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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • You should be able to get invoice price on a Saab Wagon. We shooped around in So. Cal and even Vegas. We fell for the Aero Wagon and got a good price. They dropped $4500 for a loaded 2003. Deals can be had. Saab of Orange County or Findlay in Henderson Nevada
  • khaleokhaleo Posts: 9
    Can someone clarify.... please .... 9-5 station wagon Aero sport 4 cylinder turbo is faster than the 6 cylinder arc ??

    my next comment is one commented earlier that its better to lease with an option to buy .... better than buying used any more comments..

    thank you..
  • manamalmanamal Posts: 434
    The 2.3 L High Output Turbo produces 250 HP & 257 ft-lbs of tourque.

    The V6 produces 200HP and 227 ft-lbs.

    The reason is that the 2.3T engine's turbo produces a lot more boost than the 3.0 V6's turbo.

    I have never driven the 2.3T, but owned a 3.0Lt.
    My understanding is the V6 has better performance from a stop, but once the engine is running the 2.3T has much more kick.

    The bottom line is SAAB knows turbos. They can make a small engine produce a lot of power.
  • khaleokhaleo Posts: 9
    hmmm... ok .... ty for the input.... that is very interesting... so really it does not matter wether you are driving a 6 vs the 4 then... except when accelerating from 0 - 60... it seems to me then get the 4 turbo for even better gas milage.... :]

    I am still in the market for a buying a wagon... but now its getting kind of critical....Anyone regarding lease buy option vs buying a used 2001 or 2002

    someone commented that its better to lease with a buy option since at the end of the lease term the car residual value is almost like $ 15000 to $18000 and you cannot buy a fairly used one ( 2001 or 2002 ) for that much.... any input... ty.

    keep in mind that Saab does depreciate very quickly on the first year almost like $ 8000 based on edmunds )
  • khaleokhaleo Posts: 9
    hey thx for the input...
  • dmaizedmaize Posts: 7
    We are looking to replace my wife's Dodge Grand Caravan with a used wagon (very embarassing and disappointing purchase, don't ask). 9-5 is our first choice, with BMW 5-series and Audi A6 also-rans. I am looking for good sources for used Saabs that have websites. Also, 99s seem to be most plentiful but I would rather have a 00 or 01. Any advice on model year preference, esp related to reliability?
  • dmaizedmaize Posts: 7
    I should add that I live near Oakland. I have been to ebaymotors as well as in Daly City...
  • I just bought a new 02'9-5 Aero Sedan for $10,000 off sticker (MSRP - 41,370, paid 31,370 plus TTL). This same dealer had two new 02'wagons at the same discount. Not sure if they are still there, but here's the info -Performance Saab in Houston, TX - George was my salesman.
    Why buy used when you can get new at this price?
    Good luck
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To dmaize- You may also want to check out the Consumer Ratings for the 2000 & 2001 Saab 9-5's in our our Used Vehicle Pricing guide. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your decision.

    To bewildered2- Congratulations on your new 02'9-5 Aero Sedan! Thanks for the information on the 02'wagons! See you around Town Hall. ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Wagons

  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    With due respect to those who bought new, buying used looks like a great deal. The 9-5s loose their value pretty quickly. Low mileage 01 and 02 wagons and sedans routinely go for less than $20k on ebay motors. '99s seem to go for even less. (Which leads me to echo a question above about whether anyone has had major problems with '99s. I suspect the lower resale relates to consumer reports' lower ranking of '99s) I was looking at the new 9-3s and now think that getting the larger 9-5 for less money is a better use of cash. Frankly, I would not consider buying a new 9-5.

