan. I assume the problem will return here again in a few months.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I believe it is on the back of the engine on the intake manifold near thr distributor. Mine has been fluttering also but only at certain engine speeds. It is another one of those free options GM gives you with their trucks.
  • Yes the oil sender is right on the back of the block rear of the distributor. I hand a very hard time locating a replacement, got the wrong one the first time and had to go to several parts store to find the right one. I found it in auto zone, it was $32.00 but they price matched Murray’s. After replacing the oil sender the flutter stopped.

    Thank for the info.
  • Hi, everyone. I have a 97 GMC Safari AWD. It's giving problems with the ABS supposedly due to front wheel speed sensors. Is there some thing we can do besides replacing the sensors? If the sensors are a problem, shouldn't the abs light turn on, on the dashboard.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • I have the same problem on my 94 Astrovan I have been looking all over for the possible cause, can you tell me where you found the answer to this problem. Greatly appreciate it.
  • Yes the oil sender is right on the back of the block rear of the distributor. I hand a very hard time locating a replacement, got the wrong one the first time and had to go to several parts store to find the right one. I found it in auto zone, it was $32.00 but they price matched Murray’s. After replacing the oil sender the flutter stopped.

    Thank for the info.

    update the it flutters less but still flutters. at 75k the engine should not need rebuilding but then they don't make them like they used too either. :(
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Mine flutters also but that is no indication of needing a rebuild. I have 110,000 and it still uses no oil between 3000 mile changes and there is no smoke out the tailpipe. It still pulls a 4500# camper. If you get past 100,000 these engines usually last and many go to 250,000 or more. It's the nickle and dime parts like starters, alternators, etc that usually go out.
  • sounds good, mime don't use any oil and there is no smoke. i change oil every 3k miles. i was just concerned when i notice the flutter. thanks for the info.
  • My wife was trying to plug in her cell phone into the cig lighter in her '98 Safari when she heard a pop. after that, the cig lighter and the door locks stopped working. as far as i can tell, everything else works. I don't get much chance to look at the thing because it is her baby and i only get involved when something like this happens.

    I looked in the fuse box, and all the fuses there are good. but there was no fuse marked "Accessory". Is there another fuse box on this thing? Or is there an inline fuse somewhere that could cause this problem? any information would be helpful, thanks.
  • I just figured out my dead locks and it was just a 20amp fuse in the box under the dash. was marked cigar or something like that. check all those fuses again, it's easy to miss this fuse beacause you'd think to look at the one that says dl or door locks, not the case.
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