    Of course, this assumes that you decide to pay cash and don't finance a used car at 7% or so. I recently went through the same thoughts when we bought our Montero last year. While we could have saved almost $8k by buying used, the 0% financing made it "cheaper" to buy new.
  • The reason that I would not buy used really has little to do with loss of value - I don't know how that car has been cared for nor do I know how it has been driven. In Houston, TX, most cars are driven very hard and I would not consider buying used here. I guess it all depends upon your perspective. Plus I bought a "demo" once and swore that I never would buy another vehicle with mileage again. (OK -so it was a Dodge Caravan!)
    I realize that some cars lose value more quickly than others - I've owned several Nissan's (great cars though). However,I remain pleased with my new 9-5 that I will pass on to my daughter in four years when she graduates from HS - and I will have put all of the mileage on the vehicle at the time it's passed on.
  • bmmillerbmmiller Posts: 9
    OK just to help people out with another price for reference, I paid $31000 for a loaded 2001 SE wagon. This was in August 2002 and it had 5k miles on it but sold as new because it had never been titled. I think it was a company car. I thought it was a great deal at the time but after reading other posts it seems more like a fair deal at best.
    We have had a few minor problems with this car. 1) On cold mornings it is sluggish when first starting up and sometimes even stalls. Is this normal? Is this a major concern? 2) Every now and then we get that sulfur smell that other people have mentioned . Is this a gasoline brand problem or could it be something bigger than that?
    I haven't mentioned anything to Saab service about these problems yet but I will at the next scheduled service.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    The sulfur smell your occassionally getting is nothing to be alarmed about IMO. Virtually every manufacturer has the problem on occassion. It's not clear exactly what the cause is but it can often be attributed to what Gas your using and what time of the year.

    You may find it more prevelant during winter months if your in a colder climate due to the Formulations used in the winter. Keep a mental note of the Gas Stations your using before the smell presents itself. Switching Fuel Brands seems to help for some people I've read.

    Good Luck
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    So that's what that funky smell is when I crank on the air sometimes????? It is wierd. Never thought to mention to Saab. I always use medium grade fuel. As for the cold starts, I had that problem too this past winter (and I'm in So Cal!). And the battery light would stay on longer than normal on startup. I was assured those things were normal for this car by the dealer.
  • tailjatailja Posts: 1
    2000 was better rated than the 99 correct? The 99 is more in my range. Are they a good buy or not? What would you recommend?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    We had the first year 9-5 and loved it. They have improved a little every year in my opinion and we now have a 2002.

    Is there really much difference in price between the '99 and '00? I'd tend to go with the newest and lowest mileage version I could find if I were buying used. It always good to try and get as much history on each as well. It could be that the older one turns out to be the least abused .. you just never know.

    Good Luck
  • petersjfpetersjf Posts: 8
    First impressions of 2003 Linear Wagon:
    So far, I love it! Better handler than the Passat or Volvo and more features for the money. Slightly bigger inside than the Passat and slightly smaller than the Volvo. I'm 6'5" and can get comfortable. Haven't come up with any major dislikes that I didn't know about prior to purchasing.

    Very smooth around town once you learn how to drive the turbo 4 - V6 is perhaps easier to get smooth acceleration from stop, but neither I nor my picky passengers have any complaints about the 4. Getting 22MPH for in-town non-sport mode driving - fairly good for break-in period.

    Really enjoying the Touring features (xenons, parking assist, rain sensitve wipers) more than I thought.

    Price paid: 32.3k + TTL for Linear + Premium + Touring + Metallic Paint including March factory to dealer incentive ($4000) and $1000 GM Loyalty rebate (expired)

    Hope that helps people looking at this great, value packed luxury wagon.
  • kklvkklv Posts: 1
    I too own a 2001 SE Wagon. Just bought it, while parking in the garage, I smelled the sulfur also. Went to the dealer, they checked it out, said the cataylytic converter needed to be replaced. Only has 22k miles on the car.
    Hmmm...I'm not getting that warm fuzzy Saab feeling people are writing about. I want to feel good about this purchase,
    but needing to replace a large ticket item has me rather unnerved.
    It's under warranty, but I did not buy this car to become better acquainted with my dealer.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To petersjf- Congratulations on your new 2003 Linear Wagon, and thanks for sharing your first impressions. We look forward to hearing more.... Thanks for your participation!

    To kklv- Welcome to this discussion, and sorry to hear about your Se wagon problem. Hopefully things will go smoothly from here on out. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your ownership experience.

    Host/Hatchbacks & Wagons
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Relax. The sulfur issue is VERY common with ALL makes. I read a ton about cars and I hear it all the time.

    The warm fuzzy should come to you knowing that your Dealer offered to replace without an arguement. I've dealt with lots of manufactures and Makes and many of them will argue that everything is just fine until you get very aggressive and argue and complain for a long time. It could be argued the Cataylytic converter when bad because of a bad fuel issue or sever driving etc. Applaud your dealer for NOT being contentious with you and taking care of it. Keep the faith. On our third Saab now because they take much better care of us than other dealers have.

    Good Luck
  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I bought a 2002 Linear Wagon with 12,000 miles about a month ago, after shopping for a Passat wagon for months. I have no regrets - I love everything about my Saab except for the mileage; I'm only getting 19 mpg city driving, and I'm a pretty gentle driver.

    Favorites: The leather is beautiful - I haven't let my dogs in the car yet. Automatic climate control is great. Heated seats are so necessary. The Sport mode and the Winter mode work great!

    I am a Saab convert, after the following ownership history: Honda Civic, Toyota Camry wagon, and Passat wagon.
  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I love the hazelnut, but the green is even better.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    19 mpg for city driving doesn't sound bad to me. I don't recall what the City Rating is but if your getting 19 that sould mean you'll get mid to upper 20's on the highway. Pretty good for this class really.

  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I was hoping it would stay in the 20s, but I guess 19 isn't so bad.

    Does anyone know if the sport button affects mpg significantly? In other words, should I feel guilty about using it? I would like to do my part to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

    Also, any recommendations re. reducing brake dust?

    Finally, my stereo supposedly will go up in volume as my speed increases, but I haven't noticed that working. Any thoughts? I went through the process to turn this function on, but no changes.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well.. your looking at City Mileage.. 19 is good for city I think.

    You mentioned that your driving conservatively.. so.. using the Sport Mode is of no use really. Yes, it will effect mileage. In sport mode your holding a gear longer for higher RPM's and down shifting sooner.. again.. higher RPM's. I'd say only use it when you want to drive more aggressively and aren't concerned with mileage as much.

    The Automatic Volume is a feature you can turn on and off. I haven't looked at ours lately so I can't tell you without looking it up on how to turn it on or off. I will say this... even when it's in use.. you don't really notice the adjustments.. that's kinda the point. It's supposed to adjust higher so you can still hear the music. More of a seamless thing you don't notice.. you should just notice that you can still hear the sound without having to manually turn up the volume everytime you get on the freeway.

    I'm not sure this feature is all that great or not. I don't notice it.. Probably because it's working just as it should... who knows?

    One feature you do want turned on is the "Loud" setting. Sorry but you'll have to look in the book for this too. Again I don't have it committed to memory. This feature effects the Sub for a richer sound. In the off setting the system is not nearly as good.

    The sound system is decent but I think Dissapointing in the way you have to open the book everytime you want to change settings like these. I'm not sure why they can't just put a simple on/off switch for this one... Ugh.

    Hope your enjoying your Saab.
  • After reading this site and others for 2+ years I finally committed and placed a deposit today for a 9.5 aero wagon. I loved the Volvo suv but the poor gas mileage, underpowered performance and less than optimal service at my Volvo dealer made the final decision easy. I hope my "new swede" will be as stellar and go 190K+ on the original clutch (german vehicles other than for the W8 were never seriously in the running). What is the feeling and experience in regard to synthetic oil? After one month, after the break in, Castrol vs. Saab (Mobil one)? thanks.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    New Saabs come witha Semi-Synthetic. They recommend continued use of this. IMO a Synthetic is not needed for most of us in a car like the Saab. But.. you do have the Aero... if your planning lots of aggressive driving, I suppose it couldn't hurt.

  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    We are considering the 9-5 wagon and are interested in real world experience. Is anyone using or have you tried using 3 car seats in the 2nd row of seats.

    We have three kids with one in a booster and the other two in child seats. Thanx in advance.
  • petersjfpetersjf Posts: 8
    I just purchased a Saab 9-5 linear wagon and only have 2 car seats in it, but see no reason you couldn't put a 3rd in. I've put 2 close to each other with an adult sitting on the outside without too much crowding. The only thing I've noticed is that for my tall 2 year old, there's less rear-seat room than in a Grand Cherokee and he ends up kicking the new leather seats :)

    The downside is that it's difficult to get the middle child in, and I would strongly urge you to take all of your car seats and kids down to the Saab dealership to really decide whether this is the car you want to transport the whole family.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions - FWIW, except for loss of some interior room, I love the car in every other respect.
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    Peter - thanks for the response. We have a Land Rover Discovery II that we love but it will not hold 2 car seats and a booster...we just found out number three is on the way.

    Two questions
    1. Per your comment, is it difficult getting the middle child in due to the lower height vs. an SUV?
    2. Can the adult in the back buckle their seat belt or do the seats take up too much room?

    Thanx for all the help.
